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Week 12 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by Respect

It’s something we give to all who have fought for our country. It’s also something Florida State fans think they aren’t getting.  They were dropped to #3 behind Oregon in the latest poll brought out by The Committee on Tuesday night.  Really though it doesn’t matter.  As I said in the post where I put my predictions, it’s what it looks like at the end of the season.  And to be honest I can’t see the Noles falling any farther than #3 in the poll before the end of the regular season and they have a decent chance to climb back to the #1 spot, depending on what Mississippi State and Oregon do in their final games.

OK the CFL is now in the playoffs. This means they move to Sundays only.  This frees TSN up on Saturday.  And we will get our first look at what this means this weekend.  Yes, they are simsubbing a couple of ABC games, but even with that, to see that TSN is showing 8 games on Saturday (after showing five in the days preceding it) is awesome.  No other way to say it.  13 college football games in one week.  Last year there were times where they went six weeks and didn’t put 13 games on.  I don’t even think Sportsnet did 13 games all last year.  Damn impressive.  Here is the cable schedule (at this point):

Ball State at Massachusetts (Wed) 8:00 PM TSN4/TSN5
East Carolina at Cincinnati (Thu) 7:00 PM TSN4
Southern Miss at UTSA (Thu) 8:00 PM CBSSN
California at USC (Thu) 9:00 PM TSN1
Tulsa at UCF (Fri) 8:00 PM TSN1
Ohio State at Minnesota 12:00 PM ABC/TSN4
Wesley at Charlotte 12:00 PM WNYO
Iowa at Illinois 12:00 PM BTN
Army at Western Kentucky 12:00 PM CBSSN
Clemson at Georgia Tech 12:00 PM TSN2/TSN3
Temple at Penn State 12:00 PM TSN1
Pittsburgh at North Carolina 12:30 PM WSBK
Nebraska at Wisconsin 3:30 PM ABC/TSN2
Middle Tennessee at FIU 3:30 PM WNYO
Indiana at Rutgers 3:30 PM BTN
Mississippi State at Alabama 3:30 PM CBS
Georgia Southern at Navy 3:30 PM CBSSN
Oklahoma at Texas Tech 3:30 PM TSN3
Washington at Arizona 3:30 PM FOX
Northwestern at Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC
Albany at Villanova 7:00 PM WNYO
Auburn at Georgia 7:00 PM TSN3
Texas at Oklahoma State 7:30 PM FOX
Florida State at Miami 8:00 PM ABC
Michigan State at Maryland 8:00 PM BTN
LSU at Arkansas 8:00 PM TSN1/TSN5

A HUGE amount of games on cable, highlighted by the big Mississippi State-Alabama game on CBS. TSN3 has an unprecedented (for TSN at least) tripleheader.  It’s a sign of the changing of the times…or the fact TSN has no hockey to show.  Either way…

Update: All of a sudden I notice that East Carolina-Cincinnati is not on TSN4 tonight.  Not pleased when TSN does that.

Update #2: TSN2 has decided to show VaTech-Duke instead of doubling up on GT-Clemson.  Good call.

On to the specialty pack schedule:

Kent State at Bowling Green (Wed) 8:00 PM SP
Bethune-Cookman at Hampton (Thu) 7:30 PM SP
Virginia Tech at Duke 12:00 PM SP
South Carolina at Florida* 12:00 PM SP
Pittsburgh at North Carolina 12:30 PM SP
Wake Forest at NC State (SD only on Bell) 3:00 PM SP
Memphis at Tulane 3:30 PM SP
Kentucky at Tennessee* 4:00 PM SP
UNLV at BYU 7:00 PM SP
Missouri at Texas A&M* 7:30 PM SP
LSU at Arkansas 8:00 PM SP
San Diego State at Boise State 10:15 PM SP
Arizona State at Oregon State 10:30 PM SP

Wow, much less on the specialty pack this weekend. Good for everyone who doesn’t have it though.  A few games aren’t set yet but probably will be.  The three asterisked games are SEC Network tilts that will only appear on Bell (poor Rogers customers).  Thankfully for Rogers customers, the SEC Network’s schedule has been largely disappointing so at least you have that to hold on to.  I have noticed on my guide (Bell Fibe) that there are a few slots opened on the specialty pack channels with no information.  However, there are no more games that can conceivably go on there.  So we may expect some games on TSN and the specialty pack.  I’ll keep updating this as I find out any information.

Games of the Week

Mississippi State at Alabama (3:30, CBS) – Duh.  This is EASILY the biggest game of the week.  Alabama is in a must-win situation since I can’t see them being selected for the CFP with two losses.  Mississippi State can afford a loss here as long as they win out from there.  Huge stakes in the SEC so of course Verne and Gary will bumble and stumble through this one for us.

Auburn at Georgia (7:15, expected to be TSN3) – The other huge SEC game is the second biggest game of the week.  Elimination game here for sure and not just from the CFP perhaps.  Georgia needs this to keep up with Missouri while Auburn needs to win and hope for a slip-up from one of Mississippi State or Alabama this week and then for the other to lose later on.  And again, no Todd Gurley so we shall see what Dawgs offense shows up this weekend.

Ohio State at Minnesota (12:00, ABC and TSN4) – I wouldn’t call Minnesota a surprising team but they have looked damn good most of the season.  Dancin’ Jerry Kill has done a phenomenal job in the Twin Cities.  This is the first of three massive tests in a row for the Gophers but maybe the least important of the three.  tOSU on the other hand has the East on a platter and just has to win out but easier said than done (although they do have the Fighting Hokes to finish their regular season).

Nebraska at Wisconsin (3:30, ABC and TSN2) – It certainly looks like Nebraska won’t lose four games this season!  What an accomplishment for Signore Pelini since that seemed to be one of the certainties in life: death, taxes, and Pelini’s Huskers losing four games.  They are snaking their way up the poll and towards a possible shot at Ohio State in Indianapolis in three weeks.  However, they have to take care of business.  It’ll be the Ameer Abdullah Experience vs. the Melvin Gordon Good Time Express.  There should be about 600-or-so yards of rushing between the two teams and the game should be done before dinner.

Clemson at Georgia Tech (12:00, TSN2) – Speaking of no respect, there’s these two teams.  Clemson plays second fiddle to Florida State in the one division (Atlantic?) and Georgia Tech is starting to play second fiddle to Duke of all teams.  The loser here has no shot at the Orange Bowl bid.

Florida State at Miami (8:00, ABC) – Probably the last chance that Florida State could lose before the ACC Championship and it comes against a somewhat rejuvenated Canes squad.  Al Golden and Al Golden’s tie have this team playing well at the right time.  Too bad this game wasn’t at the old Orange Bowl.  Dolphins Stadium just lacks the big-game atmosphere that The U needs for true home-field advantage.  Jameis Winston needs a huge game here to stay in the Heisman hunt.

Picks for the Week

Yeah last week I didn’t do any picks. Probably wouldn’t have made a difference.  Here we go:

Alabama over Mississippi State

Ohio State over Minnesota

Clemson over Georgia Tech

Arizona State over Oregon State

Arizona over Washington

Duke over Virginia Tech

South Carolina over Florida

Tennessee over Kentucky

Man that was a tough post to type. Wasn’t any longer or more difficult than other posts but I sliced a piece of my fingertip off last night with a potato peeler and it’s amazing how tough it is to type with your index finger out of commission.  Hoping to live-tweet again this weekend depending on how my finger is feeling (should be better by then but we shall see).  Definitely not going with Chinese food since I felt like shit the next day.  Hope it’s a good week of football and I am happy I have my kids next weekend.  Not only because it will be the first weekend in a while that they’re with me but it looks like a kind of shitty schedule so it’s not like I am missing a ton (I call that a win-win!).


4 thoughts on “Week 12 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by Respect

  1. What is Rogers excuse for still NOT broadcasting SEC Network games? The Wake Forest @ N.C. State & Pittsburgh @ North Carolina games (the latter for those who don’t subscribe to WSBK) are missing from it even still.

    Then I read on Digital Home last night that someone was told by a Rogers CSR “they had no power over what was broadcast on the super sports pack channels.” So they have “no power” to exclude Leafs games on the Sports Pack for Toronto area customers? They have “no power” to exclude Senators & Canadiens games on the Sports Pack in Ottawa? Even an 8 year old can see through the lies that these robber barons tell.

    1. I don’t understand why Rogers hasn’t picked up any SEC Network games (since they are essentially an ESPN network…it’s the Ocho!). The FSN ACC regional game that isn’t shown on WSBK is a bit of an oddity. I know that because it is shown on ESPN3 as well that they are allowed to included it in either the SSP or the U.S. College Pack. Why Bell does it and Rogers doesn’t is a mystery.

      Yeah that’s an out-and-out lie that CSR told. If they have no power over their own scheduling then who does? To be honest, I think only the Gamecentre Live and Sunday Ticket packages are important to Rogers. The rest they could care less about (and it shows to an extent).

  2. I also remember when Ditka (a poster on this website) had asked if the Texas A&M @ South Carolina would be available on Rogers Sports Pack. A customer service representative said “Just asked someone on that and they said that it may be on CBS sports or the Big 10 channel” The same rep also claimed that the CRTC was blocking the SEC Network.

    Since Texas A&M @ South Carolina and most (if not all) SEC Network games have been made available to Bell customers, that CSR from Rogers lied on both counts. As I have said multiple times, if Rogers wants to continue pissing off their customers and not give them what they have paid for, then let them lose customers to Bell, online streaming / Netflix, over the air reception, etc. In the end, Rogers will lose.

    1. The root problem stems from the CSRs not getting trained well enough and having very little knowledge of everything they need to know. Not an excuse because many companies that have multiple CSRs are like this.

      Amazingly enough I know three households that have switched from Rogers to Bell over the past month. Other than Rogers having arguably faster internet, I see no need to be with Rogers for anything. Not that Bell’s customer service record is stellar, but Rogers has become AWFUL for customer service. Problem is Rogers doesn’t care. Too much money and not enough critical thinking means it won’t change…ever.

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