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Roger Goodell, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft…no this isn’t the start of a bad joke


It’s NFL Prediction time! Wait, don’t go! I can honestly say I have done pretty damn mediocre with my NFL predictions over the past few years. Some hits and some big-time misses (let’s not discuss those). Anyway…

On to this year. Amazingly enough with the NFL, parity doesn’t seem to be the name of the game. The playoff teams in each conference only change slightly from year-to-year it seems and the best three or four teams in each conference are always there come January (unless something drastic happens). This year is no different although you can say there has been a changing of the guard in one division in particular (at least I see it this way). First off, the rankings in each division. No records here, just rankings. Then we will get to the fun-time note section afterwards (* denotes wild-card team):

East East
Miami Dallas
New England* Philadelphia*
NY Jets NY Giants
Buffalo Washington
North North
Pittsburgh Green Bay
Cincinnati* Detroit
Baltimore Minnesota
Cleveland Chicago
South South
Indianapolis Atlanta
Houston Carolina
Tennessee New Orleans
Jacksonville Tampa Bay
West West
Denver Seattle
San Diego Arizona*
Kansas City St. Louis
Oakland San Francisco


  • Yes I have Miami beating out the New England Patriots in the AFC East.  It will be close.  I think only one game will separate these two teams.  Also, the Jets should be within a game or two of the division lead and Buffalo should hover around .500.  So this division has become the toughest in football.  This, I believe, has more to do with the Pats falling ever so slightly than the Dolphins ascending since Miami looks like a playoff team hell-bent on going deep in the playoffs.
  • Cleveland faces San Francisco in early December and this game may be for the right to draft #1 overall next spring.
  • The NFC South should again have a division winner around the .500 mark.  I have Atlanta pulling it out but every team in that division, including Famous Jameis and the Buc-time Band, has a legitimate shot at going to the playoffs…as division champ.  No way any team gets within sniffing distance of a wild-card spot from this division.
  • Oakland might as well move to L.A.  Their team is brutal and can’t seem to string enough wins together to make a dent in the AFC West.  Baby Davis isn’t as meddlesome as Papa Al was.  Problem is whereas Al had a shit-ton of football knowledge, Mark seems to be fucking clueless to the entire operation.  They probably won’t be any better in southern California but at least they will have a shiny new stadium to play in.
  • As for the potential other L.A. team, I honestly don’t buy that St. Louis or San Diego would share a stadium with the Raiders.  Especially the Rams.  Stan Kroenke could buy half of L.A. if he wants so why the hell would he share a stadium with the red-headed stepchild of the NFL?

Now we get to the playoffs and how I see them shaking out. This is becoming a really long post so I will try to keep it as brief as possible. I see New England and Cincy narrowly beating out the Bills, Jets, Ravens, Chiefs, and Chargers in an insanely close wild-card race that should be fun to watch. In the NFC, I have Arizona easily in as the best wild-card and Philly holding on against Detroit, Minnesota, and the Giants.

AFC Wild Card

Miami (3) def. New England (6) – If this was played in Foxboro I think it would be a much different outcome. The Fins complete the takeover by beating Team Kraft in a close one to start Wild-Card weekend.

Cincinnati (5) def. Denver (4) – Another close one I think. It’s about time Carrot Top Dalton led his team to a playoff victory and a chance to go deeper in the playoffs. Is this the end of the road for Peyton?

NFC Wild Card

Dallas (3) def. Philadelphia (6) – Again, another game that could have a much different result if it was up north somewhere (Philly in this case). The Cowboys are going to look good this year and I can see this not being that close.

Arizona (5) def. Atlanta (4) – This time, the Cards won’t go to the rather average NFC South champ and lose easily. They should win rather handily but stranger things have happened in the playoffs before.

AFC Divisional Playoffs

Indianapolis (1) def. Cincinnati (5) – The Andrew Luck train should probably blast through Cincinnati but count the Colts as the few disappointing playoff teams of the past few years.

Miami (3) def. Pittsburgh (2) – The Steelers should outperform their past few years during the regular season but I think Miami will come in as the hottest AFC team. Close one but have to give the nod to the Dolphins.

NFC Divisional Playoffs

Green Bay (1) def. Arizona (5) – Remember that absolute classic these two teams played a few years back where defense was obviously optional and it ended in the most ironic way (defensive touchdown)? We may get that again as long as it isn’t freeze-your-nuts cold on the Frozen Tundra.

Dallas (3) def. Seattle (2) – Captain Celibacy Russell Wilson may have trouble with a very tough Cowboys D in this one. OK maybe using the word “Celibacy” and the letter D in the same sentence was a bad idea. Where was I? Oh yeah, Dallas tames the 12th man and heads north for the conference championship.

AFC Championship

Indianapolis (1) def. Miami (3) – The road ends here for the Dolphins. Whether this ends up being a fluke and the Pats come back and win the next five AFC East crowns, we don’t know. I just think this is their year to make a move. But it won’t be to the Super Bowl as Andrew Luck finally brings his team to the promised land.

NFC Championship

Green Bay (1) def. Dallas (3) – The road ends here for the Cowboys. Not because they aren’t that good because they are. It’s because the Pack is arguably the team to beat this season and they will show why in their two games at home come playoff time.

Super Bowl L

Green Bay def. Indianapolis – Won’t it be a bit ironic to have the fiftieth version of the Super Bowl at the 49ers home stadium with the 49ers possibly being the worst team in the NFL this year? Poor Jim Tomsula. Anyway, this should be a shootout as Rodgers and Luck chuck the ball all over the field on the grandest stage. Should be close and wouldn’t be surprised to see the same coming-down-to-the-wire atmosphere we saw last year in the Super Bowl (when the Seahawks should have just run the damn ball).

Alright, there we go. Short (not really) and sweet (perhaps). As for all of you who have the specialty pack (Rogers Super Sports Pack or Bell U.S. College Sports Package), the first college football game of the season is this Saturday. As of this morning, there is still no information on the Bell guide from what I can see (and I assume Rogers is the same). We’ve played this game before. I wouldn’t be surprised if it all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere Friday afternoon. Either way, the game between Montana and North Dakota State is Saturday afternoon just so you know.

I am off the next few days so I probably will not post anything. Next week I will have the first week of college football schedules up. Hopefully Bell and Rogers get their act together this season with the speciality packs but I have a feeling that’s a lost cause.


4 thoughts on “Roger Goodell, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft…no this isn’t the start of a bad joke

  1. Miami as the AFC East winner? That would be GREAT to see New England knocked off the top. However, I just don’t see the Dolphins doing that this year unless they win their last five games of the regular season. Seeing as they have trouble in December & January, that’s a BIG if. A wild card spot is not of the question though.

    I am not convinced that Pittsburgh will do particularly well this season as they have lost Troy Polamalu, Ike Taylor to retirement. Defensive End Brett Keisel was released earlier in the offseason. Their previous defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau is now with the Titans. Personally, I think Baltimore will win the AFC North.

    With the Eagles, I am probably doing a huge misread on them… but I just don’t see them making it to the postseason this year. The Lions in my opinion are nothing more than a 7 to 9 win team trending downwards this season. The Vikings will win the same amount of games as Detroit. I see them falling just short of a playoff spot this year but they are trending upward. With the new stadium opening next season, I think that’s when the Vikings will make their run. The Giants play New England in Week 10 and every time these two teams meet in the regular season, it seems to be good luck for the New York Football Giants. If the Giants make the playoffs and go to Super Bowl 50, I think that they win a third time if the AFC representative happens to be New England.

    As for the whole Los Angeles stadium thing: I think that the Rams will be the first AND only team in America’s second largest city next season. I cannot see the Chargers moving because just about everyone in L.A. doesn’t want them. Even then, something tells me that the Chargers will remain in San Diego. Don’t forget that CBS will probably want a Los Angeles team in the AFC so for this reason potentially the Raiders could move there before this decade is over if Mark Davis can’t secure a deal in Oakland or doesn’t want to make the move into Levis Stadium.

    Hopefully Green Bay doesn’t win the Super Bowl because I am a Vikings fan. Anyone except for the Packers.

    1. I think the Fins should be able to start very strong in the first half of the season which will allow them some breathing room later in the season. No matter how you look at it, the AFC East has become a very tough division all of a sudden.
      I am still in the camp that thinks Joe Flacco is overrated and the Ravens don’t have the running game they used to. The Steelers defense has got younger which for them was probably needed. Yes they lost some great players like Polamalu and Taylor but both of them were starting to show their age last season. I think the Bengals and Steelers pass the Ravens this season.
      The NFC North may be the division title clinched earliest this season. The Pack will have an easier time (maybe only the Colts would come close) winning their division than any other team. The Giants are an odd bunch. Last year they should have been better. The year before they weren’t supposed to be as good. If they make the playoffs they should be considered dangerous but they have to beat at least one of Philly, Arizona, and one of the NFC South teams that don’t win the division. Won’t be easy.
      There is no way the Niners allow the Raiders to move into Levi’s Stadium without paying dearly for it. They will be forced to move to L.A. just because they will have nowhere else to go. I will agree that the Chargers are probably the least likely to move but the talk about the new stadium in San Diego has to have some in that area worried since no one wants to see it built (or at least financed in the way the team wants it financed). The Rams could move to Tibet with the money they have so who knows what will happen with them. It wouldn’t surprise me to see one of those teams move to a locale that hasn’t been talked about since L.A. is the ONLY city talked about when it comes to relocation.
      Thanks for the reply. One question I don’t know if I have asked you before…do you have one of the specialty packs for college football?

  2. I am on Bell Satellite but I don’t have their College Football specialty package. Maybe if I win a lot of money this fall with Pointspread & Pro Picks, it’s something that I will definitely consider for next season.

    Here’s a link regarding the Oakland Raiders future:

    Although I think that it’s unlikely, it’s quite possible that the Raiders will be a tenant in the Inglewood stadium project. The Raiders relocating to San Antonio is another possibility. However, my guess is that Jerry Jones & Bob McNair would block any proposed relocation to that market.

    1. Even though it is pricey it has been well worth it.

      I think two things are at play here with L.A.:
      1) Kroenke has a lot of money and is willing to fork it over to get what he wants, which evidently is to move out of St. Louis and into Inglewood.
      2) One of the Raiders or Chargers would have to move to the NFC West since there is no way the NFL keeps them both in the same division AND in the same stadium.

      If Davis wasn’t seemingly hell-bent on sharing the Carson site with the Chargers, then they would be the team to watch for relocation. It should be interesting and who knows what could happen for next season since I don’t think Roger Goodell wants this to drag out too long as it just looks bad for the franchises involved.

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