Miscellaneous Things and Crap and Garbage and Stuff

I was going to call it the Daily Dump but it is not daily at all and that has been used by so many different people on so many different websites.  Don’t want to be called a copycat.  Because if I am being called that, I am doing a poor job at copying whatever I am supposedly copying.  Anywho…

There is no specific format to this post.  It’s just a lot of items I want to get out there without doing some long, drawn-out post about it.  Mostly because I don’t have more than one or two paragraphs to say on the topic.  Here we go:

  • First off, congratulations are in order to the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team for their utter destruction of Japan last night.  I could make the requisite jokes involving certain World War II happenings but I will refrain from that.  Let’s make a few things clear about this.  First, I am not a soccer fan.  I know enough about the game and the goings-on from watching highlights and listening to conversations from co-workers and friends on the sport.  Second, I understand soccer’s popularity in most of the rest of the world.  I touched on the World Cup in a post last year (read it HERE!) so I won’t rehash a lot of it.  Finally, let’s be perfectly clear on this…many of those celebrations around the U.S. last night involving the win?  It is akin to Olympic viewing in most years.  Many of those people couldn’t give two shits about soccer and know very little about the game.  Being there to celebrate was all about ‘Murica and not about the USWNT’s historic win.  Sad, but true.  As I’ve said before…is soccer growing more popular in the U.S. and Canada?  Of course but it is at a much slower pace than many want to believe.  There, done my annual rant on soccer.
  • The CFL is already about to go into Week Three (already?).  Already there are a few stories in the league that allow the league to remain newsworthy.  The first one that came out was the Michael Sam issue.  Sam better be ready to prove he is worth it on the field.  If he does?  Then all is forgiven (among Als’ faithful) because nothing feels better than having a defensive superstar on your team (by CFL standards at least).  If he doesn’t, then the label he has of being a bit of a prima-donna will stick and part of that is his fault for leaving the team during training camp and basically not saying what it was for.  I get it…many players want their privacy respected.  I fully understand that.  What I don’t get is why these guys are in a league that is watched by a shit-ton of people and don’t comprehend the fact that in this instant-news world we live in that fans want to know what the fuck is going on with their team or its players.  For better or worse, players have to realize that they will be scrutinized more than they normally are because they play a sport in a popular league.
  • Another CFL issue is the health of their quarterbacks.  I have never seen nor heard of a league having that many QB injuries this early in a season ever.  It doesn’t even seem like it’s an issue with gameplay or anything.  Just really bad luck.  Terrible to watch.  On the other hand it gives some of the better QBs from FBS last year (that weren’t drafted by an NFL team) to get a shot like Brandon Bridge and Rakeem Cato.
  • Did I see empty seats in the Eskimos’ WWC-imposed banishment to Fort McMurray?  Are you fucking kidding me?  And we wonder why the CFL game does three steps forward, three steps back when it comes to growing the sport.  It should have been jam-packed?  Same issue happened in Moncton for the last Touchdown Atlantic.  I hope the new commish, Jeffrey Orridge, is seriously looking into expanding to Quebec City and if the Alouettes have a problem with it then we can blame them for any league downfall in the future.
  • Canadian university football will begin in not quite two months.  Has there ever been less talk of CIS football than there is now?  Losing theScore, despite what the CIS says, is a massive blow and probably kills off any chance of some teams ever tasting success financially again.  Maybe it’s about time more teams look at the NCAA for membership.  The way Laval is, they could compete at the FCS level almost immediately.
  • I was asked about creating a pre-season poll for college football this year, like so many experts (which I am not one of) do.  Problem is with that is that I don’t care what pre-season polls say.  They are almost useless and the only thing they do, usually, is overinflate a team’s chances this coming season.  The CFP has done a good job in not worrying about the AP polls since that poll bases the new rankings on what they were last week.  Some teams are 5-4 and in the top 25 which, unless their schedule is insane, is dumb.
  • When I was younger (in my 20s), days like Trade Deadline Day and Free Agent Frenzy (if that had existed back then) were awesome and I wanted to see as much of it, to the detriment of anything I had to do that was actually important.  Now, being older and much wiser, I realize how utterly ridiculous it is.  I get there are hockey fans out there that are insane about the game and that is great.  But to have hours upon hours of coverage on who will sign with what team shows me two things:
    • The NHL has such a hold on Canadian viewers that they could move it to Bravo (or some equally useless channel) and Bravo (or that other useless channel) would become the most-watched channel INSTANTLY, and,
    • TSN and Sportsnet still struggle at times to find programming to put on the air when there are no live sports to put on.  Both have become quite a bit better at live sports broadcasting and scheduling (other than certain issues like Sportsnet’s craptastic way of showing college football up until two years ago).  Other than that it’s filler to the worst degree.  Makes me think they should change how they have created their channels like ESPN has done.  ESPN has ESPN and ESPN2 for their main sports programming.  Then ESPNU is chock full of college programming.  ESPNEWS is just that…sports news.  TSN and Sportsnet both would be smart to stop the regional channel horseshit and make one channel a full news channel (a la Headline Sports way back in the day).  Gee, the things I would do if I was the head of scheduling/programming…
  • Did I ever tell you what it’s like to get back into the dating scene in the mid-2010s when you are in your 30s and have already gone through a marriage?  No?  Well to say it sucks would be a vast understatement.
  • You know what else sucks?  Moving.  The end result is great but the process makes you think that the entire world is trying to punish you for having the audacity to move from one house to another.  Thank god this time I am moving in the summer rather than during the college football season which left me all out of sorts.  Don’t even get me started on comparing moving on a weekend to moving on a weekday.
  • Other than The Body Issue of ESPN Magazine, is there any point in getting ESPN Magazine?  Same with Sports Illustrated.  Hell, I’m ready to give up my subscription to Men’s Health magazine for a few reasons, cost not really being one of them.  Ever looked at when they discuss clothing?  Fucking absurd.  I make decent money and couldn’t afford 90% of the shit they hock in their pages.  Man I’m on a roll today.

So see what I mean?  Would any of you read a post created just from one of these points?  Not a chance.  Hell, I don’t think I could get myself to write a whole post out of just one of the points.  I will get back to college football stuff once I play out the season and notice that……..um, yes Georgia State will not be going undefeated.  Good thing I figured that out.

7 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Things and Crap and Garbage and Stuff

  1. Did you find Marc Lawrence’s Playbook in Guelph? I haven’t been able to successfully search for it anywhere in Ottawa. About two weeks ago, I gave up and ordered it over the phone. With the shipping & handling and the exchange rate, it came out to nearly $50. I was not impressed as the magazine was sold in Ottawa for the past eight years.

    1. I didn’t find it at Chapters and I assume it won’t be at Walmart so I am wondering if I will have to go the same route you did and order it online (or over the phone).

  2. This is the link where you can order online:


    The cost will be $31.95 (including Shipping & Handling) for those of us here in Canada. You will probably be looking at about the same cost as I did (possibly a bit more) as the loonie went down at least a full cent today.

    If you would like to order over the phone, call 1-800-752-9266 between 10 am & 6 pm weekdays; 10 am & 1 pm on weekends and dial 0.

  3. I received my copy of Marc Lawrence’s Playbook this past Monday. Have you decided to order this year’s edition? If you have (or are planning to), you will enjoy the content in the magazine and all of the team trends. Trust me.

    1. To be honest I haven’t determined whether to order it yet. My guess is I will but I have been very busy with work and moving to a new house. Hopefully once things die down a bit, I can think more about other things….like this blog and items possibly pertaining to this blog.

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