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Jameis was THIS close to wanting to crawl under the turf (the Week 4 recap)

That was a lot closer than I thought it would be.  I was starting to think Clemson had the Noles’ number.  I was almost sad when Florida State pulled it out in the extra frame since I live for the upsets in college football.  Always fun to watch.  And as for the QB situation, as much as he was decent enough to help the Noles win, Sean Maguire showed why he shouldn’t take the field again unless (God forbid) Winston either gets injured or does something stupid again.  I give credit to pretty much everyone else on that field for the Noles before I give credit to Maguire.  He looked like he wasn’t ready; he looked like he couldn’t handle it; he had that deer in the headlights look often that night.  But then again, he can honestly say he was the QB on a team that beat a top 25 team on an ABC Saturday night college football game.   Sometimes life isn’t fair.

And what about Oregon? – The late game also had the air of a classic finish.  Crazy Mike Leach and his Fightin’ Wazzus kept in it with, who I believe is, the best team in the nation.  To lose by a touchdown against that Ducks team is pretty impressive.  Then again, the Cougs should have had at least a shot at tying the game but thanks to the refs that didn’t happen.  I mean, how does every official on the field miss the Oregon DB basically molesting the Cougar receiver on that play late in the fourth?  An atrocious non-call.

Not a good day to be a Tiger – Clemson gave it their all but came up short.  Auburn looked not as good as many think they are on Thursday.  LSU was shocked (somewhat) against Mississippi State.  Missouri was shocked (absolutely) against Indiana of all teams.  I’m pretty sure many other teams named Tigers lost or didn’t play that well this weekend also.

A little shaky in Tuscaloosa – That final score is misleading.  Yes, the Tide won by 21 but the Gators hung in there when they absolutely shouldn’t have.  Blake Sims had one of the best quarterbacking days in Alabama history, yet didn’t finish the game due to injury and his defense sure didn’t help him out.  They can’t play this way against a Texas A&M or an Auburn or a Mississippi State or else their chances at a semi-final spot diminish drastically.

The Big Ten is BACK! – OK not really.  ESPN went on and on about how much better the Big Ten’s record was this weekend.  But what did the conference really accomplish?  Other than the Hoosiers with a massive upset of Missouri, nothing impressive really happened and Michigan got beat up by Utah.  The conference is basically going to have to hitch their bags to Michigan State and hope Sparty can run the table and sneak into the CFP (with a bit of help of course).

What to do with BYU – Again, the Cougs do not blow out an opponent they probably should have.  Virginia is better than last year, I will give them that.  Mike London gets all the credit in the world for turning this around and probably saving his job if they can get to a bowl.  The Cougs (of the Mormon variety) should run the table this season.  Does that ensure a playoff spot?  The way they have played I would almost venture to say no unless some drastic things happen in other Power Five conferences.

Thanks a lot Pitt – My predictions are usually not that great…at best.  But I was sure Pitt would start 8-0 and I felt like a bit like one of those ESPN talking heads going out on a limb.  When they’re right they look like geniuses.  Pitt let Iowa hang around too long and blew a game they should have won.

Who’s perfect? – OK maybe that’s a misnomer.  None of the college football teams are perfect.  But for some, their record is (so far).  25 to be exact.  Even though we are still in September that is a lot of undefeated teams.  Expect that number to be cut by at least a dozen in the next three weeks.

It sounds like people who are Rogers customers are getting frustrated with the Super Sports Pak and the somewhat lack of coverage they get for college football.  I don’t understand how Rogers can’t show SEC Network games but can show ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU games.  Same company if they didn’t know that.  This means it’s a choice with Rogers, not with what they can show.  I still believe they’d be smarter to split up the Super Sports Pack into individual sports or smaller groups.  I mean I love football and would hate to have some of that money go to getting an MLB package I want no part of.  Seems ridiculous.  Especially in this day and age where cable is getting hammered on all sides.  The last huge bastion of true cable-TV watchers and subscribers are sports fans.  Until there is a GOOD way of watching live sports in another fashion in this country, we will all need cable (and spare me the garbage ideas I have heard on some forums…in Canada, there still isn’t a GOOD way of getting college football especially since we can’t get ESPN3, GamePlan (which isn’t that great to begin with) or the WatchESPN app).  So why would they play with the emotions of a subsection of sports fans (ones who like college football) and exclude games that they have rights for but for which they’ve decided not to show.  Sounds like the way they used the FOX college football rights…as in to not use them at all.  Completely ridiculous if you ask me.  But hey, I’m on Bell Fibe so I have to say they have finally stepped up and showed what they can show.  TSN has also stepped up but they are owned by Bell and have very little hockey to show so there’s that.  Hopefully Rogers wakes up but we are already four weeks in so that seems a bit unlikely now.

Should be out with the schedules Wednesday although both Rogers and Bell aren’t making it easy on me this season.  As for now, we will get Texas Tech-Oklahoma State on Thursday night on TSN1 and TSN3 and Appalachian State-Georgia Southern on the specialty pack.  Oh, and some D-II action for the Rogers customers that get CBS Sports Network.  Also, Friday night looks like Fresno State-New Mexico on the specialty pack and that’s it for this point.  There’s a few games set for Saturday so far so I hope the majority of them will be ready for me to report in a couple days time.


7 thoughts on “Jameis was THIS close to wanting to crawl under the turf (the Week 4 recap)

  1. First want to say, I really enjoy reading your blog. Not much info on NCAA football up here for the diehards, it’s good to know there are a few of us.

    I am on cogeco myself and have been very frustrated with the super sports pack for College football. It was great last year but has been dissapointing this year. I still have to call and complain about it. Very worried about what will happen for College hoops this year.

    Last weekend wasn’t a big deal as most of the games I wanted to watch were on the normal channels. But still very frustrating that the games they had were in SD, not HD. I ended up streaming the South Carolina,Vandy game on my laptop in almost HD quality. Surprisingly was very good and I guess my only option for SEC network games outside of TSN maybe airing them.

    I also had the SSP last year and was great as I watch everything on it but NBA and MLB. For me personally I couldn’t afford it if I was on Bell. I pay 32 dollars a month, so for 8 months I pay 256 dollars before taxes.

    I love being able to watch any NFL game I want and as a Bruins fan center ice is a must. Sports is the only reason I still have cable, otherwise I’d cut the cord and watch everything online.

    Keep up the good work with your blog

    1. First, thanks for reading the blog.

      Second, there seems to be a divergence between Rogers/Cogeco/whoever else and Bell when it comes to college football coverage. I hope it doesn’t continue. I don’t want either company to get too many more subscribers than the other as it creates power for one, which would probably screw us all in the end.

      Finally, I guess you would be an exception (somewhat). The fact that you would want the U.S. College Sports Package, Sunday Ticket or RedZone, and Centre Ice, it would cost more with Bell (probably close to $100 or so more than you pay annually now). Most people will stick with one or maybe two leagues and watch the others on regular cable. Then again, your being a Bruins fan means you wouldn’t get most of the games so that alone would suck big time.

      1. Yep, I’m probably in the serious minority. Definetly a sports fanatic, especially football. Starts with college football, then NFL, then NHL, then college hoops.

        I don’t mind paying for it as I watch a lot of games but am definetly sick of getting crappy games when they have the rights to air others.

        I don’t understand why rogers and bells college package isn’t the same this year. It basically was last year. Very frustrating.

        Had a c band dish till the mid to late 90’s . I sure do miss ESPN, TSN is just not the same except for hockey coverage.

      2. Oh don’t get me wrong I like a lot of sports. I just know I don’t have the time or energy to really follow more than one or two leagues closely.

        It’s like this…if I don’t have my kids on a fall weekend, I am watching college football on Saturday from noon until 1 or 2 in the morning and probably live Tweeting the entire time (or as much as I can). If my kids are with me, I tend to be busy with them and only watch here and there throughout the day. So I don’t miss anything I fill the PVR to the max with college football making it so the kids can’t watch live TV at all throughout the entire day (they can still watch stuff that’s PVR’d for them though). Either way I make sure I watch a good cross-section of games every week. I can’t do that all year and won’t anymore. I am less into hockey than I have ever been. I don’t mind college basketball and if it wasn’t for a couple guys at work who are huge NBA fans, I probably wouldn’t follow that either.

        Bell and Rogers not having pretty much the exact same schedule of games is odd. It should be that way and it was that way last year. What’s changed? Nothing since it’s the specialty pack (SSP or USCSP) that would contain all the extra games, certainly not Sportsnet (aka The NHL Channel).

        I wish I could get actual ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS. That would be awesome. I remember seeing relatives of friends in the States and most of them would have one of the ESPN family of networks on a lot of the time and it was great. TSN loves their hockey too but has been smart to expand their coverage on other sports after Rogers blew their load on the NHL (and kept junior hockey for some stupid reason).

  2. I figured that BYU would win. However, I figured that Virginia would keep things close because they have the talent & a good coordinator calling the plays on defense as well as a solid offense. When I saw that Pittsburgh was a 7 point favorite, instantly I thought they were overpriced against Iowa.

    It would have been pretty cool if Clemson had upset Florida State. I am NOT a fan of the overtime system in College Football though. They should go to the NFL’s system with one twist: if the team with the ball first scores a touchdown, the other team gets a chance to match after the PAT attempt. Then if the second team matches, next team to score wins the game. And no ties!

    1. I thought either BYU would show up or Virginia would fall back and neither happened. Style points are what will keep BYU out of the CFP.

      I didn’t know if Pitt would run away with it against Iowa or not but I figured they’d win, being at home and all (despite the fact Heinz Field is NOT a home advantage for the Panthers…the Steelers, that’s a different story).

      I don’t think either the NFL or college football has the overtime system quite right. I am glad the NFL put in the extra part of overtime saying a field goal can’t end it on the first series since their old model was shit. Saying that, starting at the 25 in college football overtime, even with the garbage kicking half the teams have, is too close. At the very least move it back to the 30 or 35 and force the teams to at least make a first down before having a decent opportunity to kick. And yes, thank god there are no ties anymore. Why it took college football so long (well into the 90s) to take out ties boggles my mind. Now the NFL should do the same. I can count on both hands how many games have gone beyond a single overtime so it’s not like it happens very often. I do like your idea of a team matching an OT score, no matter what it is (instead of just on field goals). Something they should consider.

      1. Think of it like this: defense & special teams would be more involved if the NCAA adopted the NFL’s overtime system.

        Agreed 100% that the NFL should eliminate ties after 15 minutes of overtime (should a game go that far). Switch sides and start the second overtime period after a two minute break.

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