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Week 13 NFL TV Schedule – Turkey, turkey, and more turkey

thanksgiving football

To our American neighbours to the south, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a lot of turkey and other food you may not normally eat on a regular basis.  It might keep your tummies uncomfortable until Christmas but it’s the price you pay for good food for the most part.  Except for green bean casserole.  That stuff is shit.

Thanksgiving in the NFL means some American Turkey day football games.  Three games on Thursday and at least two of them are pretty high stakes.  Here’s the whole week 13 schedule:

12:30 Chicago at Detroit CBS/City
4:30 Philadelphia at Dallas FOX/City
8:30 Seattle at San Francisco NBC/SNP/SNW/SNO/SNE
1:00 Washington at Indianapolis
1:00 Tennessee at Houston
1:00 Cleveland at Buffalo CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Eastern Ontario (except Ottawa & Cornwall))/CTV (Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)
1:00 San Diego at Baltimore CBS (BC, Alberta, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Ottawa, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg)/CITL (Lloydminster)
1:00 NY Giants at Jacksonville FOX (Northern Ontario, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec)/TSN2
1:00 Cincinnati at Tampa Bay
1:00 Oakland at St. Louis
1:00 New Orleans at Pittsburgh FOX (Western Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Ottawa, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Montreal, Atlantic, Northern Ontario)
1:00 Carolina at Minnesota FOX (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario)
4:05 Arizona at Atlanta FOX (BC, Alberta, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Kingston)/TSN2
4:25 New England at Green Bay CBS/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg)/CTV2 (Atlantic)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)/CITL (Lloydminster)
8:30 Denver at Kansas City NBC/TSN2
8:30 Miami at NY Jets TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Great games on Thursday followed by what might be the game of the year…and a bunch of filler.  Seriously.  The 1:00 games look pretty crappy really.  Then we get Patriots-Packers later on in the afternoon which should be a treat to watch.  Denver-KC should be good then the Monday nighter which I could probably avoid.

This week will be the last week before the playoff push.  Not a single team can clinch a playoff spot until next week.  Has this ever been the case before this far into the season?  (After further research, the last time this happened was only four years ago.  Before that, it had been at least a decade.  So yeah, parity!)  Looking at the playoff race, this is how I feel it will end up:

AFC Wild Card

Byes: New England (1), Denver (2)

Cleveland (6) at Indianapolis (3)

Kansas City (5) at Cincinnati (4)

NFC Wild Card

Byes: Green Bay (1), Arizona (2)

Detroit (6) at Philadelphia (3)

Seattle (5) at New Orleans (4)

First off, it could end up being VERY ironic that the second-ever team to make the playoffs with a below-.500 record might be New Orleans and that they would be home to Seattle, the exact reversal of the first time this happened.  I think Seattle will end up being a shoo-in for the wild card but won’t catch Zona.  Detroit and Dallas will fight to the final week and you could put either team in the 6 spot.  San Fran I can see falling off.  There are no other NFC teams probably with a chance.

In the AFC, however, parity rules.  There are still 12 teams with legitimate playoff aspirations and will through this weekend.  You are going to have some very good teams (San Diego, Baltimore) or some much-improved teams (Buffalo, Houston) that will miss the playoffs but may still be at over above .500.  My guess is 10 wins is the minimum to make it and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the #6 seed at 11 wins.  I still think Cleveland will make it although they will have to beat at least one of Indy, Cincinnati, or Baltimore to get there (if not two or all three); however, if they fall to Buffalo on Sunday I think their chances are slim considering their schedule.

Enjoy the football today (as much as you can)!


6 thoughts on “Week 13 NFL TV Schedule – Turkey, turkey, and more turkey

    1. I know the NFL wants to. They also want to expand the regular season to 18 games. All to make more money. I just worry about cheapening the playoffs by adding a seventh team in each conference. Yes, in some years a very deserving 10-6 team is left out of the playoffs. On the other hand, in some seasons there have been 8-8 playoff teams (and once a 7-9 playoff team).

      If they do add a seventh playoff team, then they should make it so division winners are only guaranteed a spot in the top 5, not the top 4. If you finish 7-9 or 8-8 you should not have a home playoff game, period, regardless of if you are division winner or not.

  1. “If they do add a seventh playoff team, then they should make it so division winners are only guaranteed a spot in the top 5, not the top 4. If you finish 7-9 or 8-8 you should not have a home playoff game, period, regardless of if you are division winner or not.”

    Exactly. It’s not fair that whoever wins the NFC South this year gets a playoff game at home.

    My ideal scheduling format for the regular season is to maintain the current 16 game schedule with two bye weeks per team. All teams play the first & final three weeks of the regular season. First bye week for each team between Weeks 4-9 & the second bye week happens between Weeks 10-15.

    1. Yeah I am worried how bad the Saints or Falcons will be as the NFC South champ. I am guessing 8-8 at the very best but think it will be 7-9 unfortunately.

      Nice idea on the scheduling format. To be honest I do think there are too many exhibition games. There should be 3, one home, one away, one neutral site (to grow the game). But don’t replace them with regular season games. The lost exhibition game can become the second bye week.

  2. For my regular season scheduling idea to work, 8 of the weeks between 4-15 would need 6 teams on a bye week, where as the other 4 would need four teams on a bye week.

    The NFL has a 256 game regular season schedule and when you add up all the numbers, the amount of regular season games would remain the same! 16×6=96 (first & final three weeks of the regular season), 13×8=104 (8 of the 12 weeks where 6 teams have a bye), 14×4=56 (the other 4 weeks where four teams have a bye).

    When it comes to preseason, I think that two games is enough. 1 home, 1 away.

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