College Football

The Perfect Ones….so far (cue Mr. Perfect theme song)

There are still quite a few undefeated teams left in college football or more specifically FBS for the ones who want to tell me about Shitsburg State being undefeated.  But as we all know, we’ve only gone through five weeks of the season and the next five will undoubtedly whittle this list down to 5 or 6 tops.  Here is a list of the undefeated teams still remaining and where I think they will be at the end of the season:

#1 Florida State (4-0): The Noles have looked a bit shaky, especially with their defense, so far this season.  Thing is, other than Notre Dame, Louisville, or Miami, it looks like clear sailing for Jimbo’s boys.  Prediction: 12-0.

#2 Oregon (4-0): Another really good team who had a really big scare early (Wazzu).  They still have a big game against UCLA.  If this was in Eugene, I’d give it to the Ducks but they travel to Westwood.  It’s not that the Bruins have a huge home-field advantage; it’s more like the Ducks won’t have theirs.  Prediction: 11-1.

#3 Alabama (4-0): It’s the SEC West so they have to expect at least a couple very difficult games inside the division.  My best guess is still that Bama loses the Iron Bowl but they could also lose to Ole Miss, Texas A&M, LSU, or even Mississippi State.  But I’m pretty sure it will only be one loss.  Prediction: 11-1.

#4 Oklahoma (4-0): The Sooners have all their difficult conference games either at home or at the Cotton Bowl.  Unless something crazy happens (Baylor’s high octane offense presses the nitro button let’s say), the Sooners should run the table.  Prediction: 12-0.

#5 Auburn (4-0): A very difficult schedule.  Yes I have them beating Bama (which may or may not happen) but they don’t come out unscathed.  A couple of tough ones on the road (Georgia being a key one) make me think there is no way the Tigers are in the CFP.  Prediction: 10-2.

#6 Texas A&M (5-0): OK, let’s do the broken record thing.  SEC West.  Dominant division.  Tough schedule, blah, blah, blah.  Yes Kenny Hill is good but man did the Aggies struggle against Arkansas in a game they should have lost.  Way too many tough games have me still seeing them drop off the map by the end of the month.  Prediction: 8-4.

#7 Baylor (4-0): Much like Oklahoma, the Bears have most of their difficult games at home (except for maybe Texas this coming weekend).  Probably the entire conference comes to their mega-matchup against Oklahoma.  Because it’s in Norman, I give the edge to the Sooners (and pray to God it’s not on Fox Sports One again).  Prediction: 11-1.

#8 UCLA (4-0): Every one of UCLA’s tougher games are at home.  Almost seems to lopsided to have both USC and Stanford have to come to Westwood.  However, the way Washington played at home this past weekend makes me believe that will be the only bump in the road for Jim Mora’s crew.  Predicted: 11-1.

#9 Notre Dame (4-0): Stanford isn’t as much of a roadblock with the Cardinal coming to South Bend.  But going to Arizona State, USC, and Florida State?  For anyone saying the Irish don’t have a tough schedule, I’d like to meet your dealer and find out what he is lacing your pot with.  Prediction: 9-3.

#11 Ole Miss (4-0): Yeah, they struggled for three quarters against Memphis but was it really in doubt?  I mean UCLA did the same thing a few weeks ago.  The month of October is horrific for the Rebels and if they somehow don’t lose three of the four games, then they have a good shot at the SEC West division crown.  Prediction: 9-3.

#12 Mississippi State (4-0): This year’s Egg Bowl could be the biggest ever, especially if either the Bulldogs or Rebels (or both) are in the top 10.  Don’t count on it since the SEC West-on-SEC West violence kicks in to high gear starting this weekend and Dan Mullen’s team won’t come out unharmed (although it would be awesome to see).  Prediction: 9-3.

#18 BYU (4-0): They have one of the easier schedules in the country.  They should be blowing teams out and they aren’t.  But despite all this, can you honestly tell me one team that has a truly legitimate chance to beat BYU the rest of the way?  Their hardest stretch starts this week (Utah State, UCF, Nevada, Boise State).  If they win all four, then they have to get a New Year’s Six bowl and then they wait and see what everyone else does to find out if they sneak into one of the four spots (probably won’t happen though).  Prediction: 12-0.

#19 Nebraska (5-0): Only well into the 21st century does an undefeated Huskers team scare all of nobody…even with Bo Pelini as their coach.  Many figure them for four losses (still a good joke) but I am going off the board and saying they will only have three, with one an almost-certainty (Michigan State).  Prediction: 9-3.

#25 TCU (3-0): Samford, Minnesota, SMU with two byes.  Yeah, I’m not buying it either.  Prediction: 7-5.

Georgia Tech (4-0): OK yes, I will be honest; I figured them to lose to Virginia Tech.  But that’s it.  I had them at 3-1 to start so not far off.  The Ramblin’ Wreck are playing well enough to win but that’s about all.  Not overpowering at all but it might be enough in the extremely wide open ACC Coastal division.  They still have a tough road ahead and I think the magic of the option offense will wear off soon enough.  Prediction: 7-5.

Marshall (4-0): Every week, one of the Weak Sisters of the Holy FBS knocks one out of the park.  They beat a team they shouldn’t have and look dominant doing it (see East Carolina v. Virginia Tech or East Carolina v. North Carolina).  Then they inevitably shit the bed (see (potentially) East Carolina v. Cincinnati or East Carolina v. UCF).  Marshall has such an FCS-riffic schedule that the chances of them losing are remote.  They haven’t looked dominant but they should run the table.  The BYU situation could cost them a New Year’s Six bowl but I have to research that some more since you need to know advanced calculus to determine who qualifies.  Prediction: 12-0.

Arizona (4-0): This is quite a big surprise.  Ok not really since their schedule was pretty easy so far.  But in two weeks it ramps up in a big way with a trip to Eugene.  So their time as part of the Undefeateds will most surely come to an end.  Prediction: 9-3.

So 17 perfect teams left (cue Mr. Perfect theme music again).  I am going to predict that by Halloween, that number will be down to 8.


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