NFL TV Schedule

Week 11 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by Mid-season Contract Extensions

The poor Arizona Cardinals. Yes they’re 8-1, sporting the best record in the NFL so far.  They’ve looked dominant and look like the surprising heir apparent to their divisional rival Seattle Seahawks in the NFC.  Unfortunately for them, there are three letters that could destroy a dream season for the Fighting Bruces…the letters are A, C, and L.  Carson Palmer’s ACL injury, which ends his season, is a MASSIVE loss for the Cards.  It looks even worse considering he just signed a huge contract extension (3 more years at $50 million broken down in stupidly specific ways…like who the hell needs a $4,900 workout bonus?).  As much as they have other weapons on offense and their defense is much better than, well, almost any Cardinals defense in NFL history, losing Palmer probably kills any Super Bowl chances.  Drew Stanton is not bad but not a true NFL starter.  Logan Thomas and Ryan Lindley have potential but are pretty green at this point.  The point of all this?  I think mid-season contract extensions aren’t very smart.  I know some would say it’s a distraction to the team but if one player’s contract issues are a distraction to a team in the middle of the season, it’s safe to say that player shouldn’t be kept after that season.  Just a thought.

Alright, now let’s look at the Week 11 schedule:

8:30 Buffalo at Miami NFLN/SNE/SNO/SNW/SNP
1:00 Minnesota at Chicago CBS (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Western Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Ottawa)/CTV (Winnipeg, Saskatchewan)
1:00 Houston at Cleveland
1:00 Seattle at Kansas City FOX (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Western Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Ottawa)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta)/CITL (Lloydminster)
1:00 Atlanta at Carolina
1:00 Cincinnati at New Orleans CTV2 (Toronto, Ottawa, London/Windsor, Vancouver Island, Alberta, Atlantic)
1:00 Tampa Bay at Washington
1:00 Denver at St. Louis CBS (Alberta, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Eastern Ontario (except Ottawa), Quebec, Eastern Canada)
1:00 San Francisco at NY Giants FOX (Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Eastern Ontario (except Ottawa), Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Northern Ontario, Montreal, Atlantic)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)
4:05 Oakland at San Diego CBS (BC)
4:25 Philadelphia at Green Bay FOX (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Eastern Ontario (except Ottawa), Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV2 (Toronto, Ottawa, London/Windsor, Atlantic)
4:25 Detroit at Arizona FOX (BC, Alberta, Western Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Ottawa)/CTV2 (Vancouver Island, Alberta)
8:30 New England at Indianapolis NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Pittsburgh at Tennessee TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Speaking of the Cards, I think their game with the Lions is the true game of the week. Not that NBC should have flexed it out because the Pats and Colts are both good too.  It’s not like next week when NBC is sticking (stubbornly) with the Cowboys going to New York to play the Giants.  You want any evidence that the Cowboys are still America’s team, then this is it.  With Detroit-New England and Arizona-Seattle ready to be flexed, NBC stuck with Dallas-Giants despite the fact Coughlin’s Crew pretty much sucks this year.  I guess the equation of Cowboys = Ratings still holds true.  I would have flexed in the Cards-Seahawks game myself but that’s just my opinion.

“Five thousand on red.” “Black.”  “Damn.”

It’s Gambling Time! I’m kind of glad I didn’t win this past week since the prize was much smaller than usual.  I guess that’s what happens when 727 people get perfect tickets.  727?  Makes me feel like an idiot.  Anyway, here are my (probably mediocre) picks for the week:

Buffalo over Miami

Chicago over Minnesota

Cleveland over Houston

Seattle over Kansas City

Carolina over Atlanta

New Orleans over Cincinnati

Tampa Bay over Washington

Denver over St. Louis

San Francisco over NY Giants

San Diego over Oakland

Philadelphia over Green Bay

Arizona over Detroit (yes, even with the rant above I don’t think the Lions are quite the 7-2 team that many think they are)

Indianapolis over New England

Pittsburgh over Tennessee

Fingers crossed (well, on my right hand at least) that I can pull it off this weekend. Would be nice going into Christmas season to win some money (even if it is just the $1,200 or so all the winners got this past week).


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