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Week 11 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Kaelin Clay (or as he’s known in Philadelphia, Desean Jackson)

He may NEVER live this one down.
He may NEVER live this one down

I think the fact they both went to the same high school means that it must be a play actually taught to the players.  Couldn’t be anything else (except arrogance perhaps).

Another great Saturday (and other days preceding it) in college football.  Probably makes it better when I can watch it all live rather than through the PVR but beggars can’t be choosers (on some weekends).

MACTION! It feels good to see some mid-week MACtion throughout November.  Has that true college football season feel to it; like we’re really in the thick of it now.  I wish the Sun Belt would do more of it (and even Conference USA to get it some more exposure).

Clemson or Duke.  Duke or Clemson.  It’s almost like both teams aren’t really wanting that Orange Bowl bid (since I am sure Florida State will be in the College Football Playoff).  Both looked mediocre against bad teams (Clemson against Wake Forest and Duke against Syracuse).  Duke might actually be hampered by the fact they look like they will be in the ACC Championship and could drop in the rankings if they lose to Florida State.  One reason I think either all conferences need conference championships or none of them do.

Memphis is bowl-eligible.  Let me say that again.  Memphis is bowl-eligible.  And they beat Temple in a Winner-becomes-Bowl-Eligible game.  Temple!  Yeah, it has been crazy this season.

The Mountain West is going to have a problem in their Mountain Division.  The best team in the division (and conference) is Colorado State.  At this point, they wouldn’t go to the Mountain West Championship because they lost to Boise State earlier in the season. Boise State has lost only one conference game as well.  There’s also Utah State (who is better than Boise this season but not as good as CSU) lurking in the weeds.  If the conference wants a chance at that loan spot in the New Year’s Six, they need to pray Boise State loses one of their last three games.  Best case scenario is the Rams win out, Utah State loses to Boise in the finale and Boise loses to either San Diego State or Wyoming before that.  Then it’s cut-and-dry: CSU goes to the conference title game with a Fiesta or Cotton Bowl berth on the line (which CBS is also praying for).  This doesn’t happen and we may be stuck with a kind of a lame duck title game like last year’s tilt.

June Jones escaped at the right time.  This SMU team is historically bad.  Even by American conference standards.  They would have trouble competing in the Ivy League, let alone a decent FBS conference.  They had their first lead of the season this past weekend against Tulsa.  It was SMU’s eighth game of the season.  It’s painful to watch them (which makes me a bit thankful that I don’t receive the CBS Sports Network anymore).  They have four more games to get off the slide.  Really, winning isn’t as important as being close in these games since the way it’s going, they will find it very difficult to get a competent head coach to come in to this program.  It’s that bad.

And now on to actual good head coaches and good programs.  Jerry Kill is doing a masterful job up in Minnesota.  They are watching closely in the background and waiting for the right time to take over the division.  Their last three games will tell everyone how good this team really is (Ohio State, at Nebraska, at Wisconsin).  Win even two of these three and they have to be considered a huge threat going forward.

This isn’t your father’s Baylor Bears.  Wow did they ever put a beating on Oklahoma.  Boomer Sooner indeed.  Now the question is whether they can leap-frog TCU in the rankings.  It’s not so cut-and-dry (I’m using that term a lot today) to say that because the Bears beat the Horned Frogs in that epic comeback a few weeks back that they should be ranked higher than them.  That win only counts towards the Big XII conference standings, not the CFP poll that The Committee puts out now every Tuesday.  Maybe this is where teams will figure out that scheduling stronger non-conference foes can be very helpful (although it can also hinder you in a big way).

Couldn’t they go for 70?  Georgia doesn’t really miss Todd Gurley and Kentucky is who we thought they were (kind of).  Unfortunately for the Wildcats I can’t see them winning any of their remaining games which is too bad since they only need one win to be bowl-eligible which would be huge for Mark Stoops and the football program.  The Dawgs offense looks impressive sans Gurley, but the real test comes at home against Auburn in five days.

Scheduling FCS teams in November.  Can we double penalize a team for doing that?  Seeing Ole Miss pound Presbyterian into the ground in record time is stupid and pointless in November.  September, fine.  October is even OK.  This late in the season, no thanks.  It just gives more options for the pathetic SEC Network to send Brent and Jesse to (poor guys).

Kenny Who?  Kyle Allen solidified his hold on the starting quarterback job at Texas A&M for the rest of the season with that performance against Auburn.  Not only does it remind people that the Aggies are still a threat even without Johnny Clipboard but they may have destroyed Auburn’s chances at the College Football Playoff (although the Tigers have two opportunities to prove their worth in the coming weeks).  Also, you can’t fumble like that TWICE in the final few minutes.  Inexcusable.  Even a field goal gives them a chance in OT.

Talk about a Desert Swarm.  Terrible pun and it isn’t even the Arizona Wildcats.  I should have come up with something better.  Anywho…

Notre Dame looked overmatched very early on.  This one wasn’t even close.  Even the final score, where the Golden Domers lost by 24, was misleading.  ASU beat the Irish from pillar to post in this one.  Now the question is, will this be considered a signature victory if the Irish lose one of their last three games?

Not so fast says Charlie Strong.  They were considered a team that would struggle for bowl eligibility but their win against West Virginia shows that they aren’t too far away from contending.  The Horns faithful have to give Strong a chance.  Then again, if they are 5-5 next year with two to play, then sure, fire the guy.  I don’t see that happening though.

That was college football?  It looked like a local peewee game.  For those who decided to watch Michigan play Northwestern (or couldn’t look away due to the trainwreck-like feel of the game), I feel bad for you…and for myself since I watched some of it.  That was arguably one of the worst displays of college football I have seen all season.  Even though the maize and blue won this one, I would have fired Brady Hoke after this debacle on principle alone.  Too bad it hadn’t been relegated to the Big Ten Network.

They tore down the damn goal posts.  Yes, Kansas fans did just that.  After a victory.  Which is huge for this program.  Over Iowa State.  OK not so huge.  Is basketball season on yet for these guys?

Now THAT’S a statement game.  Man did TCU ever look dominant against K-State.  Wasn’t even close.  And do I hear some Trevone Boykin-for-Heisman rumblings going on?  Dak Prescott, Marcus Mariota, and Jameis Winston better be careful…a misstep and Boykin could become the ultimate out-of-nowhere winner.

Yes it was close.  Yes it went to overtime.  But that doesn’t mean it was good football.  I mean not as bad as Michigan-Northwestern but the Alabama-LSU game wasn’t exactly great.  Both teams looked outright bad at times.  It’s like neither team really wanted to win.  A bad game of hot potato if you will.  If Bama plays like this, then Mississippi State doesn’t need to worry this Saturday.

And there goes the Big Ten’s chances.  They were slim to begin with but tOSU’s win over Michigan State probably ends any hope of there being a Big Ten team in the College Football Playoff.  Then again, considering how this season has gone, you can’t count anyone with two losses or less (from a Power Five conference) completely out yet.

College football schedule for this coming week is starting to take shape.  Will have at the very least a preliminary schedule out on Wednesday with updates as they occur.  Remember we have some more mid-week MACtion with two games on Tuesday night and two games on Wednesday night.  All four games will be on the specialty pack and at least one of them will have big MAC implications heading toward bowl season.  Update: The Akron-Buffalo game on Tuesday night somehow has made its way to TSN1.  Nice.  The other game is still on the specialty pack.  Same with the next night as Ball State-UMass will be on TSN4 and TSN5. Why TSN picked the two weaker games is a mystery but nevertheless it’s college football on TSN so we shouldn’t complain…much.

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