College Football

Well YEE-HAW y’all! It’s time for some moonshine, grits, and the SEC on CBS!


I could have put WAY more Southern U.S. stereotypes in the title but I didn’t want to make it too long.

It’s that time people.  All you SEC fans out there who love everything SEC in college football.  It’s Verne.  It’s Gary.  It’s Carter (sometimes).  It’s Allie (Aw yeah!).  I will say that CBS continues to do very well with broadcasting college football especially since they do a maximum of two games a week compared to ESPN’s (estimated) 894 games a week.  Despite the fact I rag on Verne and Gary sometimes, it is still nice to hear Verne’s voice calling a college football game (along the lines of hearing Brent Musburger or, up until about a decade ago, Keith Jackson).  Some guys are just made to call certain sports.

The unusual thing about this year’s schedule is that, technically, it starts week one.  With CBS relinquishing rights to the US Open tennis tournament, they have nothing on the network those first two weeks in terms of live sports.  ESPN has sublicensed CBS SEC games for the first two weeks as you will see in the schedule below.  These two games do not go towards the max limit that a team can appear on CBS (which I believe is six appearances, not including the SEC Championship game).

Let’s get to the schedule and then a few more notes:

September-05-15 Auburn vs. Louisville (in Atlanta) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September-12-15 Georgia at Vanderbilt (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September-19-15 Auburn at LSU (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September-26-15 Texas A&M at Arkansas 3:30 PM
October-03-15 Alabama at Georgia 3:30 PM
October-10-15 Florida at Missouri 3:30 PM
October-17-15 Missouri at Georgia 12:00 PM
October-17-15 Alabama at Texas A&M 3:30 PM
October-24-15 Auburn at Arkansas 3:30 PM
October-31-15 Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November-07-15 LSU at Alabama 3:30 PM
November-07-15 Auburn at Texas A&M 8:00 PM
November-14-15 Arkansas at LSU 12:00 PM
November-14-15 Alabama at Mississippi State 3:30 PM
November-21-15 LSU at Ole Miss 3:30 PM
November-27-15 Missouri at Arkansas (confirmed) 2:30 PM
November-28-15 Alabama at Auburn 3:30 PM
December-05-15 SEC Championship Game (confirmed) 4:00 PM


  • The SEC on CBS schedule is heavily laden with a little over half the teams in the conference with four completely left out.  The number of appearances is as follows:  Alabama (5), Auburn (4), LSU (4), Arkansas (4), Texas A&M (3), Georgia (3), Missouri (3), Florida (2), Mississippi State (1), Ole Miss (1).  South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt are all left out of the mix.  And they are all SEC East teams.  Can you tell where the power lies?
  • Unless Kentucky does what they did at the start last year or Vanderbilt plays like Vanderbilt under James Franklin, no way either of these teams ends up on CBS.  They shouldn’t worry since ESPN still has a heavy presence, even with the SEC Network (which they own) having a few games every week as well.  South Carolina and Tennessee could fill in once potentially but again, they have to be at least decent because if they are under .500 there is probably no chance they appear.
  • CBS will not make the same mistake they did last year by choosing the Egg Bowl more than two weeks in advance and then watching both Ole Miss and Mississippi State lose, creating a massive Iron Bowl which ESPN lapped up like a salivating dog over a T-Bone steak.  It would take Ole Miss and Mississippi State to both be undefeated (or have at least one unbeaten) to dethrone the Iron Bowl from CBS.
  • On top of this, the Army-Navy game will appear the week after the SEC Championship to start at 3:00 from Baltimore.  I still hope for Navy to go undefeated, win the American Conference championship, and then struggle against Army.  Then the only bowl that CBS shows, the Sun Bowl, appears on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) this season at 2:00.  So the only bowl that CBS gets and it doesn’t involve an SEC team.  Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Next up is ABC (for this area at least…although with some people getting ABC out of Detroit and some out of Buffalo, there has been that rare time that different games are shown).  Then I will start working on predictions for the season (oh won’t that be fun and not make me look like an idiot near the end of the season).


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