College Football

The Week of Meh – Week 5 College Football Recap

I won’t even put a guest sponsor.  This week was that underwhelming.  Especially looking at the four weeks we saw before and the ones left, I can see great games across the schedule (at least in terms of potential).  The games this past weekend, for the most part, weren’t anything to write home about.

What kind of schedule was that?
What kind of schedule was that?

Three yards and a cloud of, aw crap it didn’t work – At first I was going to be all upset that the refs missed a blatantly obvious false start by the Aggies on the first play of OT.  But after seeing how the Hogs were coached over the last three minutes of regulation and all of the overtime, I just can’t because Big Boy Bielema coached like he either didn’t give a shit or didn’t understand what was going on.  That was brutal.  Almost every call they made was awful.  The defense on the tying TD.  The set up for the winning FG.  The defense in the overtime.  And of course the absolutely awful playcalling in the OT.  They had their chance.  They probably miss a bowl game now for sure.

UCLA and Brett Hundley were dominant – Too bad I didn’t see it since it was on Fox Sports Fucking One and guess who has the rights to that programming?  Anyway, on to the next section…

The top 10 teams (that didn’t have a bye) didn’t show me anything special – Florida State’s defense was shredded by NC State.  The aforementioned Texas A&M win (that they shouldn’t have had).  Baylor, Auburn, Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ole Miss looked OK but not great in games they should have steamrolled the opponents.  All this means is that 1) we have more parity in college football than we’ve had in years (to this point) and 2) Oregon, Oklahoma, and Alabama look that much better thanks to the other teams not looking as good.

I was THIS close to winning on that crazy Tennessee bet – Even though I picked them I am honestly impressed how they kept bouncing back against Georgia.  How did they not get pummelled by the Dawgs I don’t know.  And with the way the SEC East has gone so far this season, expect the Vols to do maybe better than expected and probably ruin at least one team’s CFP chances.

Do we have yet another up-and-coming team in Georgia Southern? – I know it was just Appalachian State but the Eagles looked dominant and could finish .500 or better this season (despite the fact they can’t go to a bowl game).  It is only a matter of time before Conference USA poaches them from the lowly Sun Belt.

James Franklin’s current team looked like his former team does…currently – Penn State looked awful against a mediocre Northwestern team while Vandy is doing their best pre-Franklin Dores impression.  Just after everyone thought the Nittany Lions may sneak up the middle and challenge the Spartans in the Big Ten East they are brought back to Earth with a thud.  Speaking of thuds, that was the sound of Christian Hackenberg’s slim Heisman hopes.  No invite to New York for you!

SMU is awful – That is all.

The transitive property: used in college football way too often – By use of the transitive property, Colorado State would destroy and humiliate USC.  Let that marinate for a minute.

Remember what I said about Pitt starting 8-0? – So disappointing.  I hope they don’t go to a bowl just for making me look stupid.

I’m sure Hoke took a secret tunnel out of the stadium – Because how he wasn’t fired in the parking lot, during the press conference, in the locker room, while he was taking a post-game shit, who knows.

And speaking of firings – Charlie Weis is gone in Kansas.  It’s about two and a half years too late.

Thanks for screwing things up Bell – My college football viewing takes a hit when I have my kids for the weekend.  Not their fault, I would just rather do things with them and I watch the games bit by bit throughout the day and then late into the night (making me very tired Sunday morning).  I usually put anywhere from 8-13 games on the PVR (which in another positive outcome, erases about 48 episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants) and watch at least a bit of every game.  I will fast forward through a quarter to a quarter-and-a-half and if it’s close I’ll watch the rest.  If not, I keep going and if it’s a blowout, it’s erased.  No point in wasting my time with those games.  Anyway, where was I…oh yeah, fuck Bell (and perhaps Rogers).  I had Missouri-South Carolina set to record.  That’s what it said on the guide early Saturday morning.  By the time I get to watching what happened in this one, I see it was replaced with North Carolina-Clemson.  The stupidity didn’t end there.  It then went to Oregon State-USC for some reason.  Then ESPNU switched back to a SWAC game.  Not pleased but nothing I can do.  Then inexplicably it goes back to the OSU-USC game midway through the third quarter.  What the fuck?  I know ESPN (or ESPNU) didn’t do that so I lay the blame for that debacle at the feet of Bell.  I don’t know if this type of crap happens with the Rogers Super Sports Pak so I will assume it does.  Is it that difficult to have the Saturday sked set, at the latest, sometime Friday evening?  It’s not like ESPN changes games that late.  They are usually set by Monday afternoon.  Makes no sense.  Just set the games and leave it.  Don’t play with it.  It screws things up for anyone who has to record the games.  Rant done…for now.

So same thing again this week.  College sked on Wednesday and hopefully it’s right.  NFL sked on Thursday and I can be almost 100% sure it will be right.


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