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Short post to set up the next week in college football


I am shocked. Literally shocked. Bell and Rogers both have their schedules up for week one! Holy shit someone at both companies finally (FINALLY?!?!??!?!!?) got their act together. Amazing.

I will be doing a full post mid-week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) but since so much has happened in the past 24 hours in terms of TV info, I figured I would give some of you a head start.

First off, today’s game between North Dakota State and Montana finally appeared yesterday morning on my Bell Fibe guide. I looked around quickly and saw that both Bell and Rogers finally had the game up. It’s today at 3:30.

What shocked me is this morning when I checked the guide and saw that the entire first week of college football was already up on both specialty packs (for Bell and Rogers). It also looks like the same way of scheduling is occurring as did last year. The differences go like this:

  Bell Rogers
CBS Sports Network NO YES
Big Ten Network NO YES
SEC Network games YES NO

So it depends on if your preference of what you are OK with missing. Personally, I would prefer all the networks (just for more choice) but I will say I do like the fact I get SEC Network games. I wouldn’t miss the CBSSN games (for the most part). Not having BTN games is a bit of a blow though. Maybe once pick n’ pay comes into effect (which may be a reality by the time next season starts), we may be able to all choose what we want to see when it comes to networks we haven’t received in the past (or received at one point and were taken out).

Week one will start with North Carolina facing South Carolina at 6:00 on the specialty packs. Other games that night include Oklahoma State at Central Michigan, TCU at Minnesota (both on the specialty packs), and Colorado at Hawaii at 1 in the morning on CBS Sports Network for the hardcore fans.

A quick note before the full schedule comes out in a few days: TSN will be showing only one game during week one and that’s the Monday nighter between Ohio State and Virginia Tech. TSN has the US Open tennis tournament the next two weeks (starting this Monday) so they will be showing matches on all five stations. So if you are into tennis then great. If you are into college football and don’t get the specialty packs, the schedule may appear a bit thin for week one. Just so you know. And knowing’s half the battle………GI JOE!

Oh and I see my coaching hot seat post has already come up correct. Tim Beckman fired just before the season begins! A little earlier than I thought but now that I have seen rumours of mistreatment of players then I knew this shitbag’s time in Champaign was over. You can’t be a dick AND lose more than you win. That’s a recipe for disaster.

OK sorry, this post wasn’t entirely short but technically shorter than most of my blog posts.


6 thoughts on “Short post to set up the next week in college football

    1. For week one, TSN is going all in with US Open tennis. I have a feeling starting week two we will see College Gameday on one of the TSN stations in its entirety (I believe TSN3 showed it most of last season but I can’t be sure).

    1. The only ESPN3 games that we will get this year (at least for Bell customers) is the ones that are actually FOX Sports Network regional games for the ACC. ESPN3 usually telecasts these as well and I’d say about half-a-dozen of these should show up on the specialty pack this season.

  1. Great to see that Bell and Rogers have their college football schedules already up for Week One. Hopefully both companies keep it this way all season long.

    I am assuming that Rogers doesn’t have SEC Network games on their Super Sports Pack and Bell doesn’t have any Big Ten Network games on their College Sports package as a result of the pissing match (competition) between both companies and the sports networks that they own.

    1. Well to be honest, it should be relatively easy since games have to be designated either ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, or SEC Network no less than six days in advance. So really, by Sunday night, Bell and Rogers should be able to come up with the schedules for the games for the following week. They could easily have one channel be the ESPN games, one for ESPN2, etc. It’s simple and they make it difficult.

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