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Time for the week two college football schedule…

…and still no news on the SEC Network games being on the specialty packs.  Don’t get me wrong, we are missing a bunch of shit-tastic games this coming weekend but it would be nice to know that we are getting them and not worry about conference games later on in the season that many would want to see and have no access to.  What all of this means is Bell and Rogers will continue to screw with our heads because they can (and I guess they find it fun in a way).

On to the week two schedule, starting with Thursday night:

Grand Valley State at Azusa Pacific 9:00 PM CBSSN

Aaaaaaaaaaaand this is part of the reason the loss of CBS Sports Network to Bell subscribers isn’t as bad as we would think.

OK so maybe the next night is more promising.

Pittsburgh at Boston College 7:00 PM SP
Washington State at Nevada 10:30 PM SP

It’s getting better…slowly.  Not exactly marquee matchups but at least it isn’t Division 2.

OK enough of the bullshit, let’s get to the main course…Saturday’s schedule.

Akron at Penn State 12:00 PM ABC
Western Illinois at Wisconsin 12:00 PM BTN
Buffalo at Army 12:00 PM CBSSN
Missouri at Toledo 12:00 PM SP
Oklahoma at Tulsa 12:00 PM TSN3
McNeese State at Nebraska 12:00 PM SP
SC State at Clemson 12:30 PM WSBK
USC at Stanford 3:30 PM ABC/TSN3
Northern Illinois at Northwestern 3:30 PM BTN
Maryland at USF 3:30 PM CBSSN
Ball State at Iowa 3:30 PM SP
Ohio at Kentucky 3:30 PM SP
Ole Miss at Vanderbilt 4:30 PM SP
Michigan State at Oregon 6:30 PM FOX
Arizona State at New Mexico 7:00 PM CBSSN
East Carolina at South Carolina 7:00 PM SP
San Jose State at Auburn 7:00 PM SP
Michigan at Notre Dame 7:30 PM NBC
Virginia Tech at Ohio State 8:00 PM SP
Colorado State at Boise State 10:15 PM SP
Air Force at Wyoming 10:15 PM SP
Oregon State at Hawaii 10:30 PM CBSSN

So other than a few games, it is rather blah to be honest.  Of course MSU-UO is a MASSIVE game at the odd time of 6:30 (to somewhat appease our west coast brethren).  USC-Stanford, Michigan-Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech-tOSU provide a sprinkling of big-game atmosphere throughout the day.  But when the noon ABC game is Akron-Penn State, you know it’s not going to be an amazing set of games to watch.  This is a weekend I don’t have my kids so of course I plan to overdose on college football, followed by some NFL overdosing to finish the weekend.  Speaking of the NFL…

I have been asked to provide some NFL schedules for this season.  Since I was asked politely I figured I’d oblige.  Problem is other than tomorrow night’s season opener between the Packers and the Seahawks (which is on NBC and four of the five TSNs), I have very little info for Sunday so far.  I hope to have this info for tomorrow.

Update:  Looked into the new ASN and where their games will be shown.  On their guide of what channels will show it is WNYO out of Buffalo.  When I went to one resource it had three games on Saturday (not amazing games, but more college football nonetheless) but on my personal Fibe guide it has no mention of it.  Hopefully we do get the games.  If not, it seems like we are almost getting a Canadian version of myTV (which is crap since myTV sucks for the most part).

Update #2: All of a sudden it looks like the SEC Network games have been added to the sports package (at least for Bell at this point; I assume Rogers should follow soon enough).  Florida Atlantic-Alabama is on at what looks like 12:00, Eastern Michigan-Florida at 4:00, and then Sam Houston State-LSU at 7:30.  To be honest, for this week it doesn’t really matter but it is good this is done now so that in future weeks when conference games are on the SEC Network, we can get them without any hassle.  Also, I have noticed some of the overflow BTN games are appearing on the Rogers college football package.  Western Kentucky-Illinois, Howard-Rutgers, and Middle Tennessee-Minnesota have all been added.  Us Bell people don’t get those games at all (thanks a lot Bell).


13 thoughts on “Time for the week two college football schedule…

  1. Yeah, not many great games, but the 4 you mentioned are awesome. I am not totally and utterly confused by the sports pak. Today, they added the Noon Big Ten Network (BTN) games….huh?? Not that it is a great game, but the Missouri-Toledo game at noon on ESPN (it was ABC/ESPN2/ESPN) is not on anywhere. My guess is that because there was uncertainty regarding which channel it would be on, they aren’t dynamic enough to slot it in. And then today those BTN games show up on the SP guide….
    Totally and utterly confused – welcome back to Canadian Broadcasting right!

    By the way, I guess Gurley is the front runner for Heisman. Perhaps Clemson’s D isn’t so good after all (Georgia’s two freshmen put up some big runs too).

    1. Hi Ditka,

      The more people that make their views known, there’s a better chance that we will actually be taken seriously by the CRTC.

      @ Bossman,

      Any chance that you will make some game picks for Week One & every week of the NFL Season which starts tomorrow night?

    2. Yeah after the top four it quickly turns to mediocrity.

      Missouri-Toledo only shows up in SD on the Bell pack, which surprises me a lot because they put McNeese State-Nebraska in HD. And no BTN games on Bell’s pack but Rogers gets them on two channels. Crazy.

      1. As long as they get some logic to it by the time Conference play starts by end of Sept. / October.
        Wishful thinking….

      2. That is the thing. Last year, I know week one and two were poorly planned out and then week three came and all of a sudden things were much better. You’d think they would be ready for this but with the new TSNs and Rogers blowing their load (and many others’ loads) on the NHL package, it’s like they forgot that the college football season was here.

  2. I spent some time on the phone with a few people at Rogers the past couple of days. As you can imagine, virtually everyone I spoke with had no clue what I was talking about. Eventually I did get through to someone who (after consulting with some male colleagues who know about football – her words, not mine) advised me that as of now Rogers has no plans to make the SEC Network available. I felt like telling her that, as of now, Rogers can kiss my ass. But I didn’t.

    1. It sounds like Bell may be in the same boat as Rogers. I see no indication that their college football package will show any SEC Network games which floors me and really just makes no sense. Yes, TSN (of all channels) will step up and show at least a few of the SEC Network games but beyond that, everyone in this area may be shut out this season.

      1. So far every SEC Network game has been aired on Bell’s SP (even Sunday night’s Tennessee vs. Utah State game), it just doesn’t show up in the guide.

        Someone posted on the Digital Home forum about ESPN’s Longhorn Network – this also makes me curious but I doubt we’ll be getting any of those games.

      2. Do you have Satellite or Fibe? Just wondering. I checked Sunday afternoon on all the SD channels and USU-Tennessee wasn’t on at all and I’m on Fibe.

        I don’t understand why they would not put it on the guide though. Doesn’t make sense.

      3. So just got off the chat with a Bell rep. Talk about a waste of time. They couldn’t give me any information whatsoever as per usual. I had said “There is nothing on the guide showing an SEC Network game on the college sports package. There are some people telling me those games were actually on though. How would I be able to PVR that if I didn’t know it was on in the first place?” I have a feeling that was just so far over this person’s head. Frustrating to say the least.

    1. Pac-12 Network probably never since it is wholly owned by the Pac-12.

      SEC Network probably not since it’s essentially ESPN: The Ocho. As of right now, just getting the games of that network to here seems to be a difficult puzzle for Bell and Rogers to solve (why I don’t know but who knows when you’re dealing with them).

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