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Week 10 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by the potential end of the Bills in Toronto Series

And thank God for that.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or in NFL terms, Phil Simms (according to Phil Simms)) to figure out that this Bills in Toronto series was doomed from the start.  It’s like they did very little research into this.  It would be like having only the Patriots play in London for the International Series because they are “the closest team to London.”  Pure stupidity.  Combine that with stupidly high ticket prices, a stadium not large enough for NFL attendance figures and the fact that most Bills fans in this region come from the Golden Horseshoe, not Toronto, made this an ill-fated idea at best.  Thankfully Terry Pegula isn’t Ralph Wilson and, despite the fact his Sabres are a middle-of-the-road AHL team masquerading as an NHL team (and doing a poor job of it…hello Connor McDavid), he seems to be progressive in his thinking.  A new stadium in Buffalo is the most important thing, not sending his team across the border.  Man, am I ever amped up with this post so far.  I better calm down.

And now for the TV schedule for Week 10:

8:30 Cleveland at Cincinnati NFLN/SNE/SNO/SNW/SNP
1:00 Kansas City at Buffalo CBS (Golden Horseshoe, GTA, Peterborough, Belleville, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener, Northern Ontario, Ottawa)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)
1:00 Miami at Detroit CBS (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario, Midwestern Ontario, Western Ontario, Ottawa)/TSN2
1:00 Dallas vs. Jacksonville (in London)
1:00 San Francisco at New Orleans FOX (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, Belleville, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Atlantic)/CITL (Lloydminster)
1:00 Tennessee at Baltimore
1:00 Pittsburgh at NY Jets CBS (Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec)/CTV (Montreal)
1:00 Atlanta at Tampa Bay
4:05 Denver at Oakland CTV (Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Montreal, Vancouver, Alberta, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan)/CTV2 (Atlantic)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)/CITL (Lloydminster)/TSN2
4:25 St. Louis at Arizona
4:25 NY Giants at Seattle FOX (all of Canada)
8:30 Chicago at Green Bay NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Carolina at Philadelphia TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

So of course since I talk about the International Series I have to show that the International Series game this week won’t be shown in Canada (you know, except for RedZone and Sunday Ticket yada, yada, yada).  Not that it matters.  If the Cowboys can’t beat the Fighting Bortles(s) then they ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE (thanks again to Dennis Green).  I’m also glad CTV/TSN decided not to show the Giants/Seahawks game which is being shown in every household in Canada anyway on FOX.  Despite the fact I would struggle to take Oakland against the point spread even if they were given 30 points, it shows some forethought to put on a game that otherwise no one would see in this area.

Gambling with money I don’t really have

OK I was slightly better last week but still light years away from the promised land…being perfect.  I actually did a whole lot better with my NHL pools.  One away from a cool six grand.  Only loss?  Picking Chicago over Toronto.  My favourite team screwing it up.  Thanks a bunch guys.  OK here’s my picks for this week:

Cleveland over Cincinnati

Buffalo over Kansas City

Detroit over Miami

Dallas over Jacksonville

San Francisco over New Orleans

Baltimore over Tennessee

Pittsburgh over NY Jets

Tampa Bay over Atlanta

Denver over Oakland

Arizona over St. Louis

Seattle over NY Giants

Green Bay over Chicago

Carolina over Philadelphia

College Games of the Week

Stupid me, I forgot to put my college games of the week in my last post.  So this ends up being a bit of a hybrid post which is perfect for you fans of both the college and the pro game.  For others who have no interest in this section, just look away I guess (or go read one of my other amazing posts).

Kansas State at TCU (7:30, FOX) – You could make a case for many of this week’s games to be the game of the week.  It has, of course, been branded “Separation Saturday.”  As for this game, FOX has to feel very lucky.  They had this and Baylor-Oklahoma earlier in the day.  It’s like they can’t go wrong no matter which game they put in primetime.  Saying that, this was the right choice.  Two teams playing better than most thought and the loser has their College Football Playoff dreams end in one foul swoop.  Expect a great game between these two.  Winner has the inside track on the Big XII title.

Notre Dame at Arizona State (3:30, ABC) – Another elimination game of sorts.  More so for ASU than the Golden Domers but an elimination game nevertheless.  With the way things are going, Everett Golson could make a late entry into the Heisman race with a great performance here.  The Irish, even with a loss here, at the very least can get into the New Year’s Six with ease.  A loss here by Todd Graham’s bunch probably eliminates them from the CFP and the NYS.  Big stakes and the biggest game (by far) in the afternoon.

Oregon at Utah (10:00, specialty pack) – It’s a good sign when only one of the biggest five games is on the specialty pack.  I love my extra college football channels but it’s always nicer to have more of the better games on cable.  Oregon can call this a trap game all they want but it would be a bit disrespectful to the Utes to do so.  If the Ducks don’t watch it, their CFP dreams go up in smoke as well.  Isn’t this fun?

Alabama at LSU (8:00, CBS) – Verne and Gary in PRIMETIME!  Amazing that this may be the fourth or fifth biggest game of the week.  If this doesn’t show how important this week in college football is, I don’t know what will.  Everyone seems to be penciling the Tide into the final four.  Problem is they have three big games left before the conference championship.  Win all three and they may be able to write their own ticket.  For LSU, any chance at a New Year’s Six birth rides on this game.  The Hat better be ready.

Ohio State at Michigan State (8:00, ABC) – When is the last time there were TWO huge games on ABC in one week?  I remember a time when that happened at least three or four times a season.  I think that time was about four years ago.  Jim Delany has to be watching this one closely.  If the Buckeyes somehow pull this one out, that shuts the door on the Big Ten participating in the CFP despite the fact tOSU and Team Pelini only having one loss apiece.

Baylor at Oklahoma (12:00, we won’t be able to see it) – I figured this could have been the game of the week at the start of the year.  Not so now.  They both have to hope for a win here and a trip-up by both K-State and TCU by the end of the regular season.  Saying that it should be an enjoyable affair with a lot of offense.  Too bad none of us will get to see it.

A reminder that tonight we have some college and pro action.  The Battle of Ohio is on all the Sportsnets (and the NFL Network) between the Bengals and Browns.  Clemson plays lowly Wake Forest on TSN1 and Bethune-Cookman takes on Norfolk State on the specialty pack.  Enjoy the games tonight and for the next four days.


2 thoughts on “Week 10 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by the potential end of the Bills in Toronto Series

    1. That’s great William, thanks.

      The way I have heard about The Committee, I don’t even know if they would create a spreadsheet like this. Somewhat worried as to who will be the last team chosen to be in when they make their final selections the day after the conference championships.

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