NFL TV Schedule

Week 9 NFL TV Schedule – Sponsored by that idiot Redskins PR guy (NO MEANS NO!)


Sounds like this particular PR guy is a bit of a dick anyway.  Like the Redskins need any more negative publicity.

So the Cowboys were slain (barely) by the Skins on Monday night.  So now who is on top of the NFL standings?  Naturally, the Denver Fighting Mannings are on top along with the….seriously?  The Arizona Cardinals?  Yes, even without Kurt Warner, the Cards have marched back to more than respectability.  Honestly, the way things are going, they are the team to beat in the NFC West now which is amazing.  Could we see them back in the playoffs this year?  Looks more than likely.  We will get to that after the schedule.  Speaking of schedule, here’s the schedule:

8:30 New Orleans at Carolina NFLN/SNE/SNO/SNW/SNP
1:00 Tampa Bay at Cleveland
1:00 Arizona at Dallas FOX (BC, Alberta, Ontario (except Northwestern Ontario), Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener, Northern Ontario, Ottawa, Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)/CITL (Lloydminster)
1:00 Philadelphia at Houston
1:00 NY Jets at Kansas City CBS (Kingston, Cornwall, Quebec)/TSN2
1:00 Jacksonville at Cincinnati
1:00 San Diego at Miami CBS (BC, Alberta, Ontario (except Kingston & Cornwall), Eastern Canada)/CTV (Montreal, Atlantic)
1:00 Washington at Minnesota FOX (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario)/CTV (Winnipeg)
4:05 St. Louis at San Francisco
4:25 Denver at New England CBS (All of Canada except BC & Alberta)/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan)/CTV2 (Atlantic)/CKPR (Thunder Bay)/CITL (Lloydminster)
4:25 Oakland at Seattle CBS (BC, Alberta)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta)/TSN3
8:30 Baltimore at Pittsburgh NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Indianapolis at NY Giants TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

Feels like there are 20 teams on a bye this week but it’s actually only six which, as far as I know, is the maximum amount of teams that can be on a bye week at one time.  Saying that, there are four games that won’t be shown for Canadian viewers out of 13 games.  There are times I believe CTV/TSN is stepping up to the plate and other times I think they’ve taken a step back from the coverage we were used to last year.  Unfortunately, until the CFL season ends (November 30th), we won’t see much of a change.  December, however, should see more NFL games on TSN since there is no competition from CFL games at that point.  Let’s see if that will happen since that is a month where TSN can really show they are upping their coverage of the NFL.

All of it on Black.  Red.  Shit.  Well that was fun.

My early season returns have regressed to my normal mid-season form of losing between 4-6 games on a weekly basis and not even getting remotely close to winning any money.  So for these next picks, don’t even think of copying them.  I’m warning you.  You might as well roll up the money and smoke it (unless it’s a toonie or a loonie).

New Orleans over Carolina

Cleveland over Tampa Bay

Arizona over Dallas

Houston over Philadelphia

Kansas City over NY Jets

Cincinnati over Jacksonville

San Diego over Miami

Minnesota over Washington

San Francisco over St. Louis

New England over Denver

Seattle over Oakland

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

NY Giants over Indianapolis

Way-too-early Playoff Projections

OK so we are only just around the halfway mark of the season.  And I don’t quite have the same pulse on the NFL season as I do the college football season.  But I will throw my hat into a very uncrowded ring at this point and make some early playoff projections (that will probably look idiotic by season’s end but who cares).

Division Winners Division Winners
Denver                Arizona
New England                Green Bay
Indianapolis                Philadelphia
Baltimore                New Orleans
Wild Card Teams Wild Card Teams
Cincinnati                 Dallas
Buffalo                 Seattle

The four division winners in the AFC probably can’t be scrutinized really.  I know many would look at Buffalo as a surprise; however, their schedule bears out that they should win 10 games which probably would be enough for the final spot.  San Diego, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and even Cleveland will be one or two games short.

In the NFC, going with a couple of bold (at this point) predictions of Arizona over Seattle and Philadelphia over Dallas.  Both the Seahawks and Cowboys get wild card spots meaning the Niners of all teams would be home for the playoffs.  I also can’t see the Lions continuing their winning ways like they have but I can see them and the Niners being two 10-6 teams who aren’t playing the second season.  Also, could we see another under .500 team win a division?  The NFC South is beyond brutal this year.  I think the Saints win but it wouldn’t surprise me if they end at 8-8.

One final point: it sounds like there is a VERY small portion of southwestern Ontario that might get CBS out of Cleveland.  If this is true (and I have a feeling it’s the St. Thomas area and perhaps parts of London) then I can include the game that appears there in the schedule.


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