college football TV schedule

Despite the fact it now stars Rece Davis’s doppleganger, ABC College Football is still a big deal (most of the time)


It’s still somewhat special to see college football on ABC, especially for people without the specialty pack.  For me, it’s special only some of the time as ESPN seems to be hell-bent on putting at least a few of the bigger games on their network and not on ABC.  And with Big Game Brent not calling games anymore on ABC (hell, he has been relegated all the way to the SEC Network with The Bachelor Jesse Palmer and sideline reporter extraordinare Maria Taylor…I honestly feel bad for all three) it feels less big-time unless the game itself is big time.  Not saying that Senor Fowler can’t become that but it is going to take at least another full season before that’s the case.  Luckily he has Herbstreit there to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Anyway, here’s the ABC schedule which looks larger than previous seasons and I will explain afterwards:

A few notes about the schedule (since you will probably need them):

September-05-15 BYU at Nebraska (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September-05-15 Alabama vs. Wisconsin (in Dallas) (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September-12-15 Oregon State at Michigan (confirmed) 12:00 PM
September-12-15 Notre Dame at Virginia (confirmed) (TSN3) 3:30 PM
September-12-15 Oregon at Michigan State (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September-19-15 Northern Illinois at Ohio State (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September-19-15 Stanford at USC (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September-26-15 BYU at Michigan 3:30 PM
September-26-15 Oklahoma State at Texas 8:00 PM
October-03-15 Texas at TCU (TSN2) 3:30 PM
October-03-15 Notre Dame at Clemson 8:00 PM
October-10-15 Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) (TSN4) 12:00 PM
October-10-15 Georgia Tech at Clemson 3:30 PM
October-10-15 Miami at Florida State 8:00 PM
October-17-15 Michigan State at Michigan (TSN3) 12:00 PM
October-17-15 Arizona State at Utah (TSN3) 3:30 PM
October-17-15 Penn State at Ohio State 8:00 PM
October-24-15 Utah at USC 3:30 PM
October-24-15 Ohio State at Rutgers (TSN2) 8:00 PM
October-31-15 Rutgers at Wisconsin 3:30 PM
October-31-15 Michigan at Minnesota 8:00 PM
November-07-15 Florida State at Clemson 3:30 PM
November-07-15 Minnesota at Ohio State 8:00 PM
November-14-15 Nebraska at Rutgers 3:30 PM
November-14-15 Oregon at Stanford 8:00 PM
November-21-15 Louisville at Pittsburgh (TSN4) 12:00 PM
November-21-15 USC at Oregon (TSN2) 3:30 PM
November-21-15 Michigan State at Ohio State 8:00 PM
November-27-15 Iowa at Nebraska (TSN3) 12:00 PM
November-27-15 Oregon State at Oregon (TSN1) 3:30 PM
November-28-15 Ohio State at Michigan 12:00 PM
November-28-15 Wisconsin at Minnesota (TSN5) 3:30 PM
November-28-15 USC at UCLA (TSN2) 8:00 PM
December-05-15 West Virginia at Kansas State 12:00 PM
December-05-15 ACC Championship Game 8:00 PM
December-19-15 Celebration Bowl (confirmed) 12:00 PM
December-19-15 Las Vegas Bowl (confirmed) (TSN2) 3:30 PM
December-26-15 Pinstripe Bowl (confirmed) (TSN2) 3:30 PM
January-01-16 Citrus Bowl (confirmed) (TSN2) 1:00 PM
  • I have included six noon games and one Black Friday noon game on the schedule.  The Black Friday noon Farmageddon matchup between Iowa and Nebraska is pretty much confirmed.  I can seeing one or two of the noon games simply being erased and moved to ESPN or ESPN2.  Best options of this happening would be Louisville/Pitt on Nov. 21st and MSU/Michigan on  Oct. 17th (since the rest of the non-confirmed games will probably be confirmed shortly).
  • The conference breakdown is as follows:  Big Ten (28 appearances), Pac-12 (16), ACC (10), Big XII (8), BYU (2), Notre Dame (2), SEC (1), MAC (1).  Yes, the MAC!  Northern Illinois visiting the Horseshoe in Week 3 is confirmed for ABC at 3:30 which is awesome for the MAC (despite the fact there’s a good chance the Huskies will get their asses handed to them).
  • I have included any potential chances that TSN will simsub the ABC game.  This happened quite a few times last season but now with five TSN channels (the Cinco!  Actually it would be the Cinq considering where we live) it is a little more difficult to pinpoint where the games may land so I have relied heavily on info from last season.
  • The first three weeks are all confirmed, as is bowl season.  Everything else is not confirmed and speculated on my part but a few other games are all but confirmed (including the ACC Championship, The Game, Red River Shootout, etc.).

So that’s it that’s all for the network coverage for this season.  I am not doing NBC since that’s easy…Notre Dame home games (including Notre Dame “home games”) and the Bayou Classic.  ESPN and their inbred family of networks would be way too difficult to figure out, plus most of that ends up on the specialty pack that I assume very few of you get.  Next up I get to play out the season so that I can determine:

  1. If Alabama will lose one game or have an undefeated regular season,
  2. If Ohio State will prove that the Big Ten is still a pretty easy conference to win if you have SEC-like talent, and
  3. How bad Idaho, New Mexico State, and Georgia State will be compared to Charlotte which just started their entire damn program a couple years ago.

The countdown is on to Opening Day*.  58 days away from NDSU-Montana.  For those without the specialty pack, it’s 63 days.  Sorry.


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