College Football

No, I will not refer to him as Kenny Football – Week 1 Recap

Calling Kenny Hill Kenny Football is fucking lazy.  Even coming from you Johnny Great Lakes.  I hope there doesn’t come a day where Hill gets injured on the SEC on CBS game of the week and we have to hear this exchange:

Gary – “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!”

Verne – “You bastards………yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, etc.” as Lundquist can’t stop laughing.

Week One News and Notes and Crap and Garbage

Might as well do this chronologically (to an extent) so that I can start with Kenny Hill, Kenny Hill, and Kenny f’n Hill.

  • Way to go Gamecocks.  Screw up one of my CFP picks on the Thursday night of week one.  Then again, you didn’t think you’d be up against a god-damn juggernaut of a QB.  And this is why Kevin Sumlin is quickly becoming one of the best coaches in the game, period.
  • I picked Wake Forest to win one game this season. I think I may have overestimated their capabilities.
  • Boise State and Ole Miss put on a showdown that looked like a high school game on cable…for three quarters at least.  Then the Rebs decided to stop screwing around and put it away, showing why many have them at an outside shot at double digit wins this season.
  • A fucking rain delay.  Loss of timeouts due to slogan on back of jerseys only to be overturned by email (probably from a Yahoo or AOL account).  Then the Vandy of the 2000s (not to be confused with the James Franklin Commodore Experience) showed up.  What a clusterfuck.  And I stayed up to watch it all.  So who’s the idiot?
  • I said BYU would be dangerous.  And I also said UConn wouldn’t be a force even with Bob Diaco’s best Al Golden impression (you forgot the tie Bob).
  • Two of the better games of the weekend, Tulsa-Tulane and Villanova-Syracuse were unavailable to me.  Nova-Cuse I understand but losing the CBS Sports Network for no other reason than the channel number needs to go dormant (since it isn’t replaced by anything in essence) pisses me off.
  • After the FCS insanity last season, only two FCS teams won this weekend.  Bethune-Cookman beat a team that could easily fit into their own conference in FIU.  Then future Mountain West conference member North Dakota State laid waste to Iowa State.  So really, no surprises here.
  • The surprises were in some of the big-time contenders.  Florida State looked shaky against the Pokes, the Tide struggled for three-plus quarters to put away West Virginia, Ohio State needed three quarters just to get going against Navy, and Auburn and UCLA didn’t look overly impressive in their wins.  Is this a case of opening weekend jitters?  Are some of these teams not as good as many think they are?  Or are some of the not-so-good teams showing they have to be taken seriously?  I think it’s a combination of one and three.
  • So we are one week in and the only player who would have been on any pre-season Heisman lists to make a splash was Todd Gurley and holy shit did he ever.  He ran roughshod over a good Tigers defense.  Maybe Georgia is now the team to beat in the SEC East but it is early.
  • As for players (and teams) coming out of nowhere, what the fuck happened Friday night?  Brandon Doughty went crazy as did Western Kentucky and they destroyed Bowling Green, a team that some have picked as the Poor Group of Five’s representative in the New Year’s Six bowls (as it has been recently coined by someone…my guess is Kirk Herbstreit).
  • As for all the weather delays, I don’t remember a weekend, even with a hurricane involved , that caused this much in delays for weather.  And now we have a game that won’t be played probably until December, if at all (Idaho-Florida).

As for my picks, six for six!  Impressive!  So of course I didn’t bet on it because I always wait for the times when I don’t pick them all correctly to wager money and inevitably lose.  If I ever start a gambling line, shoot me…in the nuts.  I don’t even want to tell you what to do to the people who would take my gambling advice.

Either tomorrow or Thursday I will have the Week 2 sked out.  Of course the big Michigan State-Oregon game which is huge.  There’s also USC-Stanford, Michigan-Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech-Ohio State.  It’s amazing.  I think every single game had the commentary teams discussing whether scheduling will change in the future with strength of schedule being more important in the past.  To be honest, I don’t think anything will happen until a one-loss team loses out on the semis solely because of their crappy schedule.  Then the bigger schools will change their minds and ALWAYS have at least one strong non-conference foe, if not two, on the schedule every season.


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