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Week 10 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Insult…it’s what you add to Injury

The way Ole Miss ended up losing that game couldn’t have been worse.  The Laquon Treadwell injury was bad enough but the fact replays showed he fumbled just inches from the goalline makes it that much worse.  I feel for the poor guy.  Break your leg on a play that ends up being called a touchback.  His season is over for sure.  That’s the biggest part of this.  The lesser part is that Ole Miss had their chances of being in the College Football Playoff go up in smoke (unless something crazy happens in the coming weeks).

Other Highlights and Recaps and Stuff and Things

I had to go PVR-crazy this past Saturday.  Having the kids is always good.  It does make it much more difficult to figure out everything that happened on a college football Saturday however.  Even with wanting to watch as much college football into the wee hours of the morning, my eyes started to betray me.  Watching college football on a Sunday seems weird but that’s what I end up doing on most of those weekends.  Not an excuse nor is it me complaining.  Just telling it how it is.  So if my recap in certain spots looks like all I watched was the highlights then that’s probably the correct assessment.  This coming Saturday it’s no kids, all college football, and probably an expanding waistline.  So there’s pros and cons to both.

  • Florida State still looks shaky to me.  Yes they ended up beating Louisville and, barring a huge upset, they will head to the ACC Championship 12-0 yet again.  And Duke isn’t looking like much of a world-beater despite the fact they have the inside track on the Coastal Division title.  So should we book their spot in the final four?
  • Georgia Southern is PRAYING that there are not enough bowl-eligible teams this season.  From what I have seen it looks like there should be at least one extra that won’t go to a bowl but you never know until the regular season is over.  Only if there are not enough bowl-eligible teams this season can the Eagles go bowling.  And they would deserve it as they run roughshod through the Sun Belt conference this season.
  • Maryland has balls.  Big balls.  Start a fight.  Refuse to handshake.  And then eek out their first-ever win in State College.  Gotta give Randy Edsall some props.  Taking them back to a bowl in their first Big Ten season.
  • As for the other Big Ten newbie, Rutgers has a knack of looking HORRIBLE in conference games.  They just need one win to go bowling but it won’t be easy considered how their crap-tastic offense has gone these past few weeks.
  • Temple destroyed the American’s chances of putting a team in the New Year’s Six.  The MAC and Sun Belt are also already eliminated.  Basically it’s down to Marshall and Colorado State.  Wouldn’t it be fun if both of them lost one game down the stretch?
  • I wonder if there were 19,000 loud fans at Eastern Michigan’s game against Central Michigan like there supposedly was when they played Northern Illinois (if there were over 3,000 fans in that stadium for that game I would have been shocked).  Official attendance?  19,613.  Wow, so either a lot of people dressed up as empty seats for Halloween or many people bought season tickets and then realized EMU has sucked at football for the better part of 30 years and don’t bother using them.
  • I thought Drunk Uncle Dana (soon to be re-branded Red Bull-fueled Dana if they keep winning) would pull out the upset of TCU.  Would have put the Big XII in chaos and all but guaranteed they would be the odd conference out come selection for the CFP.  Gary Patterson’s Horned Frogs found a way to win…barely.  And now they have K-State this Saturday.  They win that one, they become the clear favourite in the conference.
  • WILL MUSCHAMP!’s seat became a lot cooler after that performance.  They ran the ball.  Then ran the ball.  Then ran the ball some more.  And it worked.  And now Missouri is in the driver’s seat in the SEC East…again.
  • And going back to near-upsets, what was Mississippi State doing?  Allowing Arkansas (2014 Arkansas to boot) to stay close with them and almost force overtime looks dreadful on them.  They better hope they run the table because any loss removes them from any opportunity for the CFP semis.
  • OK no one, and I mean no one, could have figured South Carolina would be that bad.  The Cocks (yeah I went there) looked like bums in their loss to Tennessee.  It will be a bit of a struggle to get to bowl-eligibility.  I think they do it but it won’t be easy.  Poor HBC.
  • Back again to near-upsets, style points may rear their ugly head again.  Notre Dame allowed Navy to stay in that game.  If they don’t have Everett Golson, then they don’t win.  Then again, if they don’t have Golson, they’re probably 5-4 right now.
  • Arizona loses.  Utah loses.  It’s now Arizona State’s division to lose.  Run the table and they face Oregon for the Pac-12 title game in what should be an epic battle.  Lose once and they bring every team not named Colorado back into the mix.

Now we get into the fun part of the college football schedule where Sundays and Mondays are the only days without college football.  Tomorrow night we have two MAC games, followed by two on Wednesday.  All four games will appear on the specialty pack.  College game schedule will appear Wednesday but it seems like, thanks to Bell (especially) and Rogers (a little bit), they like to move things around and not show all the information until Friday night or Saturday morning.  So if you rely on this schedule, watch for any updates.  NFL TV schedule to follow on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Week 10 College Football Recap – Sponsored by Insult…it’s what you add to Injury

  1. Hey Bossman, did you happen to catch the Duke/Pitt game. Pitt lines up to win the game with a chip shot field goal at the end of regulation. Duke calls 2 time outs to freeze the kicker. It works, kicker hooks it left. BTW the kicker’s name? Blewitt.
    Duke wins in OT.

    1. I only caught the highlights. Made choices for the PVR and, like every other week when I have to do that, I made a few great choices and a few terrible ones. Not picking Duke-Pitt was a bad choice.

      Too bad the kicker’s name wasn’t Nailedit or Madeit. Then he would have been golden.

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