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Biggest Games of the 2014 College Football season – Part Uno

Did this last year, thought I would try it again.  I am pretty sure I nailed most of the big games of the season save a few so why not take another shot at it.  And, for those who are counting, 40 days until we see the first college football game of the season (albeit an FCS game but who gives a shit because FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!).

With this list I have ordered the games by importance. I have also put down broadcast information (or predicted broadcast information) for these games for our area (southern Ontario basically).  After I have gone through the entire season (in four parts so as to not overload anyone, most importantly myself), I will be breaking down the predicted game lineups for some of the networks this year.  Then comes prediction time where I shit the bed once again and fuck up most of my picks (although I am pretty sure Idaho isn’t running the table for a spot in the College Football Playoff…sorry Vandals fans (all three of you)).

Week 1

Florida State vs. Oklahoma State (in Arlington) – Jameis Heisman and his Fun Time Seminoles are back to try and win another title. They start at Jerry World against a possibly not-so-good Cowboys team although I won’t say it to Mike Gundy’s face. (8:00, ABC)

Clemson at Georgia – Last year’s matchup was an awesome one to start the year. Little different story here with two teams trying to climb back up the ladder towards the College Football Playoff picture (that’s gonna take a little getting used to). (5:30, TSN)

LSU vs. Wisconsin (in Houston) – I’m pretty sure soon enough half the first week games (at least) will be at neutral sites. I don’t get how these two teams ended up in Houston but I digress. Don’t eat the grass Les because, well, it’s not grass. (9:00, TSN)

Texas A&M at South Carolina – The BRAND-NEW SEC NETWORK starts with this blockbuster, sans Gianni Futbol. Expect the Cocks (yeah I went there) and Super Steve to pull this one out to start their (potential) march to the SEC Championship. (Thursday, 6:00, specialty pack)

Boise State vs. Ole Miss (in Atlanta) – This should be an interesting one as we find out who is truly ready for primetime: Chris Petersen’s ex (school) or The Blind Side guy’s ex (school)? (Thursday, 8:00, TSN2)

Fresno State at USC – The Bulldogs were this close (my fingers aren’t too far apart) from crashing the final BCS slumber party. Despite the loss of David Carr, this could be closer than most believe. Let’s just see how the NEW Fighting Sarkisians do here. (7:30, FOX)

Honourable Mention: Miami at Louisville (8:00, TSN), Penn State vs. UCF (in Dublin) (8:30am, specialty pack), Alabama vs. West Virginia (in Atlanta) (3:30, ABC)

Week 2

Michigan State at Oregon – EASILY the game of the week and potentially the game of the year. Meaning there’s a good chance this will be a blowout either way. (6:30, FOX)

Virginia Tech at Ohio State – Frank Beamer celebrates his 88th year in Blacksburg (it really does feel that way) with a non-conference match against the Big Ten’s second-best team (sorry Urban). (8:00, TSN2)

Michigan at Notre Dame – It’s always fun when these two meet. And it’s basically an elimination game for the CFP. Don’t worry though. The winner will also be eliminated a few short weeks later. (7:30, NBC)

USC at Stanford – OK, NOW let’s see how Senor Sarkisian fares in his first conference test. Man, the Trojans have a brutal schedule to start the year. And somewhere (Tuscaloosa), Lane Kiffin is smiling. (3:30, ABC)

BYU at Texas – Can BYU top last year’s rushing total? That would be awesome. You know what would be more awesome? If there were no delays and I got the whole god-damned game on my PVR. Thanks a lot Mother Nature. (7:30, fucking nowhere since it’s on FOX Sports 1)

East Carolina at South Carolina – Does this tell you how devoid of big games this week is? (7:00, specialty pack)

Honourable Mention: Fresno State at Utah (3:00, again nowhere since it’s on the Pac-12 Network), Missouri at Toledo (12:00, ABC), Ole Miss at Vanderbilt (4:30, TSN3)

Week 3

Texas vs. UCLA (in Arlington) – The second of approximately 82 college football games at Jerry World this year is another quasi-CFP-elimination matchup. One of these teams has to prove they are for real this season. (8:00, FOX)

Tennessee at Oklahoma – OK call me curious: can Butch Jones bring the Volunteers back to relevance? They don’t have to win here, but they have to keep it close or otherwise they will continue to play second fiddle to Vanderbilt (and third fiddle to Middle Tennessee if you want to be accurate). (8:00, ABC)

Georgia at South Carolina – First divisional title game of many this year is from the SEC East. Despite Missouri’s year last season and Florida’s (hopeful) resurgence, this is the de facto division title game. (3:30, CBS)

East Carolina at Virginia Tech – Wow, running out of options earlier than the previous week. Then again, at least the Pirates are loading up on worthy non-conference foes unlike many other non-AQ (or whatever the fuck they call them now) schools and some SEC schools. (12:00, ABC)

Baylor at Buffalo – This to me feels like an oddity. I hate to say it, but without Khalil Mack, this could become a truly disgusting affair early. And on national TV to boot (I assume). (Friday, 8:00, TSN3)

UCF at Missouri – Two teams who are definitely on the way down trying to show everyone that they aren’t on the way down as much as fans think. Or something like that. (12:00, Peachtree)

Honourable Mention: Arkansas at Texas Tech (3:30, ABC), Minnesota at TCU (4:00, don’t ask), USC at Boston College (8:00, TSN3)

Week 4

Florida at Alabama – You know, I really want to say WILL MUSCHAMP and the Gators are back being contenders; however, I have this bad feeling that Evil Saban is going to mop the floor with these guys. (3:30, CBS)

Clemson at Florida State – Remember what happened last year these two teams met? All I know is that I switched to another game part-way through the third; it was that bad. Hopefully the Tigers use that as ammo this time around. (3:30, TSN2)

Auburn at Kansas State – Fantastic and intriguing Thursday nighter here. You can call this a trap game for the Tigers if you want but I wouldn’t fully consider this an upset if Papa Snyder and his Wildcats beat Auburn here. Especially with the game in Manhattan. (Thursday, 7:30, TSN2)

Miami at Nebraska – If this was the 80’s, this would be THE game of the week. Especially since we only usually got to see one or two games a week back then. The bigger question is: Will this be one of Bo Pelini’s four losses this season? (8:00, ABC)

Oregon at Washington State – Video game football at its best! If Vegas puts the over/under anywhere that isn’t triple digits then they have no idea what they are talking about. I expect about 170 pass attempts in this one, 100 coming from future rotator cuff and/or Tommy John surgery recipient Connor Halliday. (7:30, FOX)

Utah at Michigan – I remember back when the Utes were in a tiny non-descript conference called the Mountain West with other “small schools” like TCU and Boise State. And they pulled off upsets of bigger schools like against Michigan. This won’t feel like an upset if they beat the Wolverines this time. (3:30, specialty pack)

Honourable Mention: Oklahoma at West Virginia (3:30, ABC), Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (12:00, TSN3), Iowa at Pittsburgh (12:00, specialty pack)

As you’ve probably noticed, I included TSN3 in there.  TSN goes to five channels some time in August (they haven’t released the actual date yet).  I can see many ESPN and some ESPN2 games ending up here instead of the specialty packs as TSN needs something to fill those timeslots and last time I checked, it sure won’t be hockey.  Back with Part Two hopefully tomorrow.  Hopefully.  No guarantees though.


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