A Post on the CFL – A first (for me)


I have never really done a post specifically for the CFL before.  I have included the CFL in various posts and usually with some humour associated with it.  This time it will be a short (but somewhat informative) post on the CFL schedule for the 2015 season.

If you don’t already know, the CFL pre-season starts tonight (holy shit, ALREADY?).  The Ottawa Redblacks (or REDBLACKS or Rouge-Noirs or not the Rough Riders) play Hamilton at The Coffee Grounds (also known as Tim Horton’s Field).  Tomorrow night will see Winnipeg’s Blue Bombers football squad play the Argos at what should have been the Argos new home stadium (Varsity Field).

Here is the entire two-week CFL pre-season schedule:

Mon Jun 08 Ottawa Hamilton 7:30 PM
Tue Jun 09 Winnipeg Toronto* 7:30 PM
Fri Jun 12 BC Calgary 9:30 PM
Sat Jun 13 Montreal Ottawa* 7:30 PM
Sat Jun 13 Saskatchewan Edmonton* 10:00 PM
Thu Jun 18 Toronto Montreal 7:30 PM
Fri Jun 19 Hamilton Winnipeg 8:30 PM
Fri Jun 19 Calgary Saskatchewan 9:30 PM
Fri Jun 19 Edmonton BC* 10:00 PM

Two more games are being held at neutral sites this Saturday night:

  • Montreal plays Ottawa at the stadium of the CIS’s version of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Laval’s Stade Telus.
  • Saskatchewan plays Edmonton up in Fort McMurray

Edmonton plays their opening regular season game in northern Alberta as well due to the Women’s World Cup.  The other neutral site exhibition game is BC’s game a little over a week from now at Thunderbird Stadium.  I wish they did more exhibition games at neutral sites.  Actually, to be honest, I wish ALL of them were at neutral sites.  I mean, it’s only two weeks long and the revenue hit couldn’t possibly be that great.  I’m sure it would grow the game a bit.  I don’t see any downside to this idea.  Let’s hope someone reads this who even remotely knows someone at the central CFL office and mentions this.  It would be a good idea (and might give my blog a few more readers…hey, gotta look out for number one ya know!).

I could do a preview of the CFL season but to be honest I don’t know nearly as much as I used to (I grew up near Hamilton as a Ti-Cats fan and sometime season ticket holder).  Let’s just say this: there will be a lot of stories about Michael Sam early on, the west will be better than the east and there will be more cries for a tenth CFL team throughout the year.  There you go…preview.  I will do a full CFL schedule later on this month.

Soon enough, I will be back to old habits and doing a series of posts on the most important college football games of the season.  I’m starting to work on conference previews and predictions (which I most certainly will get wrong).  I am hoping to start these early.  I’m also hoping to get my Phil Steele College Football Preview magazine earlier this year than last so let’s hope both these hopes happen.


4 thoughts on “A Post on the CFL – A first (for me)

  1. Since Ottawa returned to the league last year, I have gotten back into the CFL. I was at the home opener game last year against Toronto and it was an AWESOME night! When the Redblacks won, my brother and I were chanting “WE ARE REDBLACKS, WE ARE BACK!!!” I look forward to another season of Redblacks & CFL Football!

    When did you get last year’s Phil Steele College Football Preview? I got mine in early August but the reason for that is I also ordered the NFL Preview & Fantasy Football Guide and wanted to save on shipping costs as well. Another good publication that I would recommend is Marc Lawrence’s Playbook. It should be selling at Chapters & Indigo here in Canada later this month.

    1. Yeah I dated a woman briefly last year who was a die-hard Ti-Cats fan. Like seriously die-hard. People were staring at her at a bar when we were watching a game. Anyway…it’s football in June. I will watch. It’s in my nature. Problem is when college football and the NFL start it becomes a bit of a crowded plate in terms of what to watch.
      Yeah I did the same thing last year for the Phil Steele magazine. I am only getting the College Football Preview this year even though it’s not as good of a deal. Never heard of Marc Lawrence’s Playbook. I will definitely check it out. I also will get Athlon and Lindy’s as well. Not as good but still a good read to go along with all the other mags.

  2. I am the same way as you when it comes to CFL Football. I watch as many games as I can in the summer and then once the NCAA & NFL seasons start, my interest level in the CFL goes down. On a related note, I will be going to the Redblacks first home game this season against British Columbia on July 4th. Here’s hoping that the Redblacks do well this year.

    For this year’s Phil Steele College & NFL Previews, I cashed in on a deal during the month of August last year as it was their 20th year anniversary of publishing the College Football Magazine and I saved a bit more than usual in the process. Marc Lawrence’s Playbook Publication is an NFL & College wagering guide which has a lot of stats & team trends. It is a must read.

    I won’t buy the Athlon & Lindy’s NFL magazines but I will probably take a look at them to make fun of their predictions before putting them back on the shelf.

    Since I started buying Phil Steele’s College Football Preview for the first time in 2007 and his first NFL Preview & Fantasy Guide in 2009 as well as Playbook in 2008, I have NEVER looked back when it comes to College & NFL Preview magazines.

    1. I get the Athlon and Lindy’s college football previews for extra reading. I am pissed at the fact that the Phil Steele mag is so expensive for Canadians. Maybe I should get an iPad just so I can get it cheaper.

      I’ll probably head to a Ti-Cats game this season. Haven’t been to the new stadium and I flat-out refused to go to the games in Guelph.

      Phil Steele is still my go-to magazine for college football and his website is great too.

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