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Is Jameis just late to the party or is he truly that dumb? Oh, and the week 4 CFB schedule.

Thanks Mr. Winston.  Thanks for being about a month late to the party.  Fuck her right in the pussy is so August (and may be even back to July).  To use it now shows:

  1. You are trying too hard to be hip
  2. You are extremely late to the party since that saying went out a while ago
  3. You aren’t as infallible as you think.  Actually you are under a bigger microscope now.

I just don’t get him.  With his football resume, he can show up on campus on any given day and fall into a garden of pussy, a boatload of extra gifts (hope the NCAA doesn’t see this), and an easier time (notice I didn’t say easy time) in classes.  All he has to do is not do stupid stuff.  But no, this fucking idiot has to act like the class jackass because he isn’t getting enough attention I guess?  Just for that, I hope he doesn’t win the Heisman.  He may not win the Heisman anyway, but I hope this eliminates him from contention…..and by the start of November we will probably forget this even happened.

Alright, enough of Jameis Doucheston and his poor social skills.  On to the schedule this week.  Going to do the cable/specialty pack split again:

Auburn at Kansas State (Thurs) 7:30 PM TSN1/3/4/5
SE Oklahoma at Henderson (Thurs) 8:00 PM CBSSN
Eastern Michigan at Michigan State 12:00 PM BTN
Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech 12:00 PM TSN1
Bowling Green at Wisconsin 12:00 PM TSN2
Iowa at Pittsburgh 12:00 PM TSN3
Troy at Georgia 12:00 PM TSN4
Maryland at Syracuse 12:30 PM WSBK
Utah at Michigan 3:30 PM ABC
Nicholls State at North Texas 3:30 PM WNYO
Florida at Alabama 3:30 PM CBS
Rutgers at Navy 3:30 PM CBSSN
Texas A&M at SMU 3:30 PM TSN2
Massachusetts at Penn State 4:00 PM BTN
Charlotte at Elon 7:00 PM WNYO
Miami-OH at Cincinnati 7:00 PM CBSSN
Oklahoma at West Virginia 7:30 PM FOX
Clemson at Florida State 8:00 PM ABC
Louisiana-Lafayette at Boise State 10:30 PM CBSSN

Starts with a HUGE Thursday nighter (Auburn-KSU) and ends with a couple big Saturday games (Clemson-FSU & Florida-Alabama).  Good stuff and a definite improvement in the quality of the games (although some of the finishes this past weekend were unreal).  TSN has stepped up big time with the noon games.  Four in all!  It’s a new record!  But seriously, I know I have taken huge creamy dumps over their college football programming choices in the past but they’ve stepped up this season.  Then again, I think quite a bit of this has to do with Sportsnet blowing their wad on HOCKEY! and less on TSN figuring live sports is probably better than most taped programming.  I’m almost happy Sportsnet shows no college football because they were wretched with doing it in the first place.  I see that deal to show college football games from FOX and their networks has worked out to their advantage (waste of time and too much of a test of our sanity).

Now, the specialty packs…I think:

Arkansas-Pine Bluff at Alabama State (Thurs) 7:30 PM SP
Connecticut at USF (Fri) 8:00 PM SP
Tulane at Duke 12:30 PM SP
Maryland at Syracuse 12:30 PM SP
Virginia at BYU 3:30 PM SP*
North Carolina at East Carolina 3:30 PM SP*
Indiana at Missouri 4:00 PM SP
Northern Illinois at Arkansas 7:00 PM SP
Mississippi State at LSU 7:00 PM SP
South Carolina at Vanderbilt 7:30 PM SP
Miami at Nebraska 8:00 PM SP
Oregon at Washington State 10:30 PM SP

Holy crap, a whole lot less than their cable brethren here.  Ten games for certain with the possibility of two more and two of those ten are on Thursday and Friday nights.  I have asterisks beside Virginia-BYU and North Carolina-East Carolina since they are on ESPN and ESPNU and I can’t see the reasoning behind leaving these two games out (Update: And lo and behold, guess which two games showed up this morning on the guides…well, the Bell guides at least.  No word on what is happening over at RogersLand).  No amazing games here but some decent quality and no stinkers (unless you count Tulane-Duke, which, three years ago would have been considered a barnburner and wouldn’t have sniffed any cable lineup).  Also, I can’t be sure if Rogers will be getting all these games since I can’t find an updated schedule for the SSP.  Truly sad that Rogers seems to be scaling back with college football coverage.  As I’ve said before, maybe Bell has it right to separate everything rather than put it in one huge sports package.

As for the games of the week (and the games I will be putting on my PVR since I have the kids this weekend) include:

Auburn at Kansas State – This is a huge statement game for both programs.  The Malzahnies have to prove that last year wasn’t a flash in the pan and Papa Snyder has to prove his team is more than fourth-best in the Big XII (they may still be after this game but I digress).  With the CFP, a loss here will be HEAVILY scrutinized.

Florida at Alabama – I have a bad feeling about this game.  A BAD feeling.  If you take into account how the Gators were last week, this does not bode well for them.  Plus, they play at Bryant-Denny where Evil Saban generally does not lose.  Oh well, at least we can watch Allie LaForce the few times she appears on the screen.

Clemson at Florida State – Speaking of Jameis Dickhead, he leads his Noles into this one.  No way this turns out like last year’s destruction, but I have a hard time seeing the Tigers pulling this one out…but crazier things have happened.

Oklahoma at West Virginia – Drunk Uncle Dana has his team surprisingly at 2-1.  Their offense seems to be on point and moving the ball well.  Their defense though….ugh.  That game against Maryland was tough to watch (and I only watched the 45 second highlight package).  This could turn out one of two ways…like the Mountaineers first game of the year where they hung in there with Bama or like last week when they struggled after getting a large lead.  And if they struggle at all, the Sooners will exploit it.

I look back at my picks and think, “Why couldn’t my NFL picks have been like those?”  Two weeks, nine out of fifteen both weeks.  Brutal.  Well here’s my college picks (if you care to know):

Kansas State to upset Auburn (but it will be awfully close)

Pittsburgh over Iowa

Syracuse over Maryland

Alabama to destroy Florida

Utah over Michigan (call it a mild upset if you wish)

Florida State over Clemson

OK, after last week’s craziness with the television schedule, I will keep a closer eye on any changes to what I have.  I will keep this updated as the week goes on as I’m sure something will be added or changed.  My hope is that soon, all the channels will have figured things out, and by Wednesday nights, we can be assured of accurate TV listings.

I will get the NFL sked out tomorrow.  I am sure I was right with all the games (and the stations…and which parts of the country got which stations).  If not, let me know.


15 thoughts on “Is Jameis just late to the party or is he truly that dumb? Oh, and the week 4 CFB schedule.

  1. Yeah, I am starting to regret switching from Bell to Cable. The Big Ten Network is a difference, although the Big Ten is sucking worse than I have ever seen. Surprisingly Bell seems to have their act together, and Rogers doesn’t. I will be lucky if the guide shows anything by Friday. They show the games, they just do a piss-poor job of informing us of what, where, and when the games are on the super pack.
    Bossman – I am with you on the Florida-Bama game, good call. I picked the Kentucky-UF game to a tee (minus the 3 overtimes, but knew it would be tight). I think the SEC will cannibalize each other this year, as I do believe it is more competitive top to bottom (Vanderbilt tire fire not included) than I ever remember.

    Druncle Dana – Classic…..

  2. Yeah last year I felt I missed out with not having the Big Ten Network. Not so this season (so far). Plus CBS Sports Network never really lived up to having a good stable of games to show. Then again, that has more to do with having C-USA and MW games to choose from only (and some American games). In that case, the hope is always that it will be a good close game because the quality of teams can’t live up to the parent network’s SEC showings.

    Bell has, surprisingly I will admit, stepped things up a notch. Early on it looked dicey but they are getting their act together and I have to give them props for that. Rogers has clearly taken a step (or nine) back with college football. I still believe this is what happens when a) you lump all sports into one specialty pack and not separate them and b) you blow your wad on one sport.

    As for Colt 45 Holgorsen, he looks like the uncle at every family get together that has had too much to drink and is just looking to get in an argument with someone. Kind of like WILL MUSCHAMP! or Bo Pelini except that has nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with not wanting to piss these guys off EVER.

    1. I’m a Rogers subscriber and looking to change. I am hoping you can shed light on Fibe offerings since the person I spoke with at Bell was unable to do so – I realize you are not a customer service rep for Bell though so if you don’t know any of the answers and/or want to tell me to pound sand I will understand.

      Does their Extra Innings package ensure I can see every single MLB game in a season and in HD? What does it cost?

      Does their Center Ice package ensure I can see every single NHL game in a season and in HD? What does it cost?

      What does their NCAA package cost and are football and basketball separate or is it the case that if you get one you get the other?

      Appreciate any insights you may have.


      1. I don’t want to toot my own horn…but I’m sure some 9-year-olds are better than the current Bell CSRs at describing what Fibe has and doesn’t have so I am sure I can help you, even if it’s just a bit.

        I’ll start with the last question. The U.S. College Sports Package is $99 for one year. You get both football and basketball. Not a huge CBB fan but it’s pretty nice come conference tournament time as it’s a good lead-in to March Madness.

        As for MLB Extra Innings it’s two payments of $59 I believe. And I am sure they only have HD channels for Extra Innings (14 of them). It says it’s up to 80 games every week so I am sure there are some games that aren’t shown for some reason (much like the CFB restrictions).

        The Centre Ice package I can’t find pricing for. I am sure there are quite a few blackout situations with the Centre Ice package and I have no idea what the Rogers Blew-Their-Load-on-Hockey NHL package will do to it.

        Hope that helps a bit.

  3. College Football on Sports Pak update. As of 4:30 on Friday, no Friday or Saturday college football games listed on the guide (for Execulink cable, who gets feeds from Rogers). Also, my provider are trying to add TSN3,4,5 to be ready for today so that is good news although I am skeptical they can get their act together for today.
    Good the thing that the networks are stepping it up big this weekend. Wouldn’t mind seeing the Miss State – LSU game though which would be a typical Sports pak feed.
    Can’t we organize an elementary school co-op or something to help the poor programming folks at Rogers/Cable?
    Enjoy the game this weekend fellas. Bossman, I am scared to death of Utah (moreso because of Michigan and not Utah), so I hope you are wrong (i’m not about to bet on it though)!

    1. Bossman thanks for your input – indeed you (and I dare say many of the posters here) are much better informed than the CSRs at both Bell and Rogers.

      Ditka – while if you go to channel 445 in the guide (Rogers) it does not show the USF game tonight, the schedules that pop up on the various SPorts Pak channels when they are not showing a game indicates that it will be on channel 445. Fingers crossed for LSU-Miss ST tomorrow.

      1. No problem. I don’t understand why the LSU-Miss St game (which was just advertised….weird) wouldn’t be on the SSP since it’s an ESPN game. Not a game on the Deuce on the U, but the actual ESPN Saturday nighter. Then again, who knows since Rogers has come pretty close to dropping the ball completely on their college football coverage. Why I continue to say that splitting the sports out of the packages would be better for customers and probably end up (if priced properly) making Rogers a bit more money.

      1. Yup. Watching USF right now – albeit not in HD. Fingers still crossed for LSU-Miss St. I am betting we get it (but that may be wishful thinking)

  4. Hi Gordo,

    Did you get the chance to watch Mississippi State’s upset of LSU last night or did Rogers make the game unavailable to Sports Pack subscribers?

    1. We were blessed and able to watch it – albeit not in HD. I believe we received all the ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU games yesterday, including BYU-UVA since Utah-Michigan was on ABC in our viewing area (Toronto). Did not get Mizzou-Indiana on the SEC Network.

      1. Well, at least you ended up seeing the game. Speaking of Mississippi State, if they end up knocking off Alabama on November 14th, wouldn’t that be something?

        Rogers is still unable (or are they unwilling )to pick up SEC Network games on their Sports Pack? That’s pretty bad.

      2. That’s too bad you didn’t get the SEC Network games. Indiana-Mizzou was a fantastic game. Don’t understand what’s going on at Rogers that they can’t put those games on (especially with all the channels available to broadcast the games in the first place).

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