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Week 12 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Running Back U

Melvin Gordon had a day for the ages on Saturday. He broke LaDainian Tomlinson’s single-game rushing yards record BY THE END OF THE THIRD QUARTER!  408 yards in total.  I don’t know what Nebraska’s problem is with Wisconsin but most of it has to do with stopping the run.  They just couldn’t do it.  Not saying many other teams would have done better because the Badger O was on fire, but still, it was pretty something to watch.  Gordon is now 91 yards away from 2000 for the season which would make him the 23rd player in FBS history to hit that mark.  He’s still 720 yards away from passing Barry Sanders for the season record but he has two more regular season games, a potential Big Ten Championship game, and a bowl game left.  Going to be tough but at this point I’d say he has a shot.

You almost knew this would happen. It just seemed inevitable that Mississippi State would lose a game this season and many had this game circled in the calendars at Tuscaloosa against the Tide.  The worst part is the Bulldogs didn’t play good, but it’s not like Alabama were firing on all cylinders.  I still think they lose the Iron Bowl the way they are playing.  Then again…

Wow, that escalated quickly. Auburn was never in the game against Georgia.  The return of Todd Gurley spurred on the Dawgs victory and Nick Chubb continued to impress.  Problem is that feeling is gone now as Gurley is done for the season with an ACL injury.  So it’s all up to Chubb again.  He has proven himself before but Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate against Georgia Tech won’t be easy and they still have to hope for a Missouri loss or no SEC Championship game and no guarantee to be in the New Year’s Six.

Does anyone want the other ACC spot in the New Year’s Six? Speaking of the Yellow Jackets, they throttled Clemson.  So that probable eliminates Clemson from that spot way behind Florida State.  Then Duke coughed it up against Virginia Tech so they lose ground.  Georgia Tech probably has the inside track but if they lose to Georgia, they have 9 wins this season, not too impressive for the Orange Bowl.

Is anyone talking about Ohio State? Everyone seems to be forgetting the Buckeyes.  Two more wins and they are a Big Ten title game win away from probably the College Football Playoff unless everything else doesn’t go their way.  I will explain later in this post.  Oh yeah, and Braxton who?

And it finally happened. For some Gator fans, about ten months too late.  WILL MUSCHAMP! is officially done as head coach of the Florida Gators.  He will coach the last two games of the season.  Whether he coaches in the bowl is up in the air although it seems like they will have an interim coach at that point.  Why don’t they just hire Jon Gruden/Jim Harbaugh/hottest coaching prospect out there before the bowl and get it over with.  And no, I am pretty sure the Head Ball Coach won’t come back to Gainesville.

I was wrong. So very wrong.  Air Force just went to 8-2 after their victory over Nevada.  They are hiding in the weeds in the Mountain Division in the Mountain West conference, hoping for chaos in front of them.  Really it doesn’t matter though as Troy Calhoun has done a masterful job getting the Falcons back to where they were a few years back.  I (along with MANY experts) figured Air Force wouldn’t be bowl-eligible.  Well they did that a few games ago now.  Now they are aiming for ten wins which would be huge in Colorado Springs.

Marshall won again. They sure did.  Two more wins and they head to the Conference USA Championship game.  Does ABC put it on their network like they did a few years back when Houston came in undefeated (and ultimately lost)?  Interesting decision they have coming up as long as the Herd keep winning.

Well Gary, that was, um, interesting. That TCU-Kansas game would have been painful to watch if we actually got the game in this area.  I think many people were hoping for the Kansas upset, especially Baylor fans.  I still have Baylor below TCU in my rankings but I also think TCU might have some trouble with Texas on American Thanksgiving so it may work itself out on its own.

Speaking of interesting, that is not the word that I would use to describe what happened in South Bend. Anyone who watched that game cannot consider the Irish for the New Year’s Six now, even if they beat USC by 80.  That was pathetic.  Well, correction.  Their defense was pathetic.  And Brian Kelly’s decision to go for two when he did is perplexing at best.  The kind of coaching decision that could haunt him if the Irish do win their last two games.

Holy RichRod, Gus! Arizona gutted out a victory over Washington.  And it came on the heels of one of the stupidest things a coach can do (in my estimation).  This idea of freezing the kicker…whoever came up with it should be shot and pissed on and not necessarily in that order.  I can almost guarantee it doesn’t work more often than it works.  And again, it doesn’t work here.  The Zona kicker misses the first attempt but nails the second one.  Got to consider the Wildcats as an outside shot for the New Year’s Six.

Uh, if you haven’t noticed, we have a Volunteer sighting. That’s after a continuous loop of Rocky Top and Turn Down for What.  Butch Jones has done a good job taking a not-so-talented squad and bringing them to within one game of bowl-eligibility.  And they still face Vandy so yeah, the chances are REALLY good.

The bowl silly season has officially begun. With BYU’s win, they were able to officially except their invitation to the new Miami Beach Bowl, commencing the season of bowl bids and invites and offers and even rejections.  It will be interesting to see how this process goes this season with the CFP instead of the BCS.  If Navy can beat South Alabama on the 28th, then they, too, automatically get an invite to the Poinsettia Bowl.  Last season they will have that now that they are joining the American conference next season.

Missouri holds on…barely. It wasn’t pretty but Mizzou kept their driver’s seat position in the SEC East by surviving in College Station.  Now they have a better-than-expected Vols team and another better-than-expected team in Arkansas to get past.  Do that and they book their ticket for Atlanta.  Georgia fans have to swallow a bitter pill and become…..ugh….hold on a second……………Tennessee fans next week.  Hopefully Dawgs fans didn’t just vomit.

Oh yeah there was a game in Miami. Actually Miami Gardens but who’s checking.  Miami had Florida State on the ropes.  But it’s the Noles.  You HAVE to finish them off.  Can’t let them stay around and that’s just what The U did.  It would be an absolute shock if FSU lost to either Boston College or Florida.  Not saying it won’t happen.  Remember what has happened this season.  But more than likely, FSU will be undefeated in Charlotte in three weeks.

The blue turf wins out again. Boise State came back from 20 down to beat San Diego State.  This keeps Boise at the top of the Mountain Division with the inside track to win it, much to the chagrin of the Mountain West Conference.  They won’t say it but they desperately want the Broncos to lose one of their last two games so Colorado State wins the division and has a shot at getting into the New Year’s Six.  I don’t see how BSU has a shot despite what many are saying.

#Pac12AfterDark. It happens pretty much every week.  Some late-night Pac-12 game causes a lot of shakeup, not only in the Pac-12, but in all of college football.  ASU’s loss to Oregon State probably kills any chance of a Pac-12 South team getting into the CFP.  FYI, next weekend’s late Pac-12 affair is on the Pac-12 Network and is OSU-Washington so unless it turns out to be a crazy game, the only thing that matters is the winner becomes bowl-eligible and the loser has to wait to try and clinch.

60 teams are now bowl-eligible. 16 spots left to fill.  30 teams left with a shot to play their way in.  The odds aren’t great but it is still a possibility that only 15 teams become bowl-eligible, meaning Georgia Southern, in their first FBS season, should get an opportunity to play in a bowl, the first team ever to be able to do that in their first season since I don’t remember any season when there weren’t enough teams to fill the bowl games.  Next week will settle a lot and allow the dust to settle a bit more.

Speaking of bowls, the four teams I have in the four semi-final spots are Florida State, Ohio State, Oregon, and Baylor. The first three will win out and win their conference championship in my opinion, and Baylor should win their last three Big XII games.  I still believe Bama will lose the Iron Bowl to Auburn.  I think the only chance the SEC has to get a team in is to have MSU or Bama win out and win the conference championship.  Then they guarantee a spot.  Anything less and the SEC is in big trouble.

We’re back to some Tuesday and Wednesday MACtion. Tuesday night we get one game on TSN and Wednesday, a game on TSN and one on the specialty pack.  College basketball is starting to fill the specialty pack channels so it’ll be very interesting to see how they work around all the college football still left in the season.


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