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NFL Schedule for Week 1 and some quick college picks

OK, this will be a (relatively) short post.

A few of you want NFL schedules. I am surprised how difficult it was this first week to find anything on the NFL week 1 schedule.  But I believe I have cobbled one together (as I finally sit down to watch the Packers-Seahawks game):

1:00 New Orleans at Atlanta FOX (Burlington/Cleveland)/CTV Vancouver, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Northern Ontario
1:00 Minnesota at St. Louis N/A
1:00 Cleveland at Pittsburgh CBS (Rochester/Cleveland/Erie/Toledo)
1:00 Jacksonville at Philadelphia N/A
1:00 Oakland at NY Jets CBS (Syracuse/Albany)
1:00 Cincinnati at Baltimore N/A
1:00 Buffalo at Chicago FOX (Syracuse/Albany/Buffalo/Erie/Rochester/Toledo/Detroit/Flint)/CTV Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Atlantic, Montreal
1:00 Washington at Houston N/A
1:00 Tennessee at Kansas City N/A
1:00 New England at Miami CBS (Burlington/Detroit/Flint/Buffalo)/TSN2
4:25 Carolina at Tampa Bay N/A
4:25 San Francisco at Dallas FOX (All stations)/CTV Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Atlantic, Montreal, Northern Ontario, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Vancouver/CTV2 Atlantic
8:15 Indianapolis at Denver NBC/TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
7:00 NY Giants at Detroit TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5
10:15 San Diego at Arizona TSN1/TSN3/TSN4/TSN5

I am honestly amazed at how many games are not being shown this week.  By my count, six early games not being shown.  Then again, there are WAY too many 1:00 games this week, period.  Hopefully it is spread out more during the season.  So you have to know which FOX or CBS station you get in your area since it was somewhat difficult for me to find out (I get the Detroit channels for instance but also get MyTV out of Buffalo.  I know…odd).  I am going to try and figure this out for the future.  Also, if I didn’t include the CBS/FOX station you get, let me know and I can include it from now on.

College games of the week are easy.  The four I mentioned in the previous post are far and away the best (at least we will get…BYU-Texas could be good but it’s not on Canadian TV).

Let’s see if I can go perfect again this week (not bloody likely):

Penn State over Akron (OK I thought I’d start slow)

Toledo over Missouri (my upset pick of the week)

Stanford over USC

Ole Miss over Vanderbilt

Oregon over Michigan State

Notre Dame over Michigan

Update: Seems like MyTV is showing college football games despite the fact it isn’t anywhere on the guide.  Someone had mentioned this to me and I didn’t believe him (ye of little faith).  So at noon MyTV (WNYO) will be showing Charlotte vs. J-C Smith.  They are supposed to be showing games the rest of the day but I don’t know for sure.  And yes, my Toledo pick is already looking like shit.


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