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What the Rogers hockey contract news (among other things) means for college football on TV

First off, started my first cut of the NFL mock draft.  Thought I’d be way off of the “experts” but I am actually pretty close with them (including having Blake Bortles go numero uno to the Texans).

Now, the Rogers NHL mega-super-duper contract.  Some details have come out about the new contract discussing when games will be shown on the 3000 channels they plan to show the games on.

First off, it looks like there will be games shown on Thursday nights on Sportsnet 360.  That’s interesting since NBC Sports doesn’t show NHL games on Thursday nights.  So either Rogers will produce a game, possibly involving two American teams, or they will simsub a game from a Fox Sports affiliate.  Either way, this means Sportsnet 360 will not be showing college football on Thursday nights this season.  With the regional Sportsnets showing the NFL Thursday night game (which is dumb in my opinion and may deserve a whole post on its own), that leaves Sportsnet One.  To be perfectly honest, I can’t see Sportsnet One showing the Thursday night games either so I think we have seen the end of the ESPN Thursday nighters on Sportsnet.  TSN may pick up some or all of those games.  Rogers also has the contract to show FOX network games although they didn’t utilize it last year (FS1 expected to have a full slate of Thursday night games this season).  So either TSN picks up this package and shows the games or else we all might not get any of the Thursday night games.  So we start with (potential) bad news.

Next comes the Saturday NHL package.  Not that Sportsnet showed many Saturday night games but that option is gone as they are showing at least a few hockey games at 7:00 and at least 1 hockey game at 10:00 every Saturday.  Their NHL pre-game show is slated to start at 5:00 every Saturday, meaning the possibility of a 3:30 college football game airing on the Sportsnet regionals is probably gone.  We may see some on Sportsnet One or Sportsnet 360 but that depends on what they are showing as well.  September is out since the Jays will be still playing.  Potentially some October and November games but don’t count on it.  The kicker is the potential for a lot of early Saturday afternoon hockey games.  The plan is to have them on most Saturdays but there are no specifics as to where they will air.  My assumption is that they will be on the Sportsnet regionals but I could be wrong.  This takes college football pretty much entirely off of Sportsnet this season.  There may be a game or two here and there but don’t expect much.  At the very least, expect less than this past season where they showed very few regular season games.

TSN (more specifically, TSN2) may start showing more double- and tripleheaders this season with the loss of the NHL package.  They are expected to get the junior hockey package but many of those games air on Friday nights.  I think they will show more than they did this past season, it is just a question of how much more.

The SEC Network starts in August.  This may impact the games we get, not only on Peachtree TV (which shows an SEC game every Saturday at noon), but also the specialty packages.  Does this help fill out the channels that aren’t used on a daily basis or does it take more games away from the packages making it tougher to fill?  Only ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU games are shown on these specialty packages (along with the odd ESPN3 game).  My hope is that with the use of the SEC Network, along with ESPNews, they would start showing those games as well.  Hopefully, in the summer we may find this out.

So, in summary, expect less games on the regular cable channels.  I have said it before but I am sure Rogers and Bell will raise the prices of their college football specialty packages, knowing more people will buy them with less of the games on their regular cable packages.  A bit of dirty pool but it wouldn’t surprise me.  Chances are it will be a few months before the entire shakedown is known.  American TV schedules for college football are slowly coming out and will over the next month or so as game times are filled, stadium times are determined, etc.  Whenever I find something out on any of this, I will post.


9 thoughts on “What the Rogers hockey contract news (among other things) means for college football on TV

  1. @Bossman I am so grateful I found your blog! I am moving from Oklahoma to London and having my weekly fix of college football is a must. And, I’m in the process of making the Bell v. Rogers choice as cable tv provider. I gather from your posts that Rogers and Bell are about even in terms of content. Am I right?

    1. Man are you ever going to see a difference in college football coverage moving from Oklahoma to the Great White North (and it really is white right now…way too much snow even for my liking).
      As for Bell vs. Rogers it is mostly the same except for one difference: The Big Ten Network. At this point, Bell subscribers cannot receive BTN whereas Rogers customers can. Other than that, everything is pretty much the same. Some of the games you receive may end up being different but usually not. One thing I will say is that to continue getting decent ESPN college football live game coverage, you will want to invest in either the Super Sports Pack (Rogers) or the U.S. College Sports Package (Bell). This gives you an extra 10-15 games easy a week which can be huge especially when ESPN is showing a fairly big game that isn’t picked up by ABC or a network up here. Look at the prices, see what works for you as everyone is different.
      One question for you coming from Oklahoma: which side of Bedlam are you on? You crimson and cream or orange and black?

      1. Thanks for the info! That’s what I figured given your other posts.

        To answer your question: Boomer Sooner! We also have a connection to Syracuse, so we follow a lot of Big 12 and ACC sports–not just football. Not having BTN isn’t going to be a problem for us… BTW, we set a low temp record in Oklahoma this month– -15 Celsius–plus about a foot of snow. Good practice for our new life in London!

  2. Yeah I’ve seen many states getting blasted with some not-so-fun winter weather over the last week. And yes, it’s perfect practice except the amount of panic in this neck of the woods will be much less (as long as you don’t talk to anyone from Toronto….they go insane at the first sign of snow).
    You always will get at least one ACC game per week up here from the ACC Network (through WSBK 38 out of Boston). The Big 12 is always interesting since FOX and ESPN both broadcast their games. Some weeks you will see three and maybe four games depending on the importance of the games, whereas some weeks you are lucky to get one. This has a lot to do with the fact that we don’t get Fox Sports 1 up here (yet) and they show at least one Big 12 game every week for the most part.
    Again, getting the specialty package through either Rogers or Bell might be imperative to get closer to the type of coverage you would have got living pretty much anywhere in the U.S.

      1. No problem Bossman.

        Hopefully a LOT of Canadians complete this survey. It would be nice to see changes that benefit the consumers but you can bet that the oligopolies will fight like a pack of wolves to keep things the way they are.

      2. I think if it wasn’t for live sporting events (along with the other few events that are best seen live), television in general would be hurting. At some point things will change, it’s just a matter of when it will happen and if it will be too late.

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