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Now introducing the new member of the Group of Five….the Big Ten! The Week 2 recap.

So I guess that would make them the Poor Group of Six now.
Wow, did the Big Ten ever shit the bed this weekend.  This was their chance to make a statement.  This was the conference’s opportunity to prove they weren’t the weakest of the Power Five conferences.  And they blew it.  And they did it in masterful fashion.  Let’s recap what the Big Ten did this weekend shall we?
Let’s start with Sparty.  It was looking like they were going to pull this one out.  Then they let Marcus Mariota do his thing and they let the Ducks blow it wide open.  Yes, the score is not totally indicative of how close the game was since it was quite close for a little more than three quarters.
Michigan looked terrible against the Irish.  Totally overmatched.  Don’t get me wrong, Everett Golson makes the Irish better and probably keeps them a top 20 team this season.  But the game shouldn’t have been that much of a blowout.
Urban, meet Frank.  Frank’s been around the block a bit.  He’s faced adversity.  He also knows how to get the most out of his players.  Not saying Urban doesn’t but anyone who believed tOSU was going to still win 10 games, if not 11 or run the table without Braxton Miller now knows that probably won’t be the case.
Illinois had to work hard to beat Western Kentucky (without Fun Bobby Petrino).  If Ameer Abdullah isn’t a Husker, Nebraska loses to McNeese State.  Penn State wasn’t exactly impressive against Akron.  Purdue got blown out by a middle-of-the-road MAC team.  Rutgers had trouble with Howard.  HOWARD.  And on and on and on.
I don’t think any of the Big Ten teams had a stellar Saturday.  And that includes Wisconsin who was only up 9-3 against Western Illinois early in the 3rd before actually starting to play some FBS ball.  Overall, pathetic.
Now for the rest of the weekend (and a couple of days) that was in college football:
  • Pitt looks like the real deal and I do believe they will start 8-0 and make some noise in the ACC.


  • I might have been wrong about Missouri.  Gary Pinkel has his Tigers back where they were last season and that could be scary.  Also, I am glad they won just for the fact it shut up those stupid vuvuzelas.  Who’s brilliant marketing idea was that?


  • Iowa State came within a hair of upsetting Papa Snyder’s Kansas State Wildcats.  Future Mountain West Conference member North Dakota State was not impressed.  Speaking of the Bison…


  • …their former head coach Craig Bohl pulled out a huge victory in Wyoming as his Cowboys hit the win column over Air Force.  I think we need to watch out for this team in a year or two.


  • There are quite a few teams still 2-0.  One of them is New Mexico State.  Another is Cal.  Yet another is Kentucky.  Yes, it is crazy but that’s September in college football.  Usually quite a few ridiculous things happen before conference play ramps up in October.


  • Poor Vandy.  I really thought they wouldn’t slip that far.  They looked totally outclassed against Ole Miss.  Yes it’s Ole Miss but it was the same against Temple.


  • South Carolina pulls out a win to go to 1-1 but man they still look shaky.  Georgia is up next and this is where we will see if it’s the Dawgs or the Cocks who have the edge in the SEC East.


  • Was it just me or was it just odd for Brent Musberger to be calling a game involving Sam Houston State?


  • Didn’t have the game to watch but I noticed UCLA struggled against Memphis.  Ugh, they have to hope this isn’t a sign of things to come with Zona and USC looking good early on.


  • Finally, WAAAAAY out west, Hawaii has actually kept it close against Washington and Oregon State.  Maybe the program isn’t in dire straits after all.  But they better be competitive inside the conference or else it’s all for naught.


Now for you NFL fans, if you see this in time, NFL Sunday ticket is supposed to be on FREE PREVIEW today.  Nice to start the season with that for sure, even if it is just for one week.  As of right now (1:04 pm) nothing is showing.  NFL RedZone is showing as a free preview so I don’t really know what’s going on here.  Typical Bell (and probably Rogers too).

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