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Week 6 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by Brady Hoke and his amazing magic act…

…I mean how in the hell did he not get fired on the field after the game (let alone afterwards)?  It boggles the mind.  He’s the Big Ten’s David Blaine (except with way less creepiness factor and much larger cheeseburger factor).

Yeah it's a head-scratcher
Yeah it’s a head-scratcher

On to the task at hand, the sked for this week.  Some things aren’t set in stone and I understand that (despite the fact I publicly get ticked off about it); however, I have checked the Rogers SSP schedule and I can’t find any information on the college football games this week.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  I am honestly perplexed.  I can see Rogers is showing that they are caring less and less about college football as the hockey season comes closer.  I get that.  But this is beyond ridiculous.  Why dangle the carrot of showing the games and then give your own customers no information at all about the games they are supposed to be getting?  Hmmm…sounds like a Bell philosophy as well.

First off this week, the cable schedule (not that it’s a whole lot more set than the specialty pack schedule):

UCF at Houston (Thu) 7:00 PM TSN1
Benedict at Miles (Thu) 8:00 PM CBSSN
Arizona at Oregon (Thu) 10:30 PM TSN1
Lafayette at Fordham (Fri) 6:30 PM CBSSN
San Diego State at Fresno State (Fri) 10:00 PM CBSSN
Ohio State at Maryland 12:00 PM ABC/TSN4
Southern Miss at Middle Tennessee 12:00 PM WNYO
Ball State at Army 12:00 PM CBSSN
Texas A&M at Mississippi State 12:00 PM TSN3
Purdue at Illinois 12:00 PM TSN1
Florida at Tennessee 12:00 PM TSN2
Virginia Tech at North Carolina 12:30 PM WSBK
North Texas at Indiana 2:30 PM BTN
Wake Forest at Florida State 3:30 PM ABC
New Mexico at UTSA 3:30 PM WNYO
Alabama at Ole Miss 3:30 PM CBS
Navy at Air Force 3:30 PM CBSSN
Oklahoma at TCU 3:30 PM FOX
Stanford at Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC
Hawaii at Rice 7:00 PM WNYO
Michigan at Rutgers 7:00 PM BTN
Memphis at Cincinnati 7:00 PM CBSSN
Arizona State at USC 7:30 PM FOX
Nebraska at Michigan State 8:00 PM ABC
Boise State at Nevada 10:30 PM CBSSN
Utah at UCLA 10:30 PM TSN2

OK I guess I lied a bit.  It isn’t set in terms of looking at the guides, but looking at the networks’ schedules, they are fairly set.  I have included asterisks on the ones that aren’t set in any of the guides I have seen (although I can say for sure that they are already scheduled for their respective networks).  A larger cable schedule than normal with 26 games from Thursday to Saturday.  Also some pretty big games as conference play begins for the most part.  I will detail a few of them later in this post.  I think the big surprise comes from the fact that, as of right now, TSN2 has a late game scheduled which I believe would be a first for a Saturday night (they’ve shown late Thursday night games before on a TSN station).  The only game available is Utah-UCLA at that time so that’s what we would see.  A bit of a coup to see some big flexibility on TSN’s part.

Specialty pack schedule (which doesn’t look too bad to be honest):

Alabama State at Alcorn State (Thu) 7:30 PM
Louisville at Syracuse (Fri) 7:00 PM
Utah State at BYU (Fri) 10:15 PM
SMU at East Carolina 12:00 PM
Virginia Tech at North Carolina 12:30 PM
Baylor at Texas 3:30 PM
Wisconsin at Northwestern 3:30 PM
NC State at Clemson 3:30 PM
Vanderbilt at Georgia 4:00 PM
LSU at Auburn 7:00 PM
Pittsburgh at Virginia 7:00 PM
Texas Tech at Kansas State 7:00 PM
Miami at Georgia Tech 7:30 PM
South Carolina at Kentucky 7:30 PM
Utah at UCLA 10:30 PM

Many will notice next to no games in the early part of Saturday.  This has to do with the fact that TSN has picked up a boatload of games (although TSN2’s game is TBA and the only one left is SMU-East Carolina…I can see that moving to the specialty pack).  Also, don’t be surprised if Wake Forest-Florida State appears on the specialty pack.  That and the Baylor-Texas game are the two mid-afternoon ABC games but there is no reverse mirror so people who don’t get the Baylor-Texas game wouldn’t get it on ESPN2 (and the same with the WF-FSU game).  I assume we would get Baylor-Texas here (although who knows since this area can get shitty ABC games at times).  Hopefully Bell picks up WF-FSU despite the fact it would be considered an ESPN3 game in this area (which we don’t normally get).

Update: Coverage maps have come out and it looks like we get Wake Forest-Florida State in our area instead of Baylor-Texas.  Saying that, I still think Baylor-Texas (despite being an ESPN3 game now) will end up on the specialty pack.  This has been corrected in the schedule table.

Update #2: Florida-Tennessee has been slotted in on TSN2.  They are still showing up on the specialty pack along with a game to be announced.  My guess (right now) is that this will be SMU-East Carolina.

Update #3: Florida-Tennessee taken off the specialty packs due it to already being on TSN2.  SMU-East Carolina is now on the specialty pack.  I was right about Baylor-Texas as it is appearing now in the 3:30 timeslot (despite the fact it’s on ESPN3).  Also, Pittsburgh-Virginia (a FOX Sports Network regional game) is appearing at 7:00. Finally, Utah-UCLA will appear both on TSN2 and the specialty packs.

Games of the Week

Alabama at Ole Miss – This is it.  This is the Rebels’ chance to shine.  Gameday is in Oxford (for the first time ever).  The Rebels have the Tide at home.  On CBS (so lots of Verne and Gary shenanigans).  The only hope is that with all the hype this isn’t a blowout.

Oklahoma at TCU – This is it.  This is the Horned Frogs’ chance to shine.  Undefeated and looking good (despite their Marshall-esque opening three games).  Unless Trevor Knight blows a gasket or TCU goes full-on TCU defense from the last decade, this one won’t be close.

LSU at Auburn – This is it.  Um.  Well.  Sort of.  In a way this is an SEC West elimination game.  Auburn could probably survive a loss here whereas LSU’s chances at a New Year’s Six bowl are gone with a loss here (unless they somehow run the table afterwards which I doubt).

Texas A&M at Mississippi State – This is it.  This is the Bulldogs’ chance to shine.  Win this and the LSU game isn’t a fluke.  Win it, and the probably go to a showdown with the Tide for the SEC West title.  If you saw this coming at the start of the year, you’re a dirty liar since no one saw them being THIS good.

Stanford at Notre Dame – This is it.  For two reasons.  Stanford’s chance to avenge the 3OT loss when Stepfan Taylor DID get over the goal line (and should have sent it to a fourth overtime).  If the Irish win this, they improve their semi-final chances and put Everett Golson squarely in the Heisman race.

Nebraska at Michigan State – This is not it.  Most years it would be.  But not this year.  Nebraska could be one of the worst 5-0 teams of the past few years.  Sparty won’t give them a chance to get to six.

It’s Gambling Time

I wish I was good with the college game as I was with my NFL picks.  Nevertheless, here we go:

Oregon over Arizona

Mississippi State over Texas A&M (the run continues)

Baylor over Texas (and something tells me it won’t even be close)

Oklahoma over TCU (another game that won’t be close)

Rutgers over Michigan (Brady Hoke is going to have to do some serious Star Trek-like shit and teleport out of the stadium immediately afterwards to avoid being canned)

Notre Dame over Stanford (and perhaps some overtime to boot)

I will keep this schedule updated through Friday night for any changes.  I will be live-tweeting at times throughout Saturday and hopefully I don’t overindulge in shitty food like last time (don’t get me wrong, chicken wings and wedges are good as long as you don’t have too many…my stomach felt like I’d dropped a bowling ball in it).  Tomorrow, I will get the NFL schedule up and to answer a question that may come up, yes, the Pats-Bills game will be on FOX thanks to the cross-flex scheduling thing-a-ma-bob they are doing this season (i.e. the NFL had trouble scheduling games this season so this was their solution).  Besides, who really cares what network an NFL game is on (except for the fact that some announcers are much, much better than others).



17 thoughts on “Week 6 College Football TV Schedule – Sponsored by Brady Hoke and his amazing magic act…

  1. Curious if you get these games on the rogers SSP cause the Syracuse-Louisville game is nowhere to be found on rogers in Toronto. Been very disappointed with the lack of college football this year…rogers somehow became more pathetic than usual.

  2. bossman, you getting the Cuse-Louisville game? nothing here on my sportspak. weirdly though i am getting some fox regionals (including a random ACC womens soccer game on fox sports san diego!? is this a full moon or something??

    1. Yeah watching UL-Cuse right now. Someone mentioned something about regional FOX networks appearing earlier today in place of a few of the SSP channels. It’s like Rogers has no idea what’s going on either.

      1. Supposed to be channel 432 (SD) as far as I know. But so many people getting these FOX regional networks. However, getting through to Rogers is not very easy. Then to get help? Well, forget it (as I was treated relatively rudely when I said I wasn’t a Rogers customer).

  3. I don’t have a clue WTF is going on with Rogers tonight but the linked listing is VERY promising. Of course it says we should have Syracuse an BYU games tonight which is not happening but perhaps this is because there are some system upgrades happening to give us the relative deluge of games (by Rogers standards thus far this season) that we are getting tomorrow (if the link can be believed). here it is:

    1. Yeah who knows. Very strange.

      That looks exactly like what Bell has tomorrow except for the SEC Network games that Bell has. This is the way it should have been all season. I feel bad for Rogers customers wanting to see a decent amount of college football so far this season.

    2. Hi Gordo,

      Let us know if you do get any of the games tomorrow which are listed in the link you posted.

      Hey Bossman,

      Like I’ve said before… if Rogers wants to lose more customers to Bell, online streaming, etc. by being rude to you (and not giving customers of the Sports Pack what they paid for), then let them. Because they are doing a DAMNED good job of that right now.

      1. Yeah as much as I have hated Bell in the past (and I sure have along with many others) they have been pretty good since I went back to them two years ago. All they had to do was try to deliver what they promise. Doesn’t even matter if they do or not, but they try. Rogers likes to tell customers more and more what they will give them and don’t even attempt to deliver it.

        Case in point, I saw one person’s conversation with a Rogers help person on Twitter. One of the comments from the rep was “Oh, we must not have been acquire the rights to broadcast that game.” What a fucking liar. Either that or he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Rogers, like Bell, has access to all ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU college football games. Others, like ESPNEWS, ESPN3, and SEC Network, as far as I know, can be put on the schedule at their discretion. Rogers is picking and choosing what goes on there instead of trying to fit all the games into the schedule. They are making a conscious effort to NOT put the games on. And like you said, they are driving college football fans away. It’s sad really.

      2. So far everything expected in the two early windows is as promised – no FSU-Wake on the SSP but it is on ABC here in the Toronto area.

      3. Updating for the prime time window, everything is as shown in the link EXCEPT we are not getting Pitt-UVA. Says “Game Not Available” presumably since that is ESPN3 game.

        Per Bossman, we did have Baylor-Texas on SSP due to reverse window 9and as the link said we would get).

        Quite a day so far. This is why CFB kicks the NFL’s ass every which way and always will so long as they don’t expand the playoff beyond 4 teams. Just fantastic stuff.

      4. Pitt-UVA is a FOX Sports Network (ACC Regional) game. For some reason, we are getting one of these every week now. Not complaining.

        Yeah tomorrow watching the NFL will feel like a huge letdown after today. Absolutely fantastic football today.

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