college football TV schedule

Week 12 college football TV schedule and, HOLY CRAP! Bell has their times up already!

Seriously.  I checked this morning.  I am flabbergasted to say the least.

Anyway….yeah I am still amazed.  That’s the fastest they have put that up all season.  I guess since baseball is over they have more time on their hands.

OK finally.  The TV schedule.  Let’s get to it.  How about I do the same that I do every week and start with the cable schedule:

Thursday Georgia Tech at Clemson 7:30 PM TSN2
Thursday Marshall at Tulsa 8:00 PM SN360
Saturday Purdue at Penn State 12:00 PM BTN
Saturday Kentucky at Vanderbilt 12:00 PM Peachtree
Saturday Central Michigan at Western Michigan 12:00 PM ABC/WNYO
Saturday Ohio State at Illinois 12:00 PM TSN2
Saturday Maryland at Virginia Tech 12:30 PM WSBK
Saturday Syracuse at Florida State 3:30 PM ABC/TSN2
Saturday South Alabama at Navy 3:30 PM CBSSN
Saturday Michigan at Northwestern 3:30 PM BTN
Saturday Oklahoma State at Texas 3:30 PM FOX
Saturday Georgia at Auburn 3:30 PM CBS
Saturday Louisiana Tech at Rice 7:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Baylor vs. Texas Tech (from Arlington) 7:00 PM FOX
Saturday Alabama at Mississippi State 7:45 PM TSN
Saturday Stanford at USC 8:00 PM ABC/TSN2
Saturday San Diego State at Hawaii 10:30 PM CBSSN

Nothing really stands out.  Quite a few good games.  And since it’s November and it’s college football, a lot of games become more important than they normally would be in the middle of September.  And wow, look at TSN stepping up!  Nice to see.  I just wish Sportsnet could do the same.  Then again, 360 is showing CIS playoffs all Saturday and Sportsnet One is showing, well, I don’t know but I bet it’s curling-related.  I can still see ABC not showing a game at noon in my area and much of southern Ontario.  I have noticed sometimes they put a MAC game on in that time slot if there isn’t an ABC national telecast on at that time and sometimes it doesn’t appear on there.  Not that I would miss a directional-Michigan rivalry game but I just wish they were consistent.  Now for the specialty pack schedule:

Thursday Morgan State at S.C. State 7:30 PM
Friday Washington at UCLA 9:00 PM
Saturday UCF at Temple 12:00 PM
Saturday Kentucky at Vanderbilt 12:00 PM
Saturday Indiana at Wisconsin 12:00 PM
Saturday Central Michigan at Western Michigan 12:00 PM
Saturday Troy at Ole Miss 12:00 PM
Saturday Miami at Duke 3:30 PM
Saturday Florida at South Carolina 7:00 PM
Saturday Houston at Louisville 7:00 PM
Saturday San Jose State at Nevada 10:30 PM
Saturday Wyoming at Boise State 10:30 PM

Lots of choice as usual, especially in the noon timeslot.  I always am amazed at the fact that Bell and Rogers both put games that are already shown on Peachtree TV on the sports pack.  We don’t need it in both spots.  Show something else (cue my begging for FOX network games on the specialty packs starting next year).  As of this point, those are the games being shown.  However, I can see other games being added, including the ones that are already showing on TSN.  Other games that may be added to the sports packs include:

  • Cincinnati at Rutgers (12:00)
  • Purdue at Penn State (12:00 for Bell subscribers)
  • Ohio State at Illinois (12:00, already on TSN2)
  • Michigan at Northwestern (3:30 for Bell subscribers)
  • Michigan State at Nebraska (3:30, could end up on ABC instead of SU-FSU)
  • Alabama at Mississippi State (7:45, already on TSN)

Again, these games could end up there although except for the Cincinnati-Rutgers game, Bell and/or Rogers subscribers get all the other games mentioned.

Have to tune up the PVR for this weekend (it’s working by the way thanks to some sort of update from Bell).  It sucks having only one TV when your kids are around.  Hopefully it’s a nice day and they can spend it outside for a while (wow, that makes me sound like an awful parent to kick the kids outside while I stay inside).  Either way, I will get my college football fix in this weekend.  Anything has to be better than last weekend when I couldn’t watch anything before almost 7:00 that evening.

Update: Looks like all the “extra” games I had listed will not be shown on the sports packs.  Not a big deal since we get most of them.  Well Rogers customers get most of them, Bell customers lose out on the BTN games.  Again, this could change between now and tomorrow morning.  I’ve seen it happen amazingly enough.


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