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Week 13 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Running the Rock (Starring Melvin Gordon and Semaje Perine)

So Melvin Gordon sets the new all-time FBS rushing record in three quarters against Nebraska a mere 9 days ago.  I guess Semaje Perine thought that looked fun so he would try and do it in soggy Norman against a terrible Charlie Weis-less Kansas team.  I’m going to take a wild guess and say “James Conner, come on down!”

I didn’t get to watch any college football live this week.  Had my kids and it was a lot of fun.  And to be honest, from what I did see on my PVR late into Saturday night/Sunday morning, it felt like a blah weekend.  If this weekend would have been played three seasons ago, it would have been considered a good college football weekend.  Good, not great.  But this season, it doesn’t even come close.  A quick look at some of the games I PVRed:

  • The Minnesota-Nebraska game which probably qualified as the game of the day
  • The hilariously bad Virginia Tech-Wake Forest game
  • The Battle for LA
  • Ole Miss-Arkansas
  • Boise State-Wyoming

And on and on.  12 games in all and most of them (save Minny-Nebraska) were garbage.  Didn’t record BC-FSU but that’s more due to the restrictions on my PVR and not me not picking it (although I had to make some choices).

Anyway, it says a lot about how wild and wacky this season has been by the fact that Perine set the new rushing record and most went “oh that’s nice…carry on.”  Let’s look at the week that was, shall we?

Poor Buffalo.  Yeah it doesn’t really matter that the Kent State-UB game was cancelled.  Really.  Even if the Bulls won that game and their last game, their six wins aren’t enough since they defeated two FCS teams.  See, scheduling issues filter down even to MAC teams.

Way to rile them up.  So one of the Duke coaches threw shit all over the locker room area and basically acted like one of those roided-up dickheads during a rage.  And what did it do?  I don’t think Duke has looked this bad in three seasons.  The Fighting Fedoras lit them up and are going bowling.  Also it puts Georgia Tech in the annual Florida State ACC beatdown game.

Well that was just FCS-riffic.  Look, I don’t care that FBS teams schedule an FCS game every season.  It gives FCS teams a cash boost they may or may not need.  What I hate (and I mean hate) is when these games happen in November.  Everywhere it is promoted that every week of the college football season is important, and then we are treated to a garbage week of football.  And yes I understand the SEC isn’t the only conference that does this; however, they are the one conference that almost ALWAYS does it in November.  Want to schedule an FCS team?  Brilliant!  Do it in September or October (or late August) please.

I select Jerry Kill as coach of the year.  Yes, there are other good candidates but looking at an entire body of work, what Jerry Kill has done in Minnesota is amazing.  Or in other words, all Jerry Kill does is resurrect football programs.

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall.  They hung on to beat a UAB team which is sneaky-good (in Conference USA parlance).  You can arguably say they are one of the worst-looking undefeated teams of the past two decades and be probably spot on.  The thing is, if they win out, I can’t see how you don’t put them in Fiesta or Cotton Bowl, unless insanity happens in the Mountain West and Colorado State somehow wins the conference title.

June Jones is somewhere, sipping whiskey/rum/moonshine/whatever alcohol he likes and just shaking his head.  SMU.  You can honestly say they are one of the worst winless teams in recent history.  It’s been painful to even hear the results, much less watch any highlights.  Just lose out and regroup.  And pray.

Illinois and Northwestern will face off in a winner-takes-all game next week.  And by all I mean bowl eligibility.  Again, does this tell you what kind of crazy season it has been?  And if the Illini somehow win, Tim Beckman may get a contract extension.

Hokie player – Oh so we have to score points.  Is that right, Coach Beamer?  Beamer – Can I retire yet?  What a complete shitshow at Wake Forest.  Worst part is there were no weather issues.  None.  It was just awful football.  Most high schools don’t play football that badly.  But the worst part is it had that trainwreck quality: you just had to watch to see when it would end and how it would end.  Easily one of the worst things to come out of the college football season.  And now, it sets up an Illini-Wildcat like match for the Commonwealth Cup.  Virginia Tech-Virginia.  I like the Hokies but I honestly hope the Wahoos mop the floor with them, just for putting me through that misery this past Saturday.

Ole Miss?  More Like Ole No.  Arkansas pasted the Rebs 30-0.  First of all, the Razorbacks became the first unranked team ever to post back-to-back shutouts over ranked teams.  Impressive.  Oh, and watch out for them next season.  Like the SEC West needed to be any stronger.  On the flip side, Ole Miss’ loss puts a bit of a damper on the Egg Bowl and may challenge whether CBS made the right choice of game for this Saturday.

RichRod baby!  Talk about a statement game.  The Wildcats destroyed Utah in Salt Lake City in terrible weather.  Despite the fact they still might not win the Pac-12 South, don’t they at least give The Committee some difficulty keeping them out of the New Year’s Six?

For god’s sake, just fire the guy already.  It should be obvious to EVERYONE that Brady Hoke will not coach next season for the Michigan Wolverines.  And with one win needed to become bowl-eligible and that game being against Ohio State, you can pretty much stick a fork in this team.  So why delay this?  Seems ridiculous.  And a distraction.  Probably didn’t help the team during their loss to Maryland this past Saturday that basically sealed the deal on their season.

See?  That’s why The Committee doesn’t respect the Noles.  One of the worst undefeated Power conference teams in recent memory (this seems to be a trend today).  They barely win half their games.  Jameis CrabLegs isn’t the QB he was a year ago, that is obvious.  And neither is the entire defense.  They lose against either Florida or Georgia Tech and they can kiss any CFP talk goodbye.

Battle for LA wasn’t a battle at all.  There’s more fight into bringing an NFL team back to LA then the Trojans put up.  They looked out of it from early on.  So now UCLA is in the driver’s seat in the Pac-12 South.  If they win out, do they at least get some consideration from The Committee?

Meanwhile, on the islands…  Norm Chow is honestly doing an amazing job out in Honolulu.  The Fighting Rainbow Warriors just won their fourth game on a last-second touchdown over UNLV.  No one (myself included) figured they’d win more than two.  Think of it this way…three of their losses were by a single score or less.  Win those and they are 7-5 and staying home to play a bowl on Christmas Eve.  Hope they give Chow one more chance next season to complete the turnaround.

One mid-week MACtion game on Tuesday.  Looks like specialty pack since I see nothing on the TSN schedule indicating they are showing this one.  Then the real college footballgasm starts Thursday night.  A ton of football Friday and Saturday.  Schedule will be put out Wednesday and it should be finalized by then considering that there’s an extra full day of games on Friday.  Then again, this is Bell and Rogers we are talking about.


10 thoughts on “Week 13 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Running the Rock (Starring Melvin Gordon and Semaje Perine)

  1. Do you think that the Gators can pull off an upset and knock off the Seminoles?

    Brady Hoke should be FIRED. Why he’s still the coach at Michigan, I have no freaking clue. What are the odds that Jim Harbaugh will be the head coach of Michigan next season? I can’t see him staying on the sidelines in San Francisco past this season (even if they somehow win the Super Bowl).

    After Ole Miss get shutout at Arkansas, I think that CBS might regret their decision to broadcast the Egg Bowl instead of the Iron Bowl. Something tells me Auburn @ Alabama will be the better game this Saturday.

    1. I would love to see the Gators upset the Noles just to create chaos for the first college football playoff.

      Hoke will be fired. It’s just that it’s a distraction now. And I don’t think San Fran will even make the playoffs so I am guessing on a Harbaugh hiring before the college football championship.

      Auburn-Alabama has way more on the line. I guess CBS can hang its hat on Mississippi State trying to finish their dream season and maybe sneaking into the CFP by beating rival Ole Miss. Two weeks ago, the Egg Bowl was the obvious choice. Then both Mississippi teams ruined that. I am still perplexed on why CBS doesn’t have a bowl game with an actual SEC team involved but ESPN doesn’t play nice so there’s that.

      1. Gents, the annual Thanksgiving coma is about to begin….

        I am calling it – Florida sends Muschamp out with a win over FSU. Florida has been jekyl and hyde, but they are far and away the best defense FSU has faced. The question will be can the gators score enough to keep a buffer against a comeback that you know is coming. Florida is going to score a defensive TD and will have a few turnovers. Again, I think FSU has gotten away with their comebacks over average competition in a very weak ACC this year, and as much as Florida has struggled in the SEC East, I would put them as a top team in the ACC.

        CBS couldnt pick the Iron bowl because they have a limit in which one team can appear on CBS in one season – 5, which Alabama has already done. I like that the night slate is actually pretty weak, leaving in my opinion the biggest game of the weekend with little competition.

        As a big time Michigan fan, I feel for Brady. It is rare that you get a guy who wants a specific job so bad. The problem is, I have never seen a coach with less awareness of what is going on on the field, so I can imagine his lack of awareness on a day to day details of the football team including practice. I have never seen a team decline so rapidly. Change is coming, and I am hoping for Harbaugh, I just don’t see it. Not to be Donnie Downer, but I can see us striking out on the Harbaughs who will stay in the NFL and Les Miles who although he has a Michigan buyout clause specifically in his contract, I don’t think he does it. Mark Stoops may be a great fit, but his team has really trailed off so he has a lot of risk, but also a high upside. I just don’t see Michigan native Butch Jones go from one rebuilding team to another after he is making some progress in Tennessee. So after that….who the heck knows….

      2. The Gators will have to get to out to a good lead in the first half or otherwise the Noles would make them pay. I think The Committee has made it very clear that strength of schedule is super important with how they rank FSU (and Marshall for that matter). A loss here kills any CFP chances for FSU. And it would be nice to send WILL MUSCHAMP! out a winner.

        I forgot about the fact that Alabama had hit a limit for appearances (or was it home appearances) on CBS. Only thing that will divert eyes from the Iron Bowl is if the Civil War is somehow close (which would be amazing in itself).

        I think Michigan made a mistake letting RichRod go years ago. Great coach. Not the best recruiter but he seems to make up for it on the field. You mean Jon Gruden isn’t getting this job? I mean he’s getting every other college football job whether it’s available or not.

  2. Big FSU fan here – will be in Doak Campbell on Saturday afternoon and looking forward to it. I would not be surprised to see Florida win but contrary to Bossman I don’t think that causes chaos at all. IF FSU loses there is no way they will be in the playoff. I think there is more chaos if they win out as even then, they are clearly no better than a borderline Top Ten team but the goose-egg in the loss column is tough to overlook. FSU loss is the gift the committee needs to (justifiably) keep them out.

    I agree with Ditka that the Gators have the best defence FSU will have faced this year but I expect the Noles to move the ball on them. The problem I see for FSU is the possibility that the Gators could run the ball right down their throats. FSU has been gashed al year long and we saw what the Gators did to Georgia, I can see Florida rushing for over 300 yards on Saturday.

    All that said, I can’t wait for the game and just bhope my fears don’t come true. 😉

    1. A loss by the Noles is a gift as it keeps the Noles out of the CFP. The chaos comes from who replaces them. Too many variables put at least six teams up for the four spots (if FSU isn’t one of them). They win and they are in. Case closed. Any committee member that keeps an undefeated Power Five conference team out of the CFP should be replaced immediately.

      Having said all that…I am really, really, really, really jealous that you will be down in Tallahassee for this one. Hope it’s a good game (for your sake). You know, the last thing you’d want is another Choke at Doak.

  3. Actually, I was quite happy at the end of the Choke at Doak. Coming back for a tie was pretty good – 20 more seconds on the clock and they would have won it!

    But calling it the Choke at Doak has always irked me a bit. I think the word choke is thrown around far too often in sports – choking happens but not nearly as often as most say it happens. Furthermore, in this game all that happened was that the Gators tried to run out the clock way too early. Coaches pull this nonsense repeatedly. I never thought Spurrier would resort to it but am glad he did as it preserved his record of never winning at Doak – ha! But even more to the point, calling it a Choke puts the focus on the Gators – I want the focus on the Noles and what they did to rack up 28 points in one quarter to pull a tie out of the fire. I’d rather celebrate the positive achievement than focus on denigrating the Gators – not that I am opposed to denigrating the Gators but, you know. 🙂

      1. Gotta disagree with that. I am a huge proponent of the tie. Seriously. The aversion to the tie drives me crazy.

      2. I don’t think it’s aversion to ties. We know what has happened before overtime was brought into college football. Many teams played for the tie. Frustrating to say the least. A coach without any balls basically.

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