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What-if Post on BCS Chaos

For anyone who has ever even heard of college football, you know that the Iron Bowl game tomorrow is huge.  Biggest Iron Bowl possibly ever and a game with MASSIVE BCS implications.  There are other games this weekend with BCS implications as well.  What this post will look at is some various scenarios that would cause the BCS chaos (which honestly would be amazing to watch).  So here we go…

What if Auburn beats Alabama?

OK this is the obvious choice to start.  This would definitely cause chaos but could probably be easily explained.  If the Tigers win the Iron Bowl, Florida State would move into the #1 spot.  Question is, who would be #2?  My guess is that no matter what Ohio State does, the Buckeyes would watch Auburn move into the #2 spot and in the driver’s seat for the BCS championship bid.  They would still have an SEC Title match against either Missouri or South Carolina which won’t be a given either.

What if Florida beats Florida State?

Will Muschamp would earn himself at least another full season if he could get his Gators to win just this one game.  After the crushing loss to Georgia Southern, this team couldn’t be feeling worse than they have been.  Chances of this happening are slim, but if it does, then expect Ohio State and Urban Meyer to be very thankful to Senor Muschamp and move into the #2 spot with the Big Ten Championship game against Michigan State waiting in the wings.

What if Michigan beats Ohio State?

Plausible although the Wolverines have been a little better than mediocre this season.  What this would do though is basically drop the controversy of the BCS title game, especially if Bama and FSU win their games.

What if the absolutely ridiculous happens and all the top 10 favourites lose?

OK this would be insane and possibly the best thing to ever happen to the BCS.  So what I am saying is this:

  • Auburn beats Alabama
  • Florida beats Florida State
  • Michigan beats Ohio State
  • South Carolina beats Clemson
  • Texas A&M beats Missouri
  • Notre Dame beats Stanford

Worst part is, other than the Florida-FSU game, the rest could very well happen.  If all this happened, then Jerry Palm’s head would explode and he would have to destroy his previous bowl picks and burn them.  The BCS rankings would probably look like this:

  1. Auburn
  2. Oklahoma State
  3. Alabama
  4. Florida State
  5. Ohio State
  6. South Carolina
  7. Baylor
  8. Missouri
  9. Michigan State
  10. Clemson

You could argue Alabama being #2 instead of Oklahoma State but I can’t see the voters putting them there.  Saying that, you could end up with another SEC vs. SEC title game and an Iron Bowl rematch if all this happened and then Auburn won the SEC championship and OSU somehow lost Bedlam against Oklahoma.  Now that would be all sorts of crazy.  The fact that there is even a small possibility this could happen shows how ridiculous college football can be.

My Actual Predictions

Now that Fresno State lost their BCS chances against San Jose State (great, another bowl-eligible team), that gives Northern Illinois all the chances to go to the BCS.  Here are my BCS bowl predictions, disregarding all the crazy possibilities outlined above.

BCS Championship – Alabama vs. Florida State

Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. UCF

Sugar Bowl – Missouri vs. Baylor

Fiesta Bowl – Oklahoma State vs. Northern Illinois

Rose Bowl – Ohio State vs. Stanford

I am not too rock solid with these predictions.  I think the only two great choices here are Bama-FSU and OSU-NIU.  I can conceive Arizona State winning the Pac-12 as long as they win the Duel in the Desert tomorrow against Arizona and get home field for the Pac-12 title game.  Ohio State will have their hands full with Michigan State in the B1G championship.  I have Clemson as the ACC replacement for FSU but it wouldn’t surprise me if South Carolina beat them tomorrow.  If that was the case, the Gamecocks would probably get into the BCS, pushing Missouri out who hasn’t even clinched the SEC East yet.  Watching UCF right now against USF, they should win but I think it won’t be as easy as it should be but that means UCF would get the auto American bid.  Baylor is a tough call since they have a small fan base and despite being high up enough in the BCS rankings, a bowl like the Sugar Bowl may go with Wisconsin, the Pac-12 runner-up or even Oregon if they can pull away from Oregon State in their Civil War game.  A lot will be decided tomorrow.  Looking forward to all the action.


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