college football TV schedule

SEC on CBS Schedule Analysis for SEC-tards…and other college football fans I guess


It’s about that time of year. We are a month and a day from Day One of the college football season*. Now it’s time to look at what some of the broadcasting schedules look like. And who better to start with than the god-damn SEC on god-damn CBS. They get some of the best regular season games every year (and one shit-tastic semi-forgotten bowl game not involving any SEC teams…go figure). And of course we are one year closer to Verne Lundquist getting put in the old folks’ home. I’m sure Gary Danielson will give us full analysis of how that is going.

Anyway, here’s the SEC on CBS schedule (all games are 3:30 unless otherwise noted):

September 13 – Georgia at South Carolina (confirmed)
September 20 – Florida at Alabama
September 27 – Missouri at South Carolina
October 4 – LSU at Auburn
October 11 – LSU at Florida (12:00); Ole Miss at Texas A&M
October 18 – Texas A&M at Alabama
October 25 – South Carolina at Auburn
November 1 – Florida vs. Georgia (Cocktail Party)
November 8 – Florida at Vanderbilt; Alabama at LSU (8:00)
November 15 – Auburn at Georgia
November 22 – Missouri at Tennessee
November 28 – Arkansas at Missouri (2:30)
November 29 – Auburn at Alabama
December 6 – SEC Championship (4:00) (confirmed)

A few notes on all this:

  • Other than the first and the last games on the sked, nothing is guaranteed.  This is just a best guess based on last year.  Remember last year?  I figured Missouri would appear a grand total of zero times because they were terrible.  Yeah, one of my many shitty predictions.
  • Based on the sked I have, Florida, Alabama, and Auburn appearing the most (4 times), followed by Georgia, South Carolina, Mizzou, and LSU at 3, Texas A&M at 2, and Ole Miss, Vandy, Tennessee, and Arkansas appearing a single time.  I really need to be nicer to Mississippi State.  For the second straight year I have the Bulldogs appearing a grand total of zero times on CBS.  Watch them run the table and prove me wrong (not bloody likely but Missouri sure made me look the fool last year).  I can’t say the same thing about Kentucky though.  They are still the SEC’s whipping boy until further notice.
  • I have 15 games down on this list which is the maximum amount of SEC games CBS is allowed to show.  They still get first choice on most weekends, although it will be interesting now with the brand-new SEC Network showing games at 4:00 as well.
  • Expect the Cocktail Party and Alabama-LSU to be guaranteed regardless of how those teams are doing.

Looks like an awesome schedule yet again.  They also get Air Force-Army, Army-Navy game, Navy-Notre Dame, and the Mountain West title game this season so definitely a nice spread of games on a network that is somewhat limited as to what they show.  Don’t know who the second announce team will be on those two multi-game Saturdays.  I assume Spero Dedes will do play-by-play but it’s not confirmed and a lot has to do with who has to do NFL games the following day.  And of course, we get a full season of Allie LaForce.  That alone is a win for all of us.

OK so that is the first of a few network outlooks.  I plan to do ABC and FOX.  ESPN games would be way too tough.  I might tackle a TSN schedule but again, that might be a bit overwhelming at this point since a) I don’t know when the three new networks even start airing and b) nobody knows what kind of programming we will see in general on TSN due to losing all that hockey.  Hopefully some of those answers will appear over the next week or so.


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