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Oh so THAT’S how a coin toss works (the Week 3 CFB recap)

Seriously, Charlie.  SERIOUSLY??!?!?  You cannot be that dumb.  I would say that’s a high school move but even 100% of high school coaches wouldn’t make it so the opposing team gets the ball to start BOTH HALVES.  Mack Brown must be shaking his head right now.

Mack Brown

Lightning crashes – So what is it with game delays due to weather?  There’s been more delays this season than any season I can remember ever…and we are only three weeks in!  Hell, Verne and Gary basically were into primetime calling that Dawgs-Cocks game thanks to Mother Nature.  Speaking of which….

SEC East-on-SEC East violence – It seems like the SEC East teams are going to beat up on each other and then watch helplessly as Missouri runs straight up the middle and goes back to Atlanta.  It’s deja-vu all over again.

The Book of Mormon – BYU didn’t exactly look impressive against Houston after destroying the Longhorns; however, the question came up about 83 times during the game…if the Cougs (the BYU variety) run the table are they into a New Year’s Six bowl?  I had them losing only once but closely missing out on a big-time bowl.  But I predicted that loss to be to Texas.  I think you are looking at one of the biggest, most interesting questions for The Committee.

Same Ol, Same Ol – The Volunteers that is.  They are who we thought they were.  Thanks Dennis Green.

And now the Pac-12 South has gone crazy as well – USC gets upset by Boston College.  UCLA looks pedestrian versus Memphis and barely beats Texas at JerryWorld.  Arizona State doesn’t look THAT great against the Buffs and loses Taylor Kelly (for who knows how long).  And Arizona hasn’t looked too great either.  What does this all mean?  Could Utah (of all teams) pull a Mizzou and sneak through into the Pac-12 title game?  Don’t count them out.

Everybody Poops – And by everybody, I mean the Big Ten.  Two fairly awful weekends in a row.  And to make things worse, one of the games didn’t even involve a Big Ten team.  Thanks to college football media’s use of the transitive property (A loses to B and then B loses to C so A is much worse than C), East Carolina’s victory over Virginia Tech makes tOSU look that much worse.  But are we surprised?  They lost their starting QB and everyone thinks they still win 10 or 11 games?  Remember Notre Dame last year without Everett Golson?  Compare to this year with him.  I rest my case.  As for the rest of the Big Ten, the signature win was Nebraska’s thumping of an overrated Fresno State team.  Ohio State was supposed to destroy Kent State (and did).  Michigan was supposed to beat up on Miami-OH (and didn’t really).  Iowa was supposed to win Cy-Hawk (and didn’t…and Future Mountain West Conference member North Dakota State is becoming more and more unimpressed with much of the FBS).  Nothing is going right for this conference.  The one bright spot?  Penn State is now eligible for postseason and the Big Ten Championship.

Welcome to the ACC, you can park your motorcycle over there in the marked space – Louisville and Fun Bobby Petrino looked overmatched against Mike London’s Cavs.  Virginia should have won by more but for them to win at all cools London’s hot seat and shows Louisville you have to play the games.  Welcome to mediocrity, ACC style.

There are 34 undefeated teams remaining in the FBS – And eight of them (almost a quarter of them) are in the SEC.  Think about that.

Yes, this is how we used to play up in Wisconsin – BielemaBall is back!  Arkansas ran roughshod over Texas Tech.  And we mean ran.  They played textbook Badger football which makes sense considering who their coach is.  Like the SEC West needs to get any tougher.  Could they be the first division ever to have every single one of their teams make it to a bowl game?  I wouldn’t bet against it yet.

And the one token New Year’s Six spot goes to… – At this point it’s still Marshall because of their stunningly easy schedule; but, Cincinnati looked damn good in their opener against Toledo.  And Gunner Kiel IS the real deal.  Would be really fun if the Bearcats made it to a big-time bowl and got to play Notre Dame, the program Kiel transferred from.

I still stand by Pitt starting 8-0 – But they are not going to make it easy on me.  Their first half against FIU was deplorable and if they play like that against an Iowa or a Virginia Tech then forget even being close in either of those games.

Vanderbilt is still horrible – Count me as one of the people who thought Vandy would take a step back but still eek out a bowl bid.  Now you can say Derek Mason may be one of the worst SEC head coaching hires in the past decade.  You may be off the hook now Derek Dooley.

The play clock WAS at zero – There is no explanation possible to explain how Florida was able to run that play when the clock was at zero.  Then again, maybe this can be the impetus to put tenths of a second on the play clock starting next season since the refs sorely need it for replay purposes.

WILL MUSCHAMP!  Don’t get too comfortable – You beat Kentucky.  By six.  In triple overtime.  The hot seat is still quite hot in Gainesville.

I hope to have a week 4 TV schedule up around Wednesday this week.  Problem is I have noticed so many changes between mid-week and Saturday morning the first three weeks with the TV schedules.  I hope now that the season has settled in that we won’t get the pseudo-insanity we’ve had with the TV schedule so far.  Not likely but a guy can dream.


2 thoughts on “Oh so THAT’S how a coin toss works (the Week 3 CFB recap)

  1. “There is no explanation possible to explain how Florida was able to run that play when the clock was at zero. Then again, maybe this can be the impetus to put tenths of a second on the play clock starting next season since the refs sorely need it for replay purposes.”

    Agreed 100%. Let me take it a step further in saying that the NFL & CFL should do this as well. Also, the last minute of every quarter in the NCAA, NFL & CFL should be run using tenths of a second.

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