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Thoughts on bowls up until the BCS Championship

Alright, I will admit I was fully planning on doing a few posts up until the BCS Championship game tonight. Unfortunately, I got sick and my PVR exploded with the amount of football on it.  There was no way to watch it all (again, unfortunate) so I skimmed through some games.  Problem was there were a lot of fantastic football games that I was only able to watch a half or a quarter of.  Stupid flu bug.  Anyway, a totally random listing of thoughts on this bowl season:

  • First and most important point: I went 22-12 up until this point in the bowl pool.  Good stuff.  Problem was it was a confidence pool so the games I was most confident about ended up going the wrong way for me (thanks a lot Rice).
  • To pick the best bowl game this season is tough.  In terms of excitement, I would say the New Mexico Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl, or Orange Bowl.  In terms of importance, it would be the Alamo Bowl or Rose Bowl.
  • And you wonder why some people have a bad feeling about football players: Roderic Blunt of Middle Tennessee gets the bowl season’s Capital One Bowl Week (it’s more like two and a half) Douchebaggery Award.  What an absolute asshole to be doing the shit he was doing during the Armed Forces Bowl (trying to eye gouge was possibly the worst).  But that Rick Stockstill did nothing about it is probably worse.  There’s your reason why this guy isn’t being hired by a more prominent school.  And thanks Blunt you dickhead for proving the adage that 5% are ruining it for the other 95% (although in this case it’s more 0.1% ruining it for the other 99.9%).
  • Draft status: Some players definitely improved their draft status (see Bortles, Blake).  But I’m still mystified as to the love given to Austin Sefarian-Jenkins.  I think it’s the fact he looks a lot like Gronk or Graham but I don’t see him as this ultra-talented tight end and I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could find at least 5 other college tight ends who are more talented than him.
  • If it wasn’t for Michigan State, the Big Ten would have looked horrible this bowl season.  Then again, this year you could probably easily classify them as the fifth-best conference out of the 5 power conferences.  And Rutgers and Maryland joining doesn’t exactly evoke an emotion of fear in the other four conferences.
  • The coaching carousel (cue circus music): Now that Charlie Strong has landed at Texas, who takes over for the ACC’s newest team in Louisville?  It seems like everyone wants Fun Bobby Petrino to return to the school where he had his greatest successes but I’m not so sure.  I’m still puzzled as to why Pete Lembo of Ball State isn’t getting any attention here.  And no, David Cutcliffe won’t be leaving Duke to go to another ACC school so that rumour can be squashed right now.
  • Crowds: There were a lot of good crowds this bowl season.  Yes for every near-packed house (New Orleans Bowl) there were sparse crowds (Idaho Potato Bowl).  I still believe that the amount of bowl tie-ins should be capped at five or six with the remaining bowls getting to pick from the leftover pool of teams.  It would allow bowls greater flexibility and possibly create better matchups which would turn into better crowds which turns into more money.  So I’m shocked the NCAA isn’t on this bandwagon yet.

Tonight’s Game

I am not quite 100% yet but I would say a solid 80% in terms of health.  So I plan on watching every minute of this game.  I still think Florida State will win but it will be close….at least for three quarters.  There’s a reason the Noles beat their opponents by an average of over 40 points this season.  They are that damn good.

OK so this is a promise that I will keep barring any unforseen circumstances.  I will be posting again later this week on thoughts of the BCS Championship and the season as a whole.  A few posts to follow on how my predictions were and some predictions on what we could see next season.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on bowls up until the BCS Championship

  1. You were pretty close with your BCSNCG prediction – I picked Auburn, if only because I believe(d) in #Destiny. What a way to send out the BCS (which, by the way, I was a fan of). That said, the CFB Playoff will be an exciting upgrade but I’m hoping it doesn’t extend beyond that.

    PS – I’ve always said that bowl tie-ins should only be for the “big bowls”. Like you said, the remaining 30 or so should be completely “at-large”.

    1. I know eh. One point off! I figured at some point FSU would come back since they had been so dominant all season. A little nerve-wracking that it took as long as it did, but they definitely pulled through. They have to be the favourite next season already.
      I’m with you when it comes to the bowl tie-ins. It has gotten crazy. I mean let’s look at the bowl that will be played in the Bahamas. Other than going to the Bahamas, why would you go to a bowl game like that? It’s not like the Hawaii Bowl sells out (matter of fact, it probably has one of the worst % seats sold of any bowl out there).

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