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So NOW who’s going to gawk at the women in the stands and call them out during national broadcasts (it’s ABC schedule time!)


No Brent Musburger may mean no Katherine Webb (or for you gentlemen who are a few years older like myself, no Jenn Sterger).  I can make a pretty safe assumption and say that Chris Fowler isn’t quite the pervert that Senor Musburger so it’ll be up to the fans to scope out the hot women and make an insanely big deal out of it.  I’m not too worried though; there are, on average, at least 9 gratuitous shots of gorgeous college-aged women per telecast of college football.  And somehow ABC always seems to be way above that average.  Anyway…

Here is the projected ESPN College Football on ABC schedule (man that’s a mouthful):

August-30-14 Alabama vs. West Virginia (in Atlanta) (confirmed) 3:30 PM
August-30-14 Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (in Arlington) (confirmed) 8:00 PM
September-06-14 Akron at Penn State (confirmed) 12:00 PM
September-06-14 USC at Stanford (confirmed) 3:30 PM
September-13-14 East Carolina at Virginia Tech 12:00 PM
September-13-14 Arkansas at Texas Tech 3:30 PM
September-13-14 Tennessee at Oklahoma 8:00 PM
September-20-14 North Carolina at East Carolina 12:00 PM
September-20-14 Oklahoma at West Virginia 3:30 PM
September-20-14 Miami at Nebraska 8:00 PM
September-27-14 Temple at Connecticut 12:00 PM
September-27-14 Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (in East Rutherford) 3:30 PM
September-27-14 Stanford at Washington 8:00 PM
October-04-14 Ohio State at Maryland 3:30 PM
October-04-14 Nebraska at Michigan State 8:00 PM
October-11-14 Oklahoma vs. Texas (in Dallas) 12:00 PM
October-11-14 Oklahoma State at Kansas 3:30 PM
October-18-14 Stanford at Arizona State 3:30 PM
October-18-14 Notre Dame at Florida State 8:00 PM
October-25-14 Michigan at Michigan State 3:30 PM
October-25-14 Ohio State at Penn State 8:00 PM
November-01-14 North Carolina at Miami 12:00 PM
November-01-14 Stanford at Oregon 3:30 PM
November-01-14 Illinois at Ohio State 8:00 PM
November-08-14 Kansas State at TCU 12:00 PM
November-08-14 Notre Dame at Arizona State 3:30 PM
November-08-14 Ohio State at Michigan State (confirmed) 8:00 PM
November-15-14 Virginia Tech at Duke 3:30 PM
November-15-14 Florida State at Miami 8:00 PM
November-22-14 Indiana at Ohio State 3:30 PM
November-22-14 Oklahoma State at Baylor 8:00 PM
November-28-14 Nebraska at Iowa 12:00 PM
November-28-14 NC State at North Carolina 3:30 PM
November-29-14 Michigan at Ohio State 12:00 PM
November-29-14 Stanford at UCLA (confirmed) 3:30 PM
November-29-14 Notre Dame at USC 8:00 PM
December-06-14 Oklahoma State at Oklahoma 12:00 PM
December-06-14 ACC Championship Game 8:00 PM

This truly is a blue-sky look at the schedule.  I can see at least a couple of these games moving to one of the ESPNs as ABC won’t have three games EVERY Saturday (although we can wish can’t we?).

Thanks to the Pac-12 bitching about having many of their conference games on late-night when most east coasters have gone to bed, more Pac-12 games should be seen on ABC broadcasts this year.  Some other notes about the projected schedule:

  • As I said before, don’t expect noon games every week.  If I had to pick a few of the probable casualties, they would be Kansas State/TCU on Nov. 8, UNC/Miami the week before that, Temple/UConn on Sept. 27, and UNC/ECU on Sept. 20.  Poor Heels.  Also, expect at least one of the 3:30 games to be not shown although this happens a lot less than eliminating noon games.
  • The following teams are projected to appear at least three times on the big network this season: Florida State (3), Oklahoma State (3), Stanford (5), Oklahoma (4), North Carolina (3), Miami (3), Nebraska (3), Notre Dame (4), Ohio State (6), Michigan State (3).
  • The conference breakout is as follows: Big Ten (11), Pac-12 (7), Big XII (7), ACC (6), American (2).  There are also four neutral-site games and the ACC Championship (so I guess the ACC technically has seven).
  • Depending on how the season goes, a few of the ESPN2 reverse mirror games could end up showing in this area on ABC and vice versa.  We usually get a heavier dose of eastern teams so it will be interesting to see how many Pac-12 and Big XII games we actually end up getting.

I have decided to forgo the NBC schedule (all Notre Dame, all the time…except for the Grambling-Southern match…very random).  Now I have to “play out” the season to start thinking about my predictions.  I also have NFL predictions to do.  I know that allowing a preseason game or two to go by before making predictions is akin to cheating but let’s be honest; if the 5th string left guard gets moved over to become the backup right guard, no one (except that guy and the guy he’s replacing) gives a shit.  It probably won’t change the team’s overall outcome for the season.  And yes, I will be harping on my Super Bowl pick from last year (despite the fact the result was the opposite).

One final note.  A single rumour has floated up about the new TSN channels.  A post from 506Sports (@506sports) stated that August 25th would be the tentative start date for TSN 3, 4, and 5.  Just in time for the college football season!  I assume the powers that be want to come out of the gate strong with this trio of channels so expect as much live sports as they can show on the newbies.  This, of course, includes college football.  This begs the question, how much will they beef up the Super Sports Pack (Rogers) and U.S. College Sports Package (Bell)?  With a few games per week going to TSN networks, less will be shown on the specialty packs.  And at $100 a pop you can guarantee less subscribers if they cut programming amounts.  Not me.  I am an idiot and am glad to pay that one-time fee for as much college football as I can take but the slightly less-inclined CFB fan (or someone who gets the Bell package more for basketball) might say it isn’t worth the value.  I will start poking around and see what I can find on this.

9 thoughts on “So NOW who’s going to gawk at the women in the stands and call them out during national broadcasts (it’s ABC schedule time!)

  1. “I know that allowing a preseason game or two to go by before making predictions is akin to cheating but let’s be honest”

    Making your predictions for the NFL season during the exhibition games is not cheating in my opinion. Peyton Manning was out for the entire 2011 season and it screwed up Indianapolis that year. For me, I have New Orleans winning Super Bowl XLIX this year. I won’t (unless Drew Brees or a key offensive or defensive player is injured) but for example, my prediction can change between now and kickoff of the Packers @ Seahawks season opener on September 4th.

    1. Yeah give me a few days and I will give my predictions. I almost have them done but I like to take a quick look at some preview mags and I STILL haven’t got my Phil Steele ones yet. Not impressed. Taking forever!

      1. I haven’t gotten my College & NFL magazines from Phil Steele yet either. For me, maybe I will get them tonight or tomorrow. If not, then hopefully sometime next week. Another good magazine if you wager on NCAA & NFL games is Marc Lawrence’s Playbook publication. They have great information & trends on each FBS & NFL team. Throughout August and the entire season, I will be doing lots of studying.

      2. Yeah, hindsight being 20/20 I should have ordered the two magazines separate. It would have cost an extra $20 in shipping but at this point I don’t think I am caring anymore. I knew the college mag had to wait for the NFL mag to be distributed to be sent to international customers. I just didn’t think it would take THIS long.

  2. Did you get your magazines from Phil Steele yet? I got mine in the mail this afternoon. For me it was worth the wait because the content in the College & NFL Previews this year is AWESOME!

      1. Great to hear man! Phil & his team of staff are truly amazing!

        If you sign up for his email club, you can get the 2015 College & NFL Previews and save a bit of money. You will need to call the office, make the order and pay it by the end of this month. Plus, the code listed in the magazine must be mentioned. I just might take advantage of this offer.

  3. Any updates on the TSN schedule for us Canadians? I’ll probably still subscribe to the US College Sports Pack but am curious to know what TSN will be carrying.

  4. Nothing yet. I can be pretty sure that the FCS game on the 23rd will be on the specialty pack. I have been in contact with TSN but I have a feeling a fuller schedule will come out sometime in the next week (closer to the start of the season). When I find out I will let you know.

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