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How Did I Do? – Part Two

Wouldn’t this be considered a flag for piling on?  I guess if I do this to myself it doesn’t count.

Time to look at the rest of my predictions from this past season.  This should be fun.  As fun as a kick in the junk.

My Heisman Ballot

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear (yet again): I will never get a chance to vote on the Heisman.  And even if, by some crazy chance, I was granted this possibility, one look at this blog and my predictions would probably make it so I lose that opportunity.

My Ballot (at the start of the season): Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Bryce Petty, Rakeem Cato, Todd Gurley, Nick Marshall

Actual Results: Mariota, Melvin Gordon, Amari Cooper, Trevone Boykin, J.T. Barrett, Winston

Wow.  Just awful.  However, I did get the winner right so I will give myself a slight pat on the back for that.  Other than that?  Yeah not even close.  I had Winston 2nd and he finished 6th.  I also had Gordon in my honourable mention portion.  The other three?  Nope.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have put Barrett in my top 500, considering, you know, he wasn’t even the starting QB at the start of the season.  I think I should get a pass for Gurley since some dickhead autograph collector spilled the beans on Gurley committing an atrocious crime against humanity possibly getting money for autographs.  Oh boo fucking hoo.  The NCAA needs to change so many things that I won’t even start here.

My CFP Championship Selections

I had Florida State vs. Oregon.  So I wasn’t that far off.  Those two met in the semis.  I had Oregon winning so I was close with that too.  But the other two teams in the CFP?  Oh boy.  South Carolina and Oklahoma.  The Sooners looked like they had a chance until early November and then they imploded.  The Gamecocks though.  That prediction went down the shitter about 90 minutes into the first day of the season.

I put in a bit about some of my crappy team and conference predictions in the last post so I won’t regurgitate that here.  I will, however, look at my other New Year’s Six picks just to make me feel more like an idiot.

Baylor (and to the Cotton) – Correct and correct.  OK this is a very good start.

Ohio State (Cotton) – Even better than I expected and went to the CFP and won the whole damn thing.  I will consider this one a close call.

Michigan State (Orange) – New Year’s Six, yes.  Orange, no.  Again, pretty close.

Notre Dame (Orange) – Things were looking good through the first half of the season, then the wheels fell off.  At least they looked good against LSU to finish it.  Still, a bad call here.

UCLA (Fiesta) – Fairly close.  If it wasn’t for the gaffe against Stanford at the end of the regular season, then this would have happened.

Alabama (Fiesta) – I went back and forth between the Tide and South Carolina for the CFP spot.  Chose the HBC and have regretted it since.  Still, not a bad pick here.

Marshall (Peach) – For everyone who says Boise State still would have been picked even if Marshall was undefeated, please take your head out of your ass.  No way The Committee leaves out an undefeated team.  Saying that, I am glad they lost against WKU because it partially outlined the fact that having cupcake schedules, at the very least, puts a big question mark on your entire season.

Auburn (Peach) – Yeah, not my best pick.  However, if they win the Iron Bowl then who knows what could have happened.

So overall, not too bad.  Not great mind you but it’s not like I picked Vanderbilt or SMU.

Coaching Hot Seat Predictions

Something new I did this year.  Trying to predict possible firings during the year (or shortly after it was done).  Let’s take a ride in the way-back machine and see how that my coaching hot seat list turned out:

Coach Did I predict he’d be fired? Was he fired?
Will Muschamp No Yes
Bret Bielema No No
Tim Beckman Yes No
Darrell Hazell Yes No
Charlie Weis Yes Yes
Dana Holgorsen Yes No
Sonny Dykes No No
Mike London Yes No
Bob Davie Yes No
Norm Chow Yes No
Ron Turner Yes No
Todd Monken Yes No

Jesus Tap Dancing Christ.  3 out of 12 correct?  That’s it?  That’s beyond awful.  Saying that though, I believe Muschamp should have been retained.  Also, for Davie, Turner, and Monken not to be fired says less about my predictions and more about these programs’ ability to bring in good head coaches.

For a change of pace, let’s take a gander at my NFL predictions

Let’s start out with my Super Bowl picks.  Oh lordy.  Denver and New Orleans.  Denver at least was in the playoffs until Peyton crapped out.  The Saints, however, were awful.  They couldn’t even win the worst division in NFL history.  Awful.  I did have Seattle and Indy making the conference championships so at least I was right there.  My worst AFC pick has to be Houston finishing last in the AFC South.  But to be honest, my AFC picks (in terms of the standings) weren’t that bad.  The NFC on the other hand…where do I begin?

Dallas – Had them last in the NFC East.  Worse than Washington for fuck sakes.  I must have been drinking when I made these picks.  That or I found a loophole in the NFL concussion protocol.

Chicago – Had them getting a wild card spot.  Marc Trestman was probably in over his head as a head coach and probably fits better as an offensive coordinator.  Also, Jay Cutler can fuck off.

New Orleans & Carolina – Might as well put the whole NFC South here.  Problem is there is no NFL minor league (yet) so I couldn’t relegate them to that.

San Francisco – Ah, I was tricked by the Harbaugh allure.  Then again, he is pretty damn entertaining.  The Wolverine faithful should love this guy…and then in about five years want him gone.

Other predictions:

  • Did Tom Savage start a game for the Texans?  If so, then I was right with all the rookie QBs I said would start at least one game.  I’m too lazy right now to be honest.
  • Highly underestimating Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, and Tennessee’s ability to be absolutely awful was a bad call on my part.
  • Thinking SuperGinger Jason Garrett was going to be fired I figured was an easy call.  Who knew the Cowboys would play that well.  Then again, they got to play the Redskins and Giants two times each.  That helps.
  • Johnny Great Lakes/Party Animal/Guy I Envy A Lot wasn’t a disaster in his first season in Cleveland but it sure wasn’t promising.  He needs a lot of help.  Either that or make him watch the Vince Young story so he doesn’t become “that guy.”
  • Buffalo hasn’t released E.J. Manuel…yet.  Now with Kyle Orton retired though they may need to lean on him, at least for the first few games.

So yeah, my NFL predictions weren’t as good as my college predictions which were mediocre to begin with.  It was one of those kinds of seasons.

College Football on Canadian TV

I’m not going to look at how close I was selecting games for each of the networks.  That would be an absurd exercise since no one would get that even close to correct.  Saying that, it’s always fun to speculate right?

As for TSN, they were better than advertised when it came to broadcasting college football games.  Could they have made better selections at times?  Sure but let’s put this into perspective: the season before we were lucky if we got more than one game a week on TSN.  Now we are averaging 4-5 a week.  That’s a nice jump.  I didn’t predict they’d show that much although I knew it would be more.

Other than that, I think the only surprise was the SEC Network games not showing up on the Rogers SSP.  Seems dumb and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Hopefully it’s rectified for this upcoming season.

Alright.  That’s it.  I’m tapping out.  You win some, you lose some.  I’m done with predictions…for a week or so.  Then I will make my first NFL draft predictions.  No rest for the weary.  And yes, I am counting down the days until the official start of next college football season (which at this point is at an entirely too high 214…I miss college football).


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