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Biggest Games of the 2014 College Football Season – The Last Part

Finally! The last set of important games of this upcoming college football season. Here we go!

Week 13
USC at UCLA – The battle for the Victory Bell probably hasn’t been this important in years. This very well could be for the Pac-12 South title, a spot in the CFP New Year’s Bowl-a-thon, and potentially, an outside shot at the CFP semi-finals themselves. Huge stakes. (7:30, FOX)

North Carolina at Duke – If, three years ago, you told me that this would be one of the most important games of the week, I would have figured you were stoned or drunk. Or thinking about basketball. Yes, this game here could potentially decide that division (one of the ACC divisions, I don’t know which and I am starting not to care…it’s the one without Florida State) and a chance to get annihilated again by the Noles. (Thursday, 7:30, TSN2)

Wisconsin at Iowa – Yes I was completely wrong about the Hawkeyes last year. If teams don’t take them seriously they could sneak through and have a legitimate shot at the Big Ten West title and their first crack at the Big Ten Championship game. They will have to stop Wisky and their (probably) 500 yards rushing per game so it won’t be easy. (3:30, BTN)

Oklahoma State at Baylor – Last year it was the Cowboys who fucked up the Bears chances of an undefeated regular season. And did they ever fuck it up. Utter destruction. Baylor won’t take the Cowboys lightly this year despite the fact they aren’t the same team they’ve been the past few seasons. (8:00, ABC)

Louisville at Notre Dame – I am shocked these two schools have never met on the football field. As good a time as any as the Irish’s partial ACC schedule comes to an end this season with a game that could dictate where they go bowling. (3:30, NBC)

Minnesota at Nebraska – OK so technically the Wisky/Iowa game could be considered a Big Ten West semi-final with this game being the other semi. Nice to see Jerry Kill back coaching and would be great to see them make waves in the division in his first full year back from his health issues. This won’t be easy but if both the Gophers and the Hawkeyes pull out wins this week, it could signal a changing of the guard in the Big Ten West. (12:00, TSN3)

Honourable Mention: Oregon State at Washington (4:00, nowhere (better known as Fox Sports One)), Northern Illinois at Ohio (Tuesday, 8:00, specialty pack), Missouri at Tennessee (3:30, CBS)

Week 14
Auburn at Alabama – There is no bloody way that this Iron Bowl could be as exciting as the finish of last year’s. Saying that, I still think this is easily the most important game of the week as both teams will be vying for a spot in the College Football Playoff semi-finals. Could both teams get in? It would turn BCS-haters into CFP-haters in an instant. (3:30, CBS)

Florida at Florida State – The final hurdle for the Noles and their quest to get to the CFP. Unless WILL MUSCHAMP’s Gators are much improved, this hurdle will be more of a speed hump (not even a speed bump). (12:00, TSN)

Michigan at Ohio State – The Game. An important game every year. Could this be Brady Hoke’s last stand? To be honest I can’t see the Wolverines improving all that much from the previous season; however, they could be 2-9 coming into this one and if they pull off the upset, it would save Hoke’s job. That’s how much these two schools hate each other. (12:00, ABC)

Utah State at Boise State – Me thinks there is a changing of the guard going on in the Mountain West. For years, the Broncos reigned supreme but times are changing. Last year with Fresno State and now the Aggies seem to be perennial contenders. The edge goes to USU solely because of Chuckie Keeton. (10:30, specialty pack)

Stanford at UCLA – Are we looking at a game that will be replayed a week later up in Santa Clara? It’s entirely possible because unless Oregon (in Stanford’s case) or USC (in UCLA’s case) throw a wrench into the plans, this may very well end up being the Pac-12 Championship game (making this game much less important I know). (3:30, ABC)

Oregon at Oregon State – It’s Civil War time! It’s funny. No matter how dominant the Ducks seem to be, the Beavers usually give them a fight and I expect nothing less here. Sean Mannion will probably throw the ball 94 times with Mariota coming it a slightly smaller 71 (he’s much more mobile and will probably run for 100 yards as well). Expect a close game in the 48-45 neighbourhood. (3:30, FOX)

Honourable Mention: LSU at Texas A&M (Thursday, 7:30, TSN2), Notre Dame at USC (8:00, ABC), South Carolina at Clemson (12:00, Peachtree)

Week 15
Of course this week is littered with conference championship games and, for the most part, they are the most important games of the week. However, if you are looking for some non-conference-championship-game fare there’s these games to look at during Week 15:

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma – Time for some Bedlam. Last year this game was huge and the Sooners destroyed the Cowboys chance to play in the final BCS batch of bowls. Now it may be the Cowboys’ turn to break some hearts as the Sooners seem to be the slight favourite to win the Big XII and be in the CFP. (12:00, ABC)

Kansas State at Baylor – The Bedlam game is the key here. For both teams, the chances at a conference title may go up in smoke as they’re starting this one if the Sooners clinch the conference earlier. Either way, it’s a great game between two schools who have, in the past, turned things around in a big way. Plus you have two of the better coaches in college football here. (3:30, FOX)

UCF at East Carolina – Despite the fact UCF lost some major offensive firepower to the NFL Draft, they are still a good team and probably one with an outside shot at the American title. The Pirates look like a team that could challenge for the one special parking spot in the CFP parking lot granted to the Group of Five. Plus their window probably closes with this game with Carden and Hardy going on to play on Sundays. (Thursday, 7:30, TSN3)

Week 16

Army vs. Navy (in Philadelphia) – OK, first, this is ALWAYS an important game, no matter how either school is doing. I do have a few questions though. One, next season the Middies join the American conference. So if they make the conference championship game, does this mean they would have a regular season game AFTER that game? And two, what happens if Navy is 11-0 (somehow) going into this game. How could they pick the CFP spots with this game going on one week after selections? The things I think about (not war, not famine, not the issues of the world, but this…I may be seriously fucked in the head). (Dec. 13, 3:00, CBS)

So that’s that. Next up will be looks at what the networks will probably show this season and then it’s on to, what’s that say, predictions…oh god. And an FYI, we are 36 days from the first game of the season. I am using the Aug. 23 Sam Houston State/Eastern Washington game as the official start of the season even though it’s FCS because it’s football and that’s all I am going to say about that.


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