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Biggest Games of the 2015 College Football season – Part TWO!

And now it’s time for part two as we start getting into conference play (the more I talk about college football, the more I can’t wait for the season to start!).  And another reminder that most of these times and networks are not confirmed, they are just best guesses (with a lot depending on how good or bad a team is).

Week 4

USC at Arizona State – The yearly “Hey USC is going to be a contender” conversation is in full swing.  Will they go full-on Pete Carroll or full-on Lane Kiffin this season?  Either way it’s damn entertaining to fans (except for USC fans…that has to be at least a bit frustrating). A bit of an odd time for this one on FOX (at this point).  (8:30, FOX)

Mississippi State at Auburn – Hey, remember last year’s game in a monsoon in Starkville?  The one where Gus Malzahn decided to inexplicably try out the passing attack when the ball was wetter than the co-eds who hang around Gronk?  Fun times.  This year it moves to Auburn where who knows what the hell might happen considering what’s happened at Jordan-Hare over the past few seasons.  (7:00, specialty pack)

Utah at Oregon – For anyone who doesn’t think the Pac-12 is gaining on the SEC for best conference in the land honours, you might want to think again.  Two of the top three games this week are Pac-12 ones.  Another early test for the Ducks A.M. (after Mariota).  Kyle Whittingham always has his Utes ready to go and is hoping for a minor upset here.  (10:30, specialty pack)

UCLA at Arizona – Make that three out of the top four.  There are so many contending teams in the Pac-12 that any team that doesn’t get to at least 8 wins will feel like a failure (and it’s almost certain that at least one team won’t).  Jim Mora Jr. is hoping for the playoffs (PLAYOFFS??!?!?) for his Bruins team post-Brett Hundley.  Same goes for our ol’ pal RichRod down in Tucson.  Some early Pac-12 elimination game excitement so far this week.  (3:30, specialty pack)

Texas A&M at Arkansas – Ok is it starting to feel like there are only two actual conferences in college football?  Now that Bret Bielema has got his Hogs playing some strong BielemaBall, the SEC West has become an absolute minefield.  No team is an easy out.  Honestly, it would not surprise me to see the Aggies fall to the basement (and I use that term loosely since basement could still mean seven wins) in the division this season.  (3:30, CBS)

Tennessee at Florida – It’s official…only two conferences in college football.  Amazing how dominant these two conferences seem to be (which allows good programs like Ohio State to go almost unnoticed for most of a season).  The winner here will be the team that is officially back in the SEC hunt.  Loser probably has to wait until next season.  (Noon, TSN1)

Other candidates: Georgia Tech at Duke (12:30, WSBK), BYU at Michigan (3:30, ABC), UCF at South Carolina (3:30, specialty pack), Stanford at Oregon State (4:30, FOX)

Week 5

Alabama at Georgia – If it wasn’t for Michigan State-Ohio State, Oregon-Michigan State, and some of the later games in the year, this would be considered the game of the year.  Right now it’s the SEC game of the year.  If Mark Richt can somehow get his Dawgs to step up for this one, they immediately become the favourite to represent the SEC in the CFP.  (3:30, CBS)

Notre Dame at Clemson – Dabo is sick of playing second fiddle to those damn Fighting Jimbos down in Tallahassee.  Beating a much-improved Irish team, at home, in primetime, would be a huge boost for this program.  They still have to go through the Noles to win the ACC but beating quasi-sometime-when-they-feel-like-it Notre Dame…just invite the damn Irish in already!  (8:00, ABC)

Arizona State at UCLA – This is the kind of game that used to be called by the amazing Keith Jackson (and that many on the east coast wouldn’t get).  Todd Graham brings his Sun Devils to the Rose Bowl to see if they can upend the Bruins in the uber-competitive Pac-12 South.  And lucky us, it isn’t Pac-12 After Dark (at this point)!  (7:00, specialty pack)

Texas at TCU – It still feels kind of weird to consider the Longhorns only the fourth best team in Texas (behind TCU, Baylor, and A&M).  The Charlie Strong Termination Watch is on this season.  Not that I like it.  I think Strong is a fantastic coach but he walked into a somewhat bad situation in Austin.  I don’t think anyone could have made this team a contender again this fast.  However, this is all a moot point if he can get Texas to beat Gary Patterson’s Horned Frogs on the road.  Not an easy feat.  (3:30, ABC/TSN2)

Ole Miss at Florida – I’m back and forth as to whether this still ends up on the SEC Network.  At this point I say yes even though some games on ESPN networks may not be as sexy as this one.  See, there are pros AND cons to having your own network (although I am sure they don’t give two shits about Canadian viewership).  Anyways, an improved Gators team should make this a fun one…we hope.  (4:00, specialty pack)

Mississippi State at Texas A&M – One of your Heisman contenders starts the week here.  Dak Prescott could make huge waves if (and only if), the Bulldogs are contenders.  When’s the last time a Heisman winner has been on a mediocre team?  Answer: Tim Brown in 1987.  Notre Dame went 8-4 that year.  Every year since, the Heisman winner’s team has won at least 9 games.  So yeah, if Dak wants some hardware, the Bulldogs better help him deliver.  (Thursday, 7:30, specialty pack)

Other candidates: Arizona at Stanford (4:00, don’t even ask), West Virginia at Oklahoma (Thursday, 9:00, again don’t ask), South Carolina at Missouri (7:30, specialty pack), Iowa at Wisconsin (Noon, TSN2)

Week 6

Arkansas at Alabama – The Hogs came within a hair of upsetting the Tide last year at home.  It’s not that the Tide played well because they didn’t but neither did Team Bielema.  Bama is still Bama under Evil Saban but the Hogs are a more cohesive unit this year than last so expect another very highly contested matchup between two teams who could be both ranked highly by this point of the season.  (7:00, specialty pack)

Georgia Tech at Clemson – Remember what I said about Clemson’s road to the ACC crown still going through Tallahassee.  We need to modify that.  There’s still the matter of those pesky, option-offense fools from Atlanta.  Paul Johnson seems to always sneak into contention with the Rambling Wreck.  Not so this year.  The targets on their backs are huge so don’t expect Dabo to take this team lightly this time around.  (3:30, ABC)

TCU at Kansas State – As much as the game against Texas the previous week may be important, this is the game where TCU can really earn some respect.  K-State has been better than average pretty much every year when Papa Smurf Snyder has been at the helm.  His Wildcat teams have a history of making things very difficult for the top teams in the Big XII.  It’s not a matter of if.  It’s a matter of when it will happen this season.  (Thursday, 7:00, TSN1)

LSU at South Carolina – Is the HBC ever going to get the Cocks over the hump?  It seems like the best chances may have come and gone but this is the kind of game they desperately need to win if they want to contend for at least a spot in the New Year’s Six.  LSU, on the other hand, seems to be on the cusp of something special, but they too have trouble getting over the hump.  Then again, that could be the fact the SEC West is an absolute gauntlet year in and year out.  Yet another good game to watch.  (Noon, specialty pack)

Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) – Ah the annual Red River SHOOTOUT! (Yes SHOOTOUT, not Rivalry, or Game, or Picnic, or Playdate)  For some reason, most of the last decade has seen one of the teams be mediocre and one be a contender.  This year, God willing, Big Game Bob and Senor Strong both have their teams near the top of the rankings.  Otherwise only an upset would make this game memorable (which has happened more often than it should have).   (Noon, ABC/TSN4)

Miami at Florida State – OK at least this time I can’t see the U being blown out of the water.  Florida State should come back to the pack a bit which allows now-sophomore Brad Kaaya a chance at a statement game in primetime.  A win here and Al Golden probably keeps his job through the 2018 season.  (8:00, ABC)

Other candidates: Wisconsin at Nebraska (3:30, specialty pack), Washington at USC (Thursday, 10:30, TSN1), Maryland at Ohio State (Noon, TSN3), Boise State at Colorado State (7:00, CBS Sports Network)

Alright, we are almost halfway through the games.  Sorry if some of these didn’t make sense.  Did you know sleep is important?  I am starting to figure this out.  74 days until the season opens people!


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