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GUS JOHNSON, GUS JOHNSON, and more GUS JOHNSON….oh and Charles Davis and some other jabronies…yes it’s the FOX College Football schedule!

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OK is it just me or is it Gus Johnson’s goal to do play-by-play for every sport imaginable?  I have seen many videos on good ol’ JR (Jim Ross of WWE fame for you unknowledgeable about wrestling people) doing commentary for other sports.  Someone should get ol’ Gus to do the same thing.  Wait, isn’t FOX getting the U.S. Open golf tournament starting next year?  Oh shit, we may just get it then.  I’m not saying I don’t like Gus Johnson because I do…at calling football (and the occasional basketball game).  But too much Gus Johnson can’t be good for us, can it?

Alright, enough of the GUS JOHNSON talk (for now).  Here’s the predicted FOX college football schedule for this season (all times are EST…or is it EDT?  Also they are at 7:30 unless otherwise noted):

August 30 – Fresno State at USC – confirmed

September 6 – Michigan State at Oregon (6:30) – confirmed

September 13 – Illinois at Washington (4:00); Texas vs. UCLA (in Jerry World…at 8:00) – both of these are confirmed

September 20 – Oregon at Washington State

September 27 – Oregon State at USC

October 4 – Oklahoma at TCU

October 11 – TCU at Baylor

October 18 – Washington at Oregon

October 25 – Texas at Kansas State (3:30)

November 1 – Oklahoma State at Kansas State

November 8 – UCLA at Washington (3:00); Baylor at Oklahoma

November 15 – Oklahoma at Texas Tech (3:30); Texas at Oklahoma State

November 22 – USC at UCLA

November 28 – Arizona State at Arizona (3:30) – confirmed

November 29 – Oregon at Oregon State (3:30)

December 5 – Pac-12 Championship Game (9:00) – confirmed

December 6 – Kansas State at Baylor (3:30); Big Ten Championship Game (8:00) – confirmed

There’s the regular season schedule.  Oh and a grand total of zero bowl games (thanks a bunch ESPN).  All Big XII and Pac-12 teams since that’s who they have the rights to.  Much like CBS’s SEC schedule, much has to do with how the teams are doing during the season.  If an upstart team like a West Virginia or a Utah looks like a legitimate big-time team you can be sure GUS and his sidekick Charles will be heading there instead.  A few other notes on the projected schedule:

  • The Big XII gets a minimum of six games on the big network and the Pac-12 gets eight.  As of right now we have the Longhorn Conference with a total of 8 and the Pac-12 at 11, not including the conference championship games.  I can see one or two of the afternoon starts (if they are part of a doubleheader) being sent to Fox Sports One (oh joy oh bliss).
  • With the Big XII, I have Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor, and Kansas State all appearing three times, TCU and OSU twice, and Texas Tech once.  No West Virginia, Iowa State, or Kansas which makes sense because unless any of those teams are great does anyone want to see Drunk Uncle Holgorsen, or the Natural Disasters (Mangino and Weis)?
  • With our west coast brethren, Team Nike (the Ducks) tops out at four appearances, followed by USC, Washington, and UCLA at 3.  Oregon State gets two big network appearances and Wazzu and the two Arizonas get one spot a piece.  No Colorado, Utah, Cal, or Stanford.  The first three sure but I am a bit shocked that Stanford doesn’t show up here.  Part of that will be the selection of games that ESPN has but a big part is the sheer number of times I think the Cardinal are on ABC (which is a rarity for a Pac-12 team).

Next up may be an NBC schedule although that may be a short post.  I will definitely be doing an ABC schedule for this year which is a lot tougher than the other main networks (if you don’t include ESPN).  I am hoping to find out some news on what’s happening with the TSN family of networks but still no dice.  I am hoping that the three new channels will be ready by late August but with no announcement at this point (and being 30 days from the opening game*) it makes me a bit nervous.  Also, no news on the SEC Network’s impact on where some of the SEC games will end up here.  Again, the hope is I can find out sooner rather than later.


2 thoughts on “GUS JOHNSON, GUS JOHNSON, and more GUS JOHNSON….oh and Charles Davis and some other jabronies…yes it’s the FOX College Football schedule!

  1. Let’s see if TSN & Bell Media delivers on starting up TSN 3, 4 & 5 before the college football season. The optimist in me says that they will deliver because their 30th anniversary is coming up at the beginning of this September and they are not Rogers & Sportsnet. Based on the way they scheduled college football games (and found ways to add some to their schedule the last two years), TSN will probably announce that they are starting up TSN 3, 4 & 5 between the start of August and the first game of FBS action. I don’t think that TSN will disappoint us college football fans this year.

    1. You are probably right. With Rogers making the huge splash with the hockey mega-contract, TSN has to do something big as well. If they don’t deliver on the three new channels by the end of August, they will look bad.
      And yeah, with three new channels, most of them geared to live sports, we should see a marked increase in college football coverage this fall (thankfully).

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