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Biggest Games of the 2015 College Football season – Part THREE!

Now we are in the thick of the college football schedule.  A couple of fantastic weeks mixed in with a couple of not-so-fantastic weeks in the third quarter of the sked.

Week 7

USC at Notre Dame – It wasn’t long ago that I only turned the channel to watch these two play because the other game I was watching was such a blowout it was almost unwatchable (FSU-Clemson if I’m not mistaken).  This year we get back to the time when both teams were contenders so it should be a good one AND it’s in primetime which is nice for anyone without either of the specialty packs.  (7:30, NBC)

Alabama at Texas A&M – Hey, it’s Alabama again.  Shocking.  OK not really.  Other than when they have their annual FCS ass-whoopin game in mid-fucking-November (thanks a lot assholes), pretty much every Bama game could be on a list of most important games.  I digress.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see Bama blow the Aggies out of the water.  It also wouldn’t surprise me if the Aggies kept it close especially because of the 12th Man.  Thus is life in the SEC West.  (3:30, CBS)

UCLA at Stanford – Last year’s UCLA-Stanford game was fun to watch…unless you’re UCLA alumni.  Then it suck-diddly-ucked.  You had one job guys and you blew it.  Worst part is for the Bruins is that Stanford won’t be as mediocre as they were last season so it gets a lot tougher.  These are the types of games either school have to win to get to the Pac-12 title game.  (Thursday, 10:30, specialty pack)

Michigan State at Michigan – I have this feeling that Jumpin’ Jim Harbaugh is going to be flat-out fucking insane going into this one.  I’d love to see the Wolverines play Louisville just to see who would have an aneurysm first: Jimmy or Fun Bobby.  Michigan will be more competitive this season, that is a fact.  However, it’s still Sparty and until otherwise noted, they and tOSU are still the class of the Big Ten.  (Noon, ABC/TSN3)

Florida at LSU– Death Valley at night.  Yikes.  Hey Jimmy McElwain, here’s a fun test for you in your first season in Gainesville.  I have a feeling the leash won’t be nearly as long for Mr. McElwain so he better get his Gators up for games like this.  Also, over/under on how many blades of grass Les Miles eats is sitting at 400.  (9:00, specialty pack)

Penn State at Ohio State – Who thinks Penn State is a true contender in the Big Ten East this season?  Put your hand down James.  Other than Coach Franklin I am sure no one believes that.  Saying that, they are pretty much a lock for a bowl and they are always good for playing spoiler.  Remember, they almost did just that last season to the Buckeyes and Christian Hackenberg is a year older now. (8:00, ABC)

Other candidates: Louisville at Florida State (6:00, specialty pack), Oklahoma at Kansas State (4:00, FOX), Oregon at Washington (10:30, specialty pack), Nebraska at Minnesota (Noon, TSN2)

Week 8

Tennessee at Alabama – Bryant-Denny.  At night.  I will be perfectly honest.  If the Vols can keep it within 20, Butch Jones should consider it a success and get on the first plane back to Knoxville ASAP. (7:00, specialty pack)

Auburn at Arkansas – Another team that is much improved but still not quite a contender in their division.  Much like Penn State, the Razorbacks can do some damage to one of the actual contenders and I would say are almost a lock for a bowl (although I haven’t done my predictions so I can’t be totally sure on that).  Auburn has to be careful since this has all the makings of a trap game.  (3:30, CBS)

Florida State at Georgia Tech – What I wouldn’t have given to see Georgia Tech pull off the upset and beat the Noles in the ACC Championship last season.  OK not a whole lot but still it would have been fun.  Chaos is always fun when dealing with the College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six.  FSU won’t be as good and nothing says Paul Johnson’s squad is any worse so don’t be surprised to see the Ramblin’ Wreck win this one at home. (Noon, TSN3)

Texas A&M at Ole Miss – I can’t believe I am saying this may be a trap game for Hugh Freeze and his Rebs but it very well could be.  A&M should be on the low end of the totem pole in the SEC West (which, conceivably, could have given them a conference title in some other conferences).  Ole Miss cannot look ahead to Auburn.  (3:30, specialty pack)

Utah at USC – The steady Utes battle the up-and-down Trojans.  Both teams will need a win here for different reasons.  Utah needs it to keep up the level of respect they finally have received from the rest of the college football world.  USC needs it to prove they are a contender this season.  So it’s kind of about respect as well.  Which means I am wrong, it’s for the same exact reason. (3:30, ABC)

Clemson at Miami – Alright, time for some action at the good ol’ Orange Bowl….wait…damn.  There is almost nothing that sucks the life out of a college football game than a sparse crowd.  And Dolphins Stadium has been an atrocious home for the U.  They desperately need a new stadium.  Hopefully with the Tigers coming into town they can fill the building but I will believe it when I see it.  (3:30, specialty pack)

Other candidates: Kansas State at Texas (7:00, specialty pack), Duke at Virginia Tech (3:30, specialty pack), Ohio State at Rutgers (8:00, ABC/TSN2), Penn State vs. Maryland (in Baltimore) (Noon, TSN2)

Week 9

Oregon at Arizona State – Not that this is a bad game.  It could very well turn out to be an awesome one.  The fact that this is the best game of the week (and that it’s on a Thursday night) and we are almost in November doesn’t bode well for the week’s schedule.  I digress.  I will stay up to watch this because I love college football and I must have some sort of brain issue.  (Thursday, 10:30, specialty pack)

Ole Miss at Auburn – There is a slight possibility that both teams could be coming into this game undefeated.  If that’s the case, this game rockets to the top of the list and the ESPN family of networks spends about 186 hours of pre-game coverage.  If not, it will be their normal 48 for an SEC West game.  (7:15, specialty pack)

Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville) – The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (despite what CBS has to say) is usually a great game.  This is my third time imploring CBS to allow Verne and Gary to drink in the booth (if Verne is even around…is he?) and just let fly on whatever they want to say.  That alone would make me want to PVR that and save it for months to watch over and over again.  (3:30, CBS)

West Virginia at TCU – First appearance for Drunk Uncle Dana and his Magic Mountaineer Jug Band on this list.  The Mountaineers, despite the fact they don’t really belong in the Big XII, really want to feel like they belong in the Big XII.  To do that, they need to win some big games (and not lose the easy ones they should win…like when they play Kansas).  This would be massive if they pulled this one off and would throw the entire conference into disarray (and possibly cost them a CFP spot…which in turn would hasten invitations to new teams).  Too bad we won’t be able to see it all unfold.  (Thursday, 7:30, ugh…it’s FS1)

South Carolina at Texas A&M – A game between two teams who were the hot picks to go far…two years ago.  Now this could be a game to see who goes to a bowl this season.  Lucky for the HBC’s boys, they have Vandy AND Kentucky in their division (although UK is becoming a not-so-easy out these days).  A&M being in the SEC West makes games like these extremely important.   (7:30, specialty pack)

Michigan at Minnesota – Two of the trendy picks to make noise in the Big Ten this season get a national primetime slot to show how far they’ve come.  Expect to see some full-on Harbaugh intensity although he may have a rival to that on the other sideline.  Jerry Kill is not known for being quiet on the sidelines either.  (8:00, ABC)

Other candidates: Arizona at Washington (3:30, specialty pack), Miami at Duke (7:30, specialty pack), Rutgers at Wisconsin (3:30, ABC), UCF at Cincinnati (4:00, hell if I know…probably ESPNEWS which means “not gonna see it” to us Canadians)

Week 10

LSU at Alabama – This might be switched with the Auburn-Texas A&M game to go to primetime so I can’t say for sure it’s an afternoon game yet.  CBS will surely pick it up as it’s one of the games of the year.  The Hat gets to eat The Grass in The Bryant-Denny hoping he can lead The Tigers to The Victory.  Evil Saban knows this is a must-have win to go to the CFP.  Otherwise the road becomes a whole hell of a lot tougher.  (3:30, CBS)

Florida State at Clemson – Clemson came oh so close to upsetting the Noles last year in the somewhat infamous Sean Maguire Deer in the Headlights Game.  I was pulling for the Tigers, I will be honest, since FSU had already set themselves up as one of the worst undefeated teams in recent memory.  This year may be different but FSU did pick up Everett Golson in the off-season so Dabo better have his team up to snuff yet again.  The road to the CFP for Clemson runs straight through Tallahassee.  (3:30, ABC)

Arkansas at Ole Miss – Is it just me or does it feel like almost every game that features SEC-West-on-SEC-West violence could be included in these lists (and honestly it almost looks like the case).  Arkansas and Texas A&M are the worst teams in the division but could still end up with 7 wins.  How ridiculous is that?  Anyway, another game that should be a good one…if you have the specialty pack.  (7:30, specialty pack)

Auburn at Texas A&M  – Speaking of the worst team in the SEC West, I could see them pulling this one off at home.  Where this is scheduled (afternoon or evening) wholly depends on how good Auburn and Texas A&M are.  If both are undefeated or one-loss teams at this point it slots here.  Anything else may have CBS putting Verne and Gary in this spot and Boy Wonder Carter Blackburn and whoever the hell wants to work with him in the afternoon.  (8:00, CBS)

Baylor at Kansas State  – We seem to miss a lot of Big XII games in this area thanks to their inclusion on FOX Sports One and Rogers’ dumb NHL contract.  I’ve already talked about that contract a lot (especially here) so I won’t say anything more about how idiotic it is…even in Canada.  Too bad since I really wanted to see this game.  (Thursday, 7:30, FOX………………………….Sports One (damn))

Michigan State at Nebraska – Pelini-less Nebraska has their work cut out for them this season and this game could be the epitome of that.  Thankfully for them it’s at home but still, Sparty ain’t no slouch.  If Mike Riley loses four games exactly does he immediately go on the hot seat?  Question of the day in Lincoln.  (7:00, specialty pack)

Other candidates: Arizona at USC (7:30, FOX), Minnesota at Ohio State (8:00, ABC), Mississippi State at Missouri (Thursday, 7:30, TSN4), Wisconsin at Maryland (3:30, specialty pack)

Into the home stretch now.  Next post will be the last on the important games of the season.  Then on to playing out the season game-by-game to determine predictions.  Ordered my Phil Steele College Football Preview magazine earlier this week so I am hoping to get it by the end of next week.  And we are a mere 71 days away from the first game of the season (albeit an FCS game).


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