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Bob Bowlsby, Art Briles, Gary Patterson, a bunch of Texans and Oklahomans, and a conference with a counting problem – it’s Big XII time!


A few years back I would have said this post would never be typed up. The Big XII was dead in the water. Good ol’ Texas (according to Texas) saved the Big XII…for the most part. And here we are today, a Big XII still with X members. Despite the fact most of them say otherwise, the conference wants to get back to XII members and soon. It’s who the II members will be. Or will they take IV members? Or VI? Enough Roman numerals? Fine. Let’s go to the prognostications followed by the assembly line:

               Conference               Overall
TCU 8 1 11 1
Baylor 8 1 11 1
Oklahoma 7 2 9 3
West Virginia 5 4 8 4
Texas 5 4 7 5
Oklahoma State 5 4 8 4
Texas Tech 3 6 5 7
Kansas State 3 6 6 6
Iowa State 1 8 2 10
Kansas 0 9 1 11


  • Yet again, TCU and Baylor will share the Big XII’s “One True Champion” trophy.  Sometime next week (or early the following week…whenever I get around to it) I will explain how this isn’t as bad as last season and that maybe, just maybe the Big XII doesn’t need to expand or have a conference championship just yet.
  • But seriously, you guys should expand and have a conference championship.  Being special in this case just makes you look selfish and/or arrogant and/or stupid.  And not being the SEC or Pac-12 or even the Big Ten makes it so you cannot afford to be any of those things.
  • Well quelle suprise!  Iowa State and Kansas AGAIN at the bottom of the standings.  At least Kansas has a rich basketball tradition but what does Iowa State have?  If things don’t go their way, what they will have is membership in the American or Mountain West conference.
  • Kute Kliff may be on a hot seat at the end of this season.  I have Texas Tech juuuuuuuuuust missing out on a bowl this season after last year’s shitshow.  Does anyone have Mike Leach’s number handy?
  • Big Game Bob is going to be Just Short Stoops this season…again.  Lucky for him he has the Sooners’ head coaching job until he dies on the sidelines during a game or takes a year off to Urbanize himself and then go to a Big Ten school.
  • At most places, 7-5 would keep you off the hot seat.  Not so in Austin.  Charlie Strong better have a thick skin because he will need it.  There will be a TON of Longhorns faithful who may want him gone at the end of the season if they end up 7-5.
  • Speaking of head coaches who will probably die on the sidelines, Papa Snyder is back to head his merry Wildcats into battle for what seems like the 60th season.  I can’t see them getting out of the mid-card though.  Too much talent ahead of them (and no Collin Klein.  Remember Collin Klein?  They do in Manhattan.  And they miss him.  A lot.).
  • Finally some talk about expansion.  Every week it seems to change who is going to be invited.  I think the Big XII can afford to wait for now but they better hope their conference champion gets to the College Football Playoff.  If not, they will need to expand just to shut the naysayers up.  I am still thinking BYU will be invited despite all their issues.  The other team is the question.  Right now Cincinnati, Memphis, and Boise State seem to be the frontrunners but you could put another nine schools on that list.  Due diligence is the name of the game on this one.

Conference championship? We don’t need no stinkin’ conference championship! And technically that’s true but let’s be honest…one more time excluded from the College Football Playoff and it’s Expansion City. TCU should beat Baylor to win what would be a tie-breaker for the Big XII title (One True Champion Baby!). Next up is the ACC (not just a basketball conference anymore…well, it kind of still is).


2 thoughts on “Bob Bowlsby, Art Briles, Gary Patterson, a bunch of Texans and Oklahomans, and a conference with a counting problem – it’s Big XII time!

  1. I think that Charlie Strong wasn’t the right guy to be head coach in Austin. Next year, I can see them hiring a new head coach.

    Kansas State pulled a LOT of upsets last year. This year, I could see the bounces going the other way.

    I agree that TCU will be in this year’s College Football Playoff.

    1. Strong was one of the hot choices to move up to a bigger coaching position. I think you’re right that Strong will be let go. He will end up at a Group of Five school and move his way back up the coaching ladder.
      Kansas State and Oklahoma could be put in the same boat…teams that, if a few breaks go their way, they are all of a sudden in a New Year’s Six bowl at least. But the breaks have to go their way since they will be underdogs in at least a couple of games.

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