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Week 1 Schedule….at this point…let the frustration begin!

I think it’s about time I do the schedule for the first week.  I will be honest, hasn’t been easy with the new SEC Network throwing a wrinkle into a lot of things.  Plus, my friends at Bell are not making things easy whatsoever.  So let’s look at this day-by-day as it probably makes it easier.  Just for your reference, SP means specialty pack (either the Super Sports Pack for Rogers or the U.S. College Sports Package for Bell).


Abilene Christian at Georgia State 7:00 PM SP

A waiver was needed to get this game on the Wednesday.  Scheduling issues makes this the first game of the season for an FBS team.


Eastern Illinois at Minnesota 7:00 PM BTN*
Wake Forest at ULM 7:00 PM TSN2
Tulane at Tulsa 8:00 PM CBSSN*
Boise State vs. Ole Miss (in Atlanta) 8:00 PM TSN3

Hey did you notice something missing?  No Texas A&M-South Carolina.  No Temple-Vanderbilt.  No SEC Network games.  As of this time (Tuesday night), there is no sight of these two SEC Network games on either the TSN family of networks or on the specialty packs.  Then again, Bell has nothing other than the Wednesday nighter on their specialty pack.  I sense this could be another frustrating year (at times) to get this information from Bell.  I am using the info from Rogers as they have their first weekend info up.  My guess is that the EIU-Minny game could end up on the specialty pack for Bell since we don’t get the Big Ten Network.  On top of that, Bell subscribers also don’t get the CBS Sports Network.  I was told it was to make room for other channels.  This is possibly a bullshit reason since the channel it was on is nowhere near the channels the new TSN channels took over.


BYU at Connecticut 7:00 PM SP
Jacksonville State at Michigan State 7:30 PM BTN*
Bowling Green at Western Kentucky 8:00 PM CBSSN*
UTSA at Houston 9:00 PM SP
UNLV at Arizona 10:30 PM SP

We get all the major (if you can call them that) games for this night.  Again, taking the Rogers schedule as what will be seen on Bell (it is about 95% similar save for the BTN overflow games, and even some of the regular BTN games).


Penn State vs. UCF (in Dublin) 8:30 AM SP
Northern Iowa at Iowa 12:00 PM BTN*
Navy vs. Ohio State (in Baltimore) 12:00 PM CBSSN*
UCLA at Virginia 12:00 PM TSN3
Appalachian State at Michigan 12:00 PM TSN2
Western Michigan at Purdue 12:00 PM SP
Georgia Southern at NC State 12:30 PM WSBK
Rice at Notre Dame 3:00 PM NBC
Alabama vs. West Virginia (in Atlanta) 3:30 PM ABC/TSN3
Florida Atlantic at Nebraska 3:30 PM BTN*
California at Northwestern 3:30 PM TSN2
South Dakota State at Missouri 3:30 PM SP
Clemson at Georgia 5:30 PM SP
Northern Arizona at San Diego State 7:00 PM CBSSN*
Idaho at Florida 7:00 PM SP
Fresno State at USC 7:30 PM FOX
Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (in Arlington) 8:00 PM ABC/TSN3
LSU vs. Wisconsin (in Houston) 9:00 PM SP
Washington at Hawaii 10:30 PM CBSSN*

I thought this day would never come.  The first Saturday of the new season and holy shit do we college football fans get some good games (mixed with some shit but I digress).  And, if that damn volcano in Iceland stops acting like a dick, it could start at 8:30 in the morning!  It’s like college football heaven.  Normally I hate simsubs as to me it seems like lazy programming.  I will give TSN a break this week since they debuted their new channels about 36 hours ago.  After this week, no excuses though (unless they have no other games to pick from).  Saying that, there really is no other choice for TSN for the primetime game.  The mid-afternoon game, they could have gone with Arkansas-Auburn for some SEC Network flavour (which we are getting none of on opening weekend).


Alabama A&M vs. North Carolina A&T (in Orlando) 11:45 AM SP

One FCS game starting before noon.  That’s it, that’s all but hey, it’s college football on Sunday.  Let’s embrace it this one time.


Miami at Louisville 8:00 PM TSN3

And speaking of embracing…college football on Monday night!  This is now a tradition and seems to go to the ACC.  Not a bad choice this season as they get Louisville’s first ACC conference matchup and it will be a test.

Games of the Week

OK so these are the games we can see.  So no Texas A&M-South Carolina although I would have put it on here.

Clemson at Georgia – Arguably the biggest game of the opening weekend.  This game could potentially eliminate a contender from the CFP-alooza Bowl-A-Thon on the first night.

Wisconsin vs. LSU (in Houston) – Interesting host site for this but it should be close to a sellout, a little skewed in favour of Tiger fans.  Again, potentially an early elimination game.  Also, a check on some amazing running games.  Melvin Gordon and Leonard Fournette can start their Heisman campaigns here.

Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (in Arlington) – Neutral site games in Week 1 are all the rage (7 FBS, 1 FCS).  And they usually get some amazing matchups.  Let’s see if there is some championship hangover for Jameis Heisman and his Noles.  And will the Pokes start their step back here or does Gundy’s boys (BOYS…Gundy is the man) put a scare in Jimbo?


Someone asked if I was doing picks.  Hey, might as well, this can’t get much worse.  So here we go with a few of my picks from games we will see:

  • ULM over Wake Forest
  • Ole Miss over Boise State
  • Penn State over UCF (if they end up playing at all)
  • Alabama over West Virginia (big win here)
  • LSU over Wisconsin in a close one
  • Louisville over Miami in Fun Bobby’s return

If there are any changes to the schedule, I will make them on the main part of the document (meaning I won’t put them in the updates after the article).  Keep checking, get your PVRs fired up or, if you’re lucky, just sit down these next five days and watch some college football.  The season is here…finally.

Update: This is a big one.  I guess they tried to sneak it past me.  That’s what I get for being too busy at work to notice.  Texas A&M-South Carolina has appeared on the sports pack (along with Temple-Vanderbilt).  I haven’t seen any mention of the Saturday SEC Network games or the Sunday Utah State-Tennessee game yet.  Hopefully we will see them appear in the next 12 hours.


24 thoughts on “Week 1 Schedule….at this point…let the frustration begin!

  1. BTN games won’t be shown on the SP (at least not Bell) because the rights are owned by Fox. The US Sports packs in Canada (again, at least for Bell) are a partnership with ESPN and thus won’t show any games affiliated with Fox or CBS. In the years I’ve subscribed through Bell, I’ve never once seen a game from BTN or CBS College Sports.

    Having said that, the SEC Network is run by ESPN and thus SHOULD be part of Bell’s US College Sports Pack. A few weeks ago I checked and indeed the game was included in the guide, but as you pointed out, it isn’t anymore. I’m going to harass @Bell_Support and @BellMedia_PR until they add it back, and I suggest everyone else does too!

    1. I’m talking about the TAMU vs. SC game on Thursday, by the way. And the twitter handles are @BellMediaPR and @Bell_Support

    2. I’m positive I have seen a couple games appear from BTN on the specialty packs although it was a rarity and almost seemed like a mistake. FOX went from 49% to 51% for the start of the 2011 season so maybe it was before that although I can’t be sure. You’re right that last year there wasn’t a BTN game on the specialty packs (I made sure to look).

      CBS Sports Network has never had to be on the specialty pack because we actually got the channel until recently. Still bugs me they took it off for a reason that doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s almost like they’re punishing viewers because they were forced to include the new TSNs as part of a regular cable package and not as part of the sports pack.

      Yeah I am a bit perplexed as to the non-inclusion of SEC Network games on the specialty packs (at this point) as well. Hell, they’ve even run some ESPNEWS and ESPN3 games there before so it’s odd to say the least.

      1. When I spoke to a Bell rep a few years ago, I was told the US Sports Pack is made up exclusively of ABC/ESPN rights-held games. I hope that changes.

        The only way we’ll get that TAMU/SC game is if we remind Bell they can include it!

  2. Discussion with a Rogers rep regarding SEC NEtwork:
    9:17 AM Ryan Hewlett:
    I am looking for the South Carolina – Texas AM college football game on the sports pak. Is it being carried?
    9:17 AM Anthony:
    Hi there
    9:17 AM Anthony:
    Okay one moment
    9:20 AM Ryan Hewlett:
    It is scheduled for 6pm tonight (Thursday)
    9:20 AM Anthony:
    Just asked someone on that and they said that it may be on CBS sports or the Big 10 channel
    9:22 AM Ryan Hewlett:
    no, it won’t be. It is carried by the SEC Network ( a division of ESPN). I notice no games from the SEC Network are on the guide. Should they be on the guide and not posted yet, or is the sports pak not including games from the SEC Network?
    9:23 AM Anthony:
    Unfortunately do not cover SEC Network at the moment was advised
    9:24 AM Ryan Hewlett:
    do they know why not, and when may it be covered?
    9:26 AM Anthony:
    Just has not been okay’ed by CRTC Canada as of yet
    9:26 AM Anthony:
    Their always working on those things

    1. Interesting… CRTC blocking the SEC Network.

      Looks like I may need to petition the CRTC; in the meantime it’ll force me to stream the game on a less-than-legal internet site rather than receive it on a legally paid-for service.

      1. Yeah I don’t understand this at all. We just want the SEC Network GAMES, that’s all. Doesn’t seem so difficult. Then again, this is the CRTC we are talking about…

  3. Hey aa_armchairqb & Bossman,

    Have both of you joined the CRTC’s “Help Shape the Future of TV in Canada” discussion forum?

    I posted on there today and mentioned the SEC Network in one of my submissions.

    It is absolutely RIDICULOUS & PATHETIC that we CANNOT see this evening’s game between Texas A&M & South Carolina legally here in Canada.

    In the same submission, I have mentioned Sportsnet buying the rights to Fox Sports 1 NCAA Football games and their REFUSAL to show any games from FS1 (save for two of them last year). Is this kind of practice employed by Sportsnet the last three years not considered anti competitive behavior? They are doing the same thing with MLB games aired on Fox Sports 1 this year as far as I am concerned. Much like NCAA games, Sportsnet has no problem airing MLB games from Fox OTA though.

      1. Awesome aa_armchairqb.

        If you can get all of your friends, co-workers & family members who are college football fans to do the same, that would be great. The more people who post their views on the CRTC discussion forums, the better our chances become to get the ESPN Networks, Fox Sports 1 and the SEC Network here in Canada along with many other positive changes for Canadian consumers.

  4. UPDATE:

    The Texas A&M @ South Carolina game is available on Bell. It’s not on the guide but it’s being broadcast. This according to a poster on the Digital Home Forum.

    For those with Rogers, maybe it’s available to you as well. Check the sports pack channels.

      1. Great to hear Bossman! It is definitely encouraging news for sure. Earlier this week, TSN tweeted that they will carry some SEC Network games this season. I don’t know if you heard or read about that. At least you are getting the Texas A&M @ South Carolina game tonight. Is the Utah State @ Tennessee game also an SEC Network telecast?

      2. TSN will be showing a few SEC Network games this season. The U.S. College Sports Package will also show some so we should get at least half of the SECN games this season.

        USU-Tennessee is an SEC Network telecast for late Sunday afternoon. As of right now, I see nothing on either TSN or the specialty pack about this. But seeing how Bell and Rogers (moreso Bell) are with their schedules, it could very well just show up tomorrow on the sked.

      3. That and the fact they realized “Hey, SEC Network is basically ESPN: The Ocho. We should probably show at least some of the games to keep some of the people who pay $100 for the college sports package happy.”

  5. Just discovering this blog now. Looks very good. I will be following this season.

    I have Rogers Super sports pak.

    Very disappointed A&M South Carolina is not on. Wake v LMonroe…no thanks.

    I have a bad feeling most(all) SEC v SEC games not on CBS will not be shown on Rogers. Brutal! Please let me know if you hear anything.

    1. That sucks about A&M-Carolina not being on for Rogers customers. I came home in time to quite a few tweets and emails telling me that it was on the Bell U.S. College Sports Package and lo and behold it was. So if you like close games, you didn’t miss much since the Aggies destroyed the Gamecocks in every facet of the game.

      Turned to WF-ULM just now. Good game going on as they are tied early in the 4th.

      As for SEC Network games, I know between the TSNs and the specialty pack, we will get quite a few of those games. I am still trying to find out if Rogers customers get these games on the SSP, but no news on that front yet. I will let everyone know when I find out.

  6. just stumbled upon this blog. i have bell college sports package and all sec network games for this weekend have just been updated and shown on my guide. love it. ut-m/uk, ark/aub, so miss/ms st, utah st/tenn.

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