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Time for predictions from Generic Conference #487…also known as The American conference


Looking back, did they have to pick the most generic name possible for the new conference?  I mean even Conference USA has a bit of a twist to it despite the fact its name is also quite generic (and that the conference isn’t that great these days).  They should have just went all-in with being generic/douchy and went with just “The Conference.”

So if you’re a fan of this conference, expect more disappointment this season.  I can’t see any of the teams breaking out and being the best Group of Five team in the land.  The conference as a whole has lost their spot as best Group of Five conference to the Mountain West.  A few programs have been pretty open about getting into a Power Five conference.  Not good times for The American.

Record predictions followed by roll call:

              Conference                Overall
East W L W L
Temple 6 2 9 3
UCF 6 2 8 4
East Carolina 6 2 7 5
Cincinnati 5 3 8 4
Connecticut 1 7 3 9
USF 1 7 3 9
Houston 7 1 10 2
Memphis 6 2 9 3
Navy 6 2 9 3
SMU 2 6 4 8
Tulane 2 6 4 8
Tulsa 0 8 2 10


  • SMU won’t be as bad as they were last year.  Don’t chalk this up to any Chad Morris brilliance.  Chalk it up to the fact that no team could possibly be worse than they were last year.
  • Most improved team in the conference (and possibly the entire land…all of it) goes to Temple.  Yes I do predict them to be better than all of UCF, East Carolina, and Cincinnati.  No, I did not smoke crack before I did these predictions.
  • Going out on an even bigger limb?  I have Temple beating Penn State for the first time in eons (74 years to be exact).
  • Navy will be successful in their first year of conference play ever (popping their conference cherries).  Not enough to get to the conference title game and not enough to satisfy my quasi-doomsday scenario for The Committee (undefeated and lose to Army after rankings are out).  Then again, it looks like they have “solved” the problem in a way by allowing another team to move into that spot if this happens.  Ridiculous but that is their solution.  Like putting a bandaid on a dam if it ever comes to pass.
  • New head coaches will have wildly varying degrees of success.  Tom Herman in Houston?  Good.  Chad Morris in SMU?  Not so good.  Philip Montgomery in Tulsa?  Even worse.
  • Hot seat is going to get really hot for Willie Taggart down in Tampa.  I can’t see him surviving much past the end of this season but really, who else could they bring in to turn this thing around at USF?
  • Who else will Bob Diaco decide is a rival for UConn?  What will the trophy be?  If it’s with Tulsa this season then it could be a bag of shit.

Instead of the conference championship game being held in the vast farmers field across from my house (and not the proposed Farmer’s Field in LA since that makes even less sense), they will be playing at the stadium of the better team.  Why didn’t they just find an NFL stadium to put it in?  Anyway, I expect it to be a close affair since the top 7 teams don’t have a whole lot to separate them.  I have Houston winning but it could be any of those other six really.  And in the end, it won’t matter since none of them will make the New Year’s Six, instead enjoying the ambience of Birmingham or the young crowds in Boca Raton.

3 thoughts on “Time for predictions from Generic Conference #487…also known as The American conference

  1. “(and not the proposed Farmer’s Field in LA since that makes even less sense)”

    Farmers Field will not be happening. It is between the venue in Inglewood (which will more than likely be chosen by NFL owners) and Carson.

  2. Yeah I know. Would have been fun to hear that name eight times a year though.

    As much as the NFL desperately wants back into LA, I have this feeling many of the owners are hesitant to have a team back there. Also, it seems like San Diego, Oakland, St. Louis, and other possible relocation teams are having some backlash over any potential move there. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there wasn’t a team in LA in 2016 either.

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