college football TV schedule

And now let’s look at the network that everyone seems to hate (at least in terms of live sports)….FOX!


big-12                       Pac-12-FINAL-twt

The worst part is, in college football, they don’t even have Joe Buck so I don’t see the issue.  As an aside, I thought Buck did a pretty good job with the US Open a couple weekends ago.  It was Curt Menefee who was terrible there.  Leave him on the NFL coverage and have him stay far, far away from the golf.  Thank you.  Oh and Holly Sonders, despite the fact she was pretty brutal with the after-round interviews, is a smokeshow.  Anyone who says otherwise is probably blind…or married.

Anyway, I don’t totally get the hate for FOX when it comes to college football coverage.  Is it fantastic like much of ESPN or CBS?  No, but I would consider it better than what NBC puts forth for Notre Dame football.  I feel like FOX gets less respect than Sinclair Broadcasting (ASN), MyTV (which has the ACC Network), and even games on ESPN3 (which look somewhat distorted when seeing them in HD).  FOX has definitely improved since their days when games were only through FOX Sports Net and looked hazy all the time.  Now they have GUS JOHNSON! and Charles Davis in the booth and Molly McGrath on the sidelines for the main FOX game of the week.  The secondary crew is almost always mediocre to sub-par considering it consists of a combination of Tim Brando, Joe Davis, Craig Bolerjack, Brady Quinn, Petros Papadakis, Jenny Taft, and the worst of the bunch, Joey Harrington.  They have finally figured out the right studio crew (or at least a pretty decent one) with Rob Stone, Joel Klatt, and Dave Wannstedt.  So to be honest they have made an honest effort to improve that aspect of their coverage.  I guess sometimes the games they have (consisting of solely Big XII and Pac-12) can be lacking since ESPN tends to pick up the best game from one of those conferences every week.

Let’s get to the projected schedule (at this point since so much can change):

September-05-15 Virginia at UCLA (confirmed) 3:30 PM FOX
September-12-15 Iowa at Iowa State (confirmed) 4:30 PM FOX
September-19-15 California at Texas (confirmed) 7:30 PM FOX
September-26-15 Stanford at Oregon State 4:30 PM FOX
September-26-15 USC at Arizona State 8:30 PM FOX
October-03-15 Baylor vs. Texas Tech (in Arlington) 7:30 PM FOX
October-10-15 Oregon State at Arizona 7:30 PM FOX
October-17-15 Oklahoma at Kansas State 4:00 PM FOX
October-24-15 Kansas at Oklahoma State 7:30 PM FOX
October-31-15 USC at California 3:30 PM FOX
November-07-15 TCU at Oklahoma State 3:30 PM FOX
November-07-15 Arizona at USC 7:30 PM FOX
November-14-15 Oklahoma at Baylor 7:30 PM FOX
November-21-15 Baylor at Oklahoma State 3:30 PM FOX
November-21-15 TCU at Oklahoma 7:30 PM FOX
November-27-15 Arizona State at California 3:30 PM FOX
November-28-15 Notre Dame at Stanford 7:30 PM FOX
December-05-15 Big Ten Championship Game (confirmed) 8:00 PM FOX

A few notes on this projected schedule:

  • The Big XII requires a minimum of six games on FOX.  They have nine according to this.  The Pac-12 requires a minimum of eight games on FOX and they have exactly that many.  For this reason, I can see one of the games Oklahoma State is hosting (they host three) could be switched to a Pac-12 game.  With the Pac-12 Network also involved, it makes it a bit more difficult to determine where Pac-12 games will land.
  • For the Pac-12, the following schools get multiple appearances: California (3), USC (3), Stanford (2), Oregon State (2), Arizona State (2), Arizona (2).  UCLA also appears once.  That leaves Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Utah, and Colorado off of FOX.  Washington State and Colorado are more likely to appear on FOX Sports One (which we do not get) and the other three will probably end up on one of the ESPN networks rather than on FOX.
  • As for the Big XII (with ten members…for now), the following schools gets multiple appearances: Oklahoma State (3), Oklahoma (3), Baylor (3), TCU (2).  Every other school appears once except for West Virginia, who I assume will end up on FS1 quite a bit.  A little more spread out than the Pac-12.  Hell, I even have Kansas appearing once (and that’s only because that week I have almost every other Big XII school on an ESPN network).
  • I have three FOX doubleheaders on the schedule as of right now.  And since Sportsnet doesn’t show college football anymore, these games will only appear on FOX.  Every week contains a FOX game with one on Black Friday and the Big Ten Championship during the final week of the regular season.  Eighteen games in all with some perhaps moving around or doubleheaders being switched to a different week (for example, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Kansas-OSU game moved to the afternoon and a game put on that evening afterwards).
  • Only four games are confirmed: the first three on the sked and the Big Ten title game.  All others are subject to change (and probably will be).

Next up will be CBS (for all you SEC-tards) and ABC (for all you Chris Fowler fanboys).  I hope to have both these completed by the end of the week but you know what they say about the best laid plans…OK maybe you don’t.  The saying goes “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” meaning even the most concrete plans can sometimes change.  So there you go.  Football and literature in one post.  Consider yourself edu-ma-cated.


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