NFL TV Schedule

Week 2 NFL Schedule on TV…for ALL CANADIANS this time!

Let’s hope this works.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Jim Ross call on this play is hilarious.  Just so all of you know.  I kind of wish he did call NFL games.

So after last week’s orgy of NFL football, thanks to RedZone (I still won’t buy it but I digress), time to settle in for another Sunday of ignoring everyone and anyone for about six-and-a-half hours (ten if you include the Sunday nighter).  Below is your tentative schedule…tentative because it could change, tentative because I might not have the precise areas with the right games, and tentative because Bell could just change everything because they want to.

8:30 Pittsburgh at Baltimore CBS (all)/NFLN/SNE/SNO/SNW/SNP
1:00 Miami at Buffalo CBS (Ontario (except Cornwall & NW Ontario area))/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener)
1:00 Jacksonville at Washington
1:00 Dallas at Tennessee
1:00 Arizona at NY Giants FOX (Ontario (except Peterborough, GTA, Golden Horseshoe, NW Ontario), Quebec, Eastern Canada)
1:00 New England at Minnesota CBS (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Cornwall, Quebec, Eastern Canada)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Monteal, Atlantic)
1:00 New Orleans at Cleveland
1:00 Atlanta at Cincinnati
1:00 Detroit at Carolina
4:05 St. Louis at Tampa Bay
4:05 Seattle at San Diego FOX (Peterborough, GTA, Golden Horseshoe, NW Ontario, Manitoba west)/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
4:25 Houston at Oakland
4:25 NY Jets at Green Bay CBS (Saskatchewan east)/CTV (Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Northern Ontario, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan)/CTV2 Atlantic/CKPR Thunder Bay
4:25 Kansas City at Denver CBS (Alberta & BC)/CTV (Vancouver, Alberta)/CITL Lloydminster
8:20 Chicago at San Francisco NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
8:30 Philadelphia at Indianapolis TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

A bit more choice than last Sunday and a bit more balance with the early and late games because to be honest, I wasn’t that interested in the Niners making the Cowboys their bitch.

Tough to say what the game of the week is because some teams underperformed in week one and others were way better than advertised.  I would go with Seattle-San Diego and KC-Denver as the two biggest Sunday afternoon games.  Funny thing is they are both late games.  The early schedule is full of meh.  Nothing really that special.  And the Bills must hate the fact that the NFL scheduled the Dolphins to come to Orchard Park in mid-September and not mid-December which is the only time when the Bills actually have a home-field advantage.

The thing that probably pisses me off the most is that watching any sporting event on TSN means I have to endure listening to the burnout Trivago guy approximately 4 times an hour.  Yeah like I would trust a guy who looks like he smells like Jack Daniels and vomit and may or may not have just come off a 36-hour bender.  They couldn’t have picked another actor?  He’s getting real close to the Wendy’s girl in terms of commercial hatred.  Anyway…

For all of you who can watch full days of football Saturday and Sunday then have a ton of fun flipping channels.  I am ready for Saturday but Sunday looks like a rather full day of slopitch for me (not that I’m complaining).


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