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The rest of my predictions and how shitty they probably were…

OK I will try and not do a huge post like I did with the conference standings (although it could have been even larger).  No fancy calculations.  Just my successes and my failures and I expect more of the latter than the former.  So here we go, in no particular order, my predictions this past season:

My Heisman Ballot

Ok so Braxton Miller got injured.  I should get a pass there.  And not many people had Jameis Winston on their radar because he was a freshman.  Another pass.  So let’s see how my top five compared to the real top five:

My top five: Braxton Miller, Gianni Futbol, Teddy Ballgame, Jadeveon Clowney, Marqise Lee

Actual top five: Jameis Winston, AJ McCarron, Jordan Lynch, Andre Williams, Gianni Futbol

Yeah I am never getting a ballot even if I was qualified to.  I had McCarron 7th and Lynch has honourable mention (so just outside the top 10).  And to anyone who had Andre Williams on their pre-season ballot: can you pick my lottery numbers because you clearly know something others do not.

My National Championship picks

Georgia vs. Ohio State.

Well I came within one not-so-good game on getting the Buckeyes correct.  Georgia had so many injuries but looking back it’s no excuse.  I shouldn’t have picked them to even win the SEC East let alone the conference and possibly the whole damn thing.  Clemson into the BCS was a good pick, while giving Louisville and especially Texas that much faith was a bad call on my part.

Various Team Predictions

This could be a very long section but let’s start with the good news (as in the teams I got pretty close to correct):

Ohio State – I figured they would waltz through their regular season schedule and they did.  Not my fault they laid an egg at the most inopportune time.

Stanford – Not quite the correct record (I had them 11-1 and they finished 10-2) but I had them beating Oregon for the Pac-12 North title, something most pundits didn’t see happening.

Utah State – I don’t think there was anyone who figured the Aggies could beat out Boise State for the Mountain West Mountain division title.  I gave myself a pat on the back for that one, especially after Chuckie Keeton went down to injury.

Fresno State – Speaking of the Mountain West, I had Fresno State running the table.  They easily won their division but even I couldn’t have forseen them losing to San Jose State.

Marshall – Not a tough pick since it was either them or East Carolina for the C-USA East crown.

The entire Pac-12 South – Switch my picks of USC for 1st and ASU for 2nd and I would have had it totally correct.

And now the bad, and some of them were terrible:

Louisiana Tech and Tulsa – I had these two teams 1-2 in the C-USA West.  I was one of very few to pick the Bulldogs that high and I paid for it.  Then again, hardly anyone had good predictions for that division.  And no, I’m sure no one had UTSA winning that many games.

Duke – I know, no one had them winning their division but I had them tied for last with lowly Virginia.  Big mistake.

Baylor – Like Duke, I figured Baylor would move back.  Not as far as the Blue Devils as I had the Bears in the middle of the Big XII.

Northwestern – I was out at a bar and, amazingly, one of the TVs had the mid-season Northwestern-Ohio State game on.  It was a pretty good game to watch.  After that, everything Northwestern football did was unwatchable.

Missouri and Auburn – I am packaging these two together.  I had Missouri 5th and Auburn last respectively in their divisions.  I don’t think there was anyone out there who picked either team to be in the SEC Championship but I think I shit the bed on this one by putting both teams lower than they deserved in the first place.

Iowa – This could be the worst of my predictions.  I had them pegged as the worst BCS-conference team.  Boy was I wrong.  All Iowa did was be over  .500 and go to a New Year’s Day bowl game.  I feel I need to apologize to Kirk Ferentz and the entire football team there.  Luckily for me I live quite a ways away from Iowa City so there’s almost no chance of running into any of them and/or them reading my blog (which they most certainly do not).

NCAA football on Canadian TV

Not so much a prediction but an outlook on what we could expect of NCAA football appearing on Canadian television (and more specifically, in southern Ontario).  Well, TSN exceeded my expectations later on in the season.  Early on it didn’t look so good but late they were showing two and three games a week which was a pleasant sight.  Sportsnet completely bombed on their college football coverage and it looks like they may be completely out of the game now that they have their massive NHL TV rights package that will focus on Saturday games.  Unfortunately, I think, overall, that there will be less games on readily available cable channels (TSN, Sportsnet, Peachtree, etc.).  The new SEC network (which is run by ESPN) should throw an interesting wrinkle into some of the broadcasts this season.  It looks like having the Super Sports Pack (Rogers) or the U.S. College Sports Package (Bell) will be even more important this coming season.  I will have it again, despite the fact I’m sure the cost will go above $100 for the year.  It includes college basketball but until conference tournament time I don’t watch much of that.  The hope is that the packages will include ESPNews games and/or more ESPN3 games.  I wish they would put some Fox Sports 1 games but I can’t see that happening, at least for next season.

I don’t know how many posts I will have over the rest of the winter since there probably won’t be much to talk about.  At some point I will do some sort of mock NFL draft article and start to look towards the next college football season.

And just an FYI for everyone, take a look back at my NFL picks for this season.  Don’t look at the details, just the two teams I have picked for the Super Bowl.  I believe they are the same two teams that are actually playing in the Super Bowl.  Aw yeah!  And yes, I realize the rest of my NFL picks mostly amount to shit but I got the main two correct!


2 thoughts on “The rest of my predictions and how shitty they probably were…

  1. With the SEC network starting in August 2014, does that mean the end of SEC games on Saturday’s on Peachtree TV?
    If so, that’s one less choice of games for Canadians starting next year.

    1. I have looked around and I don’t see anything about a change to Peachtree TV’s weekly SEC broadcast. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that the new SEC Network will be running a tripleheader of SEC football every Saturday (including one game going up against CBS most Saturdays). The first game of the tripleheader will probably be shown on Peachtree TV every Saturday. If something changes in regards to this I will let you know.

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