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Week 7 College Football Recap – Sponsored by MORE COWBELL!


OK so after the previous week (AKA The Greatest Week of College Football History) anything was going to be a letdown.  And for the most part it was.  There were a few bright spots and it is college football so of course I was going to watch as much of it as I could (on PVR for me this past weekend of course).  Highlights included:

  • Cowbells and Rain – What a game down in Starkville.  And if you didn’t think so before, you have to now…the Bulldogs are for real.  A true national title contender.  A true Heisman contender.  This proved that Mississippi State is a force (and I still can’t wait for that Egg Bowl…should be massive).  I did notice though that Gus Malzahn has trouble with weather.  See, it was a god damn torrential downpour and he’s calling post patterns and receiver double cuts and shit like that.  It was pouring…why in the hell would you not carry the rock as much as possible before it eased up a bit?  It’s like he lost his mind.  Didn’t make sense to me.
  • Don’t forget the Rebs – Yeah can’t sleep on Ole Miss.  To be honest, it was one of the most boring games I recorded this weekend.  Texas A&M looked completely outmatched and the game was over by about the five minute mark.  If you had told me that it will come down to which Mississippi team is better for a spot in the CFP semi-finals, I would have laughed…a lot.
  • Florida State looks meh – Was it just me or did they look positively just OK?  Mediocre even.  They should have destroyed the Orange and just didn’t put them away.  I get that their schedule isn’t what MSU or Ole Miss goes through but still.
  • Drunk Uncle Dana is celebrating! – What a finish to the West Virginia-Texas Tech game (that none of us saw).  The Mountaineers could finally be climbing the Big XII mountain for the first time since they joined the conference.  As for Kute Kliff, he may be opening Christmas presents at home if he doesn’t get his Red Raiders on the right path.
  • I went to the fridge, came back, and Baylor put up a 21-spot – It seemed that fast.  Worst part is, I added thirty minutes to the end of the recording and it STILL finished at the 7 minute mark of the fourth quarter.  I wish cable companies would allow entire games to be recorded, regardless of length.  But yeah, what a comeback.  Insane.  So now you have arguably Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Baylor as your top three college football teams.  Yes, college football has officially jumped the shark.
  • Red River Rivalry no fun for Oklahoma – The Sooners should have beat Texas handily.  Style points count now more than ever.  It looked like a struggle at the Cotton Bowl.  They are not doing themselves any favours.  They will need to blow through the rest of their schedule to assure their spot in final four.
  • Minnesota and Iowa: Quiet, but Deadly – Both of these teams are 5-1.  Hell, put Kentucky in that club too.  Three teams who are quietly looking like 8 or 9-win teams this season.  Amazing, especially in the Wildcats’ case.  You cannot take these programs lightly anymore.
  • OK so maybe UGA still has a shot – Wow.  Never saw that coming.  I figured it would be close.  I could still see the Dawgs winning but not like that.  They tore Mizzou a new one.  It was tough to even watch the highlights.  But don’t crown them as champs yet.  And don’t be surprised if everyone sleeps on Kentucky and allows them to at least have a shot at going to Atlanta (as far fetched as that may sound).
  • Undefeated teams…where did they go? – Remember a couple weeks back I said by Halloween there would be only 8 or 9 undefeated teams left?  Well in two weeks we lost more than 10 undefeated teams.  There are only 6 left.  College football’s insane season just continues.
  • Hey.  UMass won! – Yes they did.  And they did it easily.  I really do feel sorry for the Minutemen since they are a few minutes away from being 4-3 instead of 1-6.  That’s the way it goes sometimes.  You may not always start strong but you have to finish strong.
  • Notre Dame may have been exposed – Maybe.  To let up 43 to a middle-of-the-road North Carolina team at home doesn’t say much about your defense.  And they have Florida State coming in on Saturday for one of the games-of-the-year we have sprinkled throughout the season.  Something tells me the Cinderella story (of sorts) ends in six days.
  • A reminder of how poor college football can be – A completely missed extra point by Arkansas was the difference in their loss to Alabama.  Says a lot about how much the Tide has struggled this season but it also outlines the fact that more and more coaches have little to no faith in their kickers.  And why should they?  Only a handful of kickers are good enough to give them a shot from almost anywhere.  The rest range from relatively dependable to horrible.  Then again, I hear the Detroit Lions need a kicker.

So now we are at the halfway mark of the season.  The silly scheduling season begins.  Tomorrow night is the first Tuesday night game of the year as Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns go to San Marcos to face Texas State.  This Sun Belt game is on the specialty pack for those who have it.  Every week from now until the end of the season, will have at least one Tuesday or Wednesday night game which is great since it’s just more college football (and what could be wrong with that?  Nothing is the answer).  I will have the rest of the college football schedule up on Wednesday, followed by the NFL schedule on Thursday.

Update: Louisiana-Texas State will be on TSN5 tonight instead of the specialty pack.


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