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Week 13 Schedule, brought to you by the hypemeisters themselves, ESPN…

Hey did you know Baylor is playing Oklahoma State this Saturday night at 8 on ABC?  No?  Then you must be deaf, blind, and dumb.  I saw the commercial for it about 2,000 times the past two nights on the ESPN college football games.  I get it.  It’s a huge game.  I don’t think there’s this much hype for the Super Bowl.  There certainly isn’t as much for the Grey Cup.  Don’t get me started on the Vanier Cup.

So other than BAYLOR-OKLAHOMA STATE!!!?!?!!?!?! there are plenty of other games on the sked scattered across the cable and specialty packages.  This is bascially the hors d’oeuvres to next week’s main course.  American Thanksgiving weekend is shaping up to be an absolutely awesome weekend of college football.  First off, the cable schedule:

Thursday Rutgers at UCF 7:30 PM ESPN
Saturday Michigan at Iowa 12:00 PM BTN
Saturday Mississippi State at Arkansas 12:00 PM ABC/Peachtree
Saturday Pittsburgh at Syracuse 12:30 PM WSBK
Saturday Texas A&M at LSU 3:30 PM CBS
Saturday Nebraska at Penn State 3:30 PM BTN
Saturday Indiana at Ohio State 3:30 PM ABC/TSN
Saturday BYU at Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC
Saturday Colorado State at Utah State 3:30 PM CBSSN
Saturday Tulsa at Louisiana Tech 7:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Arizona State at UCLA 7:00 PM FOX
Saturday Baylor at Oklahoma State 8:00 PM ABC
Saturday Boise State at San Diego State 10:30 PM CBSSN

Can someone tell me why we have ABC other than for BAYLOR AND OKLAHOMA STATE IN STILLWATER?  Two of the three games are shown on other channels.  And why would TSN do that?  There’s another game that west coast viewers get on the ABC network which would be much more exciting for viewers and that’s Oregon-Arizona.  Why couldn’t TSN have shown that game?  And again, Sportsnet’s “robust” NCAA football coverage comes into play.  Can anyone outside of Rogers tell me why the Vanier Cup is on all four regional Sportsnet channels AND 360?  What is the point?  Show it on one or the other, not both.  What a waste.  I’m pretty sure it’s so viewers won’t switch from the Vanier Cup to something else on what is basically the same network.  Hey, if the Vanier Cup is a blowout, then why shouldn’t they change the channel?

Specialty package time!

Thursday Rutgers at UCF 7:30 PM
Thursday UNLV at Air Force 9:30 PM
Friday Navy at San Jose State 9:30 PM
Saturday Michigan State at Northwestern 12:00 PM
Saturday Duke at Wake Forest 12:00 PM
Saturday Virginia at Miami 12:00 PM
Saturday Mississippi State at Arkansas 12:00 PM
Saturday Idaho at Florida State 3:30 PM
Saturday Wisconsin at Minnesota 3:30 PM
Saturday Oregon at Arizona 3:30 PM
Saturday Kentucky at Georgia 7:00 PM
Saturday Vanderbilt at Tennessee 7:00 PM
Saturday Missouri at Ole Miss 7:45 PM
Saturday Washington at Oregon State 10:30 PM

Again, another good selection.  It seems like a long time ago when we were only getting 7 or 8 choices the entire Saturday.  And for once, Bell has their schedule out before Rogers (although I assume the Rogers schedule should mimic the Bell one).  At this point I don’t see the Friday night Middies-Spartans game on Bell but it should appear some time later today.  This looks to be the full schedule as there are no other ESPN games (other than ESPNews and ESPN3 games) that have been left out.  Again, games that in September would be considered mediocre games became uber-important.  Games like Duke-WF, Missouri-Ole Miss, and MSU-Northwestern have become huge games when it comes to conference championship games.  Speaking of CCGs…

Conference Championship Game Predictions

SEC: Alabama vs. South Carolina – I still think that Missouri will lose either this weekend against Ole Miss or next weekend against Texas A&M (or both).  It’s going to be close but the Tide should win the Iron Bowl and get to Atlanta (although wouldn’t it cause chaos if Auburn did the unthinkable?).

Big Ten: Ohio State vs. Michigan State – Both teams have basically clinched their divisions barring any kind of collapse.

Pac-12: UCLA at Oregon – I can foresee a three-way tie for the Pac-12 South title.  This would happen if UCLA beats Oregon State this week and then USC wins the Victory Bell over UCLA next week.  I still think that somehow UCLA should come out of this as the division champ.  Oregon is a lock after Stanford coughed it up against the Trojans.

ACC: Florida State vs. Duke – I can’t believe I just typed that.  The Noles have clinched their spot already.  The Blue Devils are wins over Wake Forest and North Carolina away from clinching their division as well.  I don’t see Duke blowing either of those games.

Mountain West: Boise State at Fresno State – This could end up being the best conference championship game by a long shot.  The thriller they had earlier in the season would be that much better with the stakes this high.  A conference championship and, in the Bulldogs’ case, a BCS bowl bid is on the line.

Conference USA: North Texas at Marshall – The East Division comes down to next weekend’s ECU-Marshall matchup.  I see Marshall pulling this one out to represent the East.  I can’t see the Mean Green losing to either UTSA or Tulsa.  They own the tiebreaker over Rice and it looks like their first season in Conference USA will be a successful one.

MAC: Northern Illinois vs. Bowling Green – The Huskies are in.  They now await their opponent.  The Falcons face Buffalo at the Ralph next weekend for the East Division crown.  It should be close as the Bulls are better than a lot of people think but it will be Bowling Green who gets to go to Detroit in two weeks (normally that’s not a thing that would be celebrated since Detroit is, well, Detroit).

There is a possibility we could see one or two more bowl bids handed out early on next week but I think you will see quite a few after the Thanksgiving shakedown happens.  I, for one, am looking forward to it.


4 thoughts on “Week 13 Schedule, brought to you by the hypemeisters themselves, ESPN…

  1. Hey guelphbossman,

    Sportsnet showing the Vanier Cup on all four of their regional channels and SN360 doesn’t surprise me at all. They showed three Blow Jays games on Sportsnet One as well as the regional channels. Major League Baseball Playoffs on the regionals & 360. When Boston beat St. Louis for the World Series in six games, Rogers could have put an NCAA Football game on 360. Instead, they show the replay of Fox Football Daily & that night’s Bengals @ Dolphins game which were both airing on the regional channels. Speaking of Fox Football Daily, Sportsnet might as well abort any segments related to NCAA Football from their system (live airings & replays) if they are not going to show any NCAA games other than the ones that are on OTA Fox (with the exception of the Texas @ TCU game). I mean, for Sportsnet to say that they have a “robust” college football platform is BLATANT false advertising. Which brings me to your post on the Digital Home forum in the middle of October. What you wrote that day regarding Sportsnet’s NCAA College Football coverage is 100% accurate and they still DON’T make any attempt to show NCAA Football games on Saturdays now that MLB season is finished (more BLATANT false advertising from Sportsnet: “Saturdays on Sportsnet One, check your local listings”). Sportsnet gets a MASSIVE grade of F (unless there is something worse on the grading scale).

  2. Yeah I noticed their commercials telling people to tune in Thursdays and Saturdays. Well at least they have one half of the equation right. I am just amazed that TSN, that really doesn’t care for NCAA football and never says they do, as completely outshone Sportsnet this season when it comes to college football coverage. To be honest, I am getting to the point that I don’t care if Sportsnet just drops college football altogether. It’s not like we would all miss much. I mean I get the U.S. College Sports Package so I get a bunch of games on Saturdays (and throughout the week later on in the season) anyway. So I miss nothing. Sportsnet should get an N/A since how do you grade something that’s basically non-existent. Rogers needs to look at how ESPN uses their family of networks on how to broadcast live sports. Totally different philosophy and it works. Sportsnet likes to show the same thing on five friggin channels. Talk about idiocy.

  3. Hey guelphbossman,

    This isn’t related to Sportsnet’s lack of NCAA Football coverage but it does have to do with SN: remember when they were promoting NBA coverage on Thursday night during the NFL game and they said that 360 would have the Cavaliers @ Spurs game on tonight? Well, they decide to remove this game from their schedule for you guessed it: a 3 hour programming block of UFC repeats. What are Sportsnet regional channels & One showing this evening? Replays of Barclays Premier League games from earlier today and Fox Football Daily… from yesterday! Seriously, for goodness sake! What a bunch of MORONS!!!

    1. That’s the other issue with Sportsnet’s promotional material, especially when it comes to SN1. SN1 is supposed to be all about live sports. That hasn’t been the case since the channel started. And it’s not about what they air; it’s about what they say they air. If they didn’t promise so much I wouldn’t expect so much. This is where they lag behind TSN. TSN never talks about programming they air only once in a while. It’s always their signature shows and sports (hockey, CFL, and NFL mostly). I wish Sportsnet would be more like that. They’re like the little brother that knows they can’t do what the bigger brother does so they lie and make themselves seem more important than they actually are.

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