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Pre-CFP Championship info (and hey, why not throw some NFL stuff in there as well)

We made it!  38 bowls…all complete.  We only have one left.  The big one.  The College Football Playoff National Championship (man that’s a mouthful).  Oregon against Ohio State.  Personally, I have Oregon in this one but I have this funny feeling tOSU isn’t going to make it easy for the Ducks.  Losing their top receiver can’t help Oregon either.

As for the rest of the bowls, I went 20-18 so I sincerely hope you didn’t take my picks as good betting ideas.  That is brutal.  Last year I went 23-12 (before the title game) so definite downward trend here.  If I was a coach, I probably would have been fired midway through the bowl season.

Tomorrow night’s championship game supposedly has like 83 ways to watch it, including the actual telecast, the championship party thing they did last year, Finebaum Film Room Live Part Deux, and probably the game acted out by sock puppets.  To be honest, I don’t know what we are getting here in Canada.  It is being shown on all the TSNs except TSN2 so I wouldn’t be surprised if the title party analyst thingy they did last year (which kind of sucked) or Finebaum-a-palooza (which actually was pretty damn hilarious at the Iron Bowl especially with the live phone-ins) show up.  Whether they do on one of the TSNs or on the specialty pack I don’t know since at this point there is no scheduling info for the specialty pack on Monday night.

There are also a few college all-star games coming up.  The East-West Shrine game is this Saturday on NFL Network and the Senior Bowl on January 24th, also on the NFL Network.  There are three others but I don’t know if we will be able to see them here in Canada (one for sure is on ESPN2, the others are still to be announced).

As for NFL action next Sunday, it will be the Cowboys or Packers travelling to the Pacific Northwest to play the defending champs.  This game will be at 3:00 on FOX and CTV.  The evening game will see the Colts/Broncos winner going to frosty Foxboro to face New England.  This game will be at 6:30 on CBS and CTV.  Update: Green Bay will face Seattle and Indianapolis will battle New England next Sunday.

At some point next week I will wrap up the college football season on here with my thoughts on the entire season and answer a bunch of questions about what we may see going forward.


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