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Week 3 in College football and here’s your schedule…

….just to forewarn you…I am doing this on very little sleep and during my lunch break at work.  So if it’s sloppy then too bad.  I’m sure you will figure it out.

Leonard Fournette Heisman

Before we begin, this picture above is all you need to know why the SEC Network fucking sucks so far.  Fournette doing the Heisman pose…against Sam Houston State?  Just last season, a mere ten months ago, this game would have struggled to get a chance to be on ESPNEWS.  Now it’s on a pretty major network.  Anyway, enough of that rant.  The SEC Network is on my shit list only because of Rogers and Bell’s treatment of the games they have.

Last week I just went day-by-day.  Let’s do it slightly different this week.  Going retro with this one (meaning last year) by listing the cable schedule first (or what I believe the schedule to be):

Louisiana Tech at North Texas (Thurs) 8:00 PM CBSSN
Houston at BYU (Thurs) 9:00 PM TSN1/3/4/5
Toledo at Cincinnati (Fri) 7:00 PM TSN2
West Virginia at Maryland 12:00 PM BTN
Ohio at Marshall 12:00 PM CBSSN
Kent State at Ohio State 12:00 PM TSN4/ABC
Boise State at Connecticut 12:00 PM TSN1
East Carolina at Virginia Tech 12:00 PM TSN2
Louisville at Virginia 12:30 PM WSBK
Arkansas vs. Texas Tech 3:30 PM ABC
Lehigh at New Hampshire 3:30 PM WNYO
Miami-OH at Michigan 3:30 PM BTN
Georgia at South Carolina 3:30 PM CBS
NC State at USF 3:30 PM CBSSN
Iowa at Iowa State 3:30 PM TSN3
Illinois at Washington 4:00 PM FOX
Wake Forest at Utah State 7:00 PM CBSSN
Purdue at Notre Dame (in Indianapolis) 7:30 PM NBC
Tennessee at Oklahoma 8:00 PM ABC
New Mexico State at UTEP 8:00 PM WNYO
Penn State at Rutgers 8:00 PM BTN
Texas vs. UCLA (in Arlington) 8:00 PM FOX
Nebraska at Fresno State 10:30 PM CBSSN

Now, there is already confusion about this schedule because the guys who do the scheduling at Rogers and Bell must have their heads up their collective asses.  Here’s a list of the issues:

  • I have no listing for noon for ABC.  Just says TBA.  At first I thought it would be East Carolina-Virginia Tech but that’s on the specialty pack.  A few have said KSU-tOSU is appearing there, even though TSN3 is showing it.  And it begins.
  • Bell Fibe and Bell Satellite have UCF-Missouri, an SEC NETWORK GAME, on TSN4.  Not so with Rogers.  And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it ended up, unannounced, on the specialty pack with no mention in the guide.
  • 3:30 has another TBA for ABC.  What the fuck?  I didn’t list anything but it would make sense for Arkansas-Texas Tech to appear there.  But it’s already on the specialty pack.  I’m getting a bit ticked at this point.
  • 8:00 and lo and behold…TBA again.  USC-BC and Tenn-Okla are on the specialty pack already.  I would say it’s an automatic we get the Vols-Sooners game but I’m not so sure.  We here have been stuck with shitty east coast matches before (Michigan-UConn anyone?)

OK so now that I have that bullshit out of the way, let’s look at the specialty packs:

Baylor at Buffalo (Fri) 8:00 PM
Indiana at Bowling Green 12:00 PM
Georgia Southern at Georgia Tech 12:00 PM
Louisville at Virginia 12:00 PM
UCF at Missouri 12:00 PM
Arkansas State at Miami 3:30 PM
Kansas at Duke 3:30 PM
Louisiana-Lafayette at Ole Miss 4:00 PM
Southern Miss at Alabama 6:00 PM
ULM at LSU 7:00 PM
Kentucky at Florida 7:30 PM
USC at Boston College 8:00 PM
Rice at Texas A&M 9:00 PM
Arizona State at Colorado 10:00 PM

And I can’t even be sure these are totally correct.  I am 96.7% sure that the three main SEC Network games will be here or, in the case of UCF-Mizzou, on one of the TSNs.  Especially with the fact there aren’t many games to begin with on there.  This is a nightmare and it’s only week three!

As for games of the week, I would select these ones:

Georgia at South Carolina – This is the obvious one.  Outside of WILL MUSCHAMP! and the Gators making a run of it, this is the de facto SEC East championship game.  And despite the fact Carolina has looked mediocre to terrible the first two weeks, the Head Ball Coach should have them ready, especially at home.

Tennessee at Oklahoma – Geez, that went downhill fast.  In some weeks, this wouldn’t be a top ten matchup.  So, let’s see if the hype can be proven.  Does Butch Jones have the Vols ready for primetime or are they looking at another near-.500 season?

UCLA vs. Texas – One of seemingly 184 games this year at Jerry World.  The people there must work 12 hours a day, seven days a week for all the things that happen at that stadium.  Going into the season, this looked like a huge matchup.  But now UCLA looked average and Texas got BYU’d again.  Loser has absolutely no chance at the College Football Playoff me thinks.

UCF at Missouri – We might see it, we might not.  But this is a statement game for both programs.  If I had a fanbase they would have shit all over my pick of Missouri going back into the middle-of-the-SEC pack.  They’ve looked strong.  UCF looked so-so.  I don’t know which team needs this more to be honest with you.

And since I marginally enjoy gambling here are my picks for the week (and just so you know, I went 8-7 in Pools on ProLine for week one of the NFL season…so yeah, don’t take this very seriously):

Baylor over Buffalo (start with an easy pick)

South Carolina over Georgia (I’m sticking with Carolina being the team to beat this season in the SEC East)

Iowa to win Cy-Hawk over Iowa State (and again, future Mountain West Conference member North Dakota State will not be impressed whatsoever)

Notre Dame to destroy Purdue

Oklahoma over Tennessee (although this should be rather close)

Fresno State over Nebraska (late-night upset pick!)

NFL schedules should be up tomorrow some time.  It was nice to see NFL RedZone.  I wish they had something like that for college football.  From what I heard they kind of do and it’s not available in Canada, because, well, CRTC.  That’s my best guess.  I would never pay for RedZone since when I have my kids I won’t plop down in front of the TV for that many hours to watch.  But when they’re not around….FOOTBALL!!!!

And finally one more little rant to end this.  College GameDay.  I see they are in Fargo again.  Oh, how fun.  Last year it was cool they went there.  This year it feels like they aren’t trying at all.  North Dakota State is playing Incarnate Word, a program that just moved up from D-II.  So the game isn’t important at all.  So why couldn’t they go somewhere else?  Places like:

  • Ole Miss.  GameDay has NEVER done a show from The Grove.  Sounds as ridiculous as it looks.  They play Louisiana-Lafayette so it’s not like it will be a cakewalk.
  • Colorado.  They have not been there in 18 years.  They play Arizona State tonight and I know the Buffs stink but at least it feels new.
  • Iowa.  It’s been 8 years since they were in Iowa City.  And it’s Cy-Hawk, one of the most underrated trophy games in college football.
  • Duke!  They have never been to Duke.  I know it’s the Jayhawks they are playing but why don’t they pay some homage to Coach C with a trip to the triangle?

Only ESPN network games were listed here.  Would have been easy to go there.  And, especially with the Ole Miss game, it will probably be a good game, even a trap game for the Rebs.  Sorry, this screams of laziness.  Gee, I wonder who Corso will pick, three-time reigning and defending FCS champs North Dakota State or lowly Incarnate Word?  What a joke.

Update: Some fairly major changes to the schedule above so watch for the changes.  Finally once ABC had confirmed games, the specialty packs changed drastically.


10 thoughts on “Week 3 in College football and here’s your schedule…

  1. Nice that Bell has their guide up, as Rogers currently shows nothing for college in the sports pak. This week I get to avoid the uncertainty that comes with the tv scheduling. Instead I am going to the Big House to deal with the uncertainty that Michigan can score a point.
    By the way, no SECN games on sports pak last week with Rogers, and the sports pak had other games (UAB vs. Miss St. for example) that weren’t on the guide. The guide also had incorrect channel listings.
    Fun stuff – who the heck is in charge of this stuff anyway, a grade school intern or something?
    Enjoy the games.

    1. Yeah I am surprised Bell beat Rogers to the punch.

      Last week The Citadel-FSU all of a sudden appeared on the sports pack. An FSN game. Makes no sense and disproves a lot of what Rogers and Bell say about ESPN-owned games being shown only on their specialty packs.

      I’m sure the least popular (and least productive) guy on staff gets the scheduling job.

      Awesome that you are going to the Big House. I am waiting for the day I go to a college football game (almost seems like blasphemy I have never been).

  2. Would have been nice to actually see BC running roughshod over SC tonight but alas, it was more important for TSN to show the Argos-Calgary game on 4 different channels and Rogers to just completely fuck the pooch on their Super Soorts Pack offerings this week. Those fucks are regressing – first no SEC Network games and now we are not even getting all the “regular” ESPN games. I know, I know, first world problems. But holy fuck this is completely unacceptable.

    1. Wow sounds like Rogers is really dropping the ball. I got to watch both USC-BC and UK-UF on the U.S. College Sports Package. Problem with TSN is that the CFL will ALWAYS take precedence over college football and even the NFL. Nothing will change that. I am surprised that Rogers isn’t even showing SEC Network games though. Makes no sense and just seems lazy when Bell is showing them.

  3. But why is the same game on 4 feeds simultaneously? I get the CFL taking “priority” over NCAA and NFL but why show the same thing on 4 of 5 feeds? My understanding is that these 5 feeds are ALL available to everyone – not like SportsNet and their regional feeds. Am I wrong about that?

    And not only is Rogers not showing SEC Network games, USC-BC was on “regular” ESPN.

    I watched UK-UF via live stream with UCLA-Texas on the TV.

    1. I guess because technically TSN3, 4, and 5 are “regional” feeds to an extent. TSN doesn’t treat them that way and I don’t know why they couldn’t have put the CFL game on 3, 4, and 5 and left TSN1 for USC-BC. When it comes to the NHL you will see the “regional” aspect of the feeds. But I am a bit perplexed when they do that (although they do it with the NFL too which IMO is dumb as well).

      Yeah Rogers has scaled back by not showing all the ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU games on the SSP. Bell has stepped up to do all those, plus SEC Network games, plus some ACC regional games from FSN for some reason. Problem with Bell is we don’t always see them on the guide or they show up the day of the games. But that’s a much better problem to have than not getting them at all.

    2. TSN is contractually obligated to show all CFL games on TSN 1, 3, 4 & 5 if I am not mistaken.

      Rogers is going to LOSE a LOT of customers who are college football fans to Bell as they are NOT showing SEC Network games on their Super Sports Pack. And now they are REFUSING to show all ESPN, ESPN2 & ESPNU games? They are ripping off SSP subscribers left, right, front & center.

      1. Yeah I think you are right with TSN’s CFL obligations.

        As for Rogers, I don’t know why they aren’t mimicking what Bell is doing with their specialty pack. People pay a premium for these games so they want as much choice as possible (within reason). Maybe Bell has it correct with splitting up all the sports rather than putting them all in one huge special package?

  4. After reading this one post on the Digital Home Forum yesterday, I had another thought as to why Rogers is not showing any SEC Network games & all ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU games: could it be the pissing match (fierce competition) between Rogers & Bell, TSN & Sportsnet? Then again, Bell Fibe & Satellite will be offering NHL Centre Ice this year (despite Rogers owning the rights to Centre Ice & Gamecentre Live distribution across Canada) so who knows?

    1. It’s possible I guess. I think much of this has to do with Rogers getting 90+% of the hockey this coming year. They are so all in with hockey it’s crazy. Hockey, the Jays, half the EPL, and the Thursday night NFL game. Then their shitty SportsCentre knockoff (which is borderline-terrible most of the time) and a bunch of filler and crap. Oh, and poker. And darts evidently.

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