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Week 10 NCAA TV Schedule…I’ve ran out of sponsors, I’ll find more I promise

So…question of the day.  Has anyone decided to gamble on Miami, straight-up?  When’s the last time a #7 team was such a massive underdog against a #3 team?  OK, that’s two questions, sorry for that.

Time for the week 10 schedule for NCAA football on your television screen.  Then again, part of me wonders is there a reason to do this since every college football fan will be glued to MIAMI AGAINST FLORIDA STATE on SATURDAY NIGHT on ABC!  Will Brent Musberger find the next Jenn Sterger?  I sure hope so.  Cable schedule…:

Thursday Shippensburg at Bloomsburg 8:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Ohio State at Purdue 12:00 PM BTN
Saturday Mississippi State at South Carolina 12:00 PM Peachtree
Saturday Northern Illinois at Massachusetts 12:00 PM WNYO
Saturday Southern Miss at Marshall 12:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Wisconsin at Iowa 12:00 PM ABC
Saturday North Carolina at NC State 12:30 PM WSBK
Saturday Georgia vs. Florida (from Jacksonville) 3:30 PM CBS
Saturday Northwestern at Nebraska 3:30 PM BTN
Saturday Michigan at Michigan State 3:30 PM ABC
Saturday Navy at Notre Dame 3:30 PM NBC
Saturday Hawaii at Utah State 4:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Boise State at Colorado State 8:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Miami at Florida State 8:00 PM ABC

Hey did you notice that MIAMI IS PLAYING FLORIDA STATE???  Could we see another wide right?  Maybe we can convince Jimmy Johnson and Bobby Bowden to come back and coach.  I never really noticed before but they both have alliterative names.  Everyone loves alliterative names.  There are other somewhat important games on the sked but, hey, The U against FSU!

Now for the specialty pack schedule, which can’t compare because MIAMI-FLORIDA STATE isn’t on it:

Thursday South Florida at Houston 7:00 PM
Thursday Louisiana-Monroe at Troy 8:00 PM
Thursday Arizona State at Washington State 10:30 PM
Friday USC at Oregon State 9:00 PM
Saturday Mississippi State at South Carolina 12:00 PM
Saturday Northern Illinois at Massachusetts 12:00 PM
Saturday Temple at Rutgers 12:00 PM
Saturday Army at Air Force 12:00 PM
Saturday West Virginia at TCU 3:30 PM
Saturday Clemson at Virginia 3:30 PM
Saturday Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech 7:00 PM
Saturday UTEP at Texas A&M 9:00 PM
Saturday Nevada at Fresno State 10:30 PM

No Jameis Winston?  No Duke Johnson?  Puh-leeze.  Well, again, Bell doesn’t have their specialty pack schedule up past Friday night.  I just don’t get these guys.  Is it that hard to fill empty channel schedules with some sort of programming?  And then put it on the guide?  You know, for the viewers?  I have said it before, I enjoy Fibe TV but this screams of laziness and lack of foresight, especially when frickin’ Rogers has the sked up already, and Bell will probably just copy the damn thing!

So in summary, Bell still acts a bit lazy, and HOLY SHIT the CANES ARE FACING THE NOLES????  I saw that commercial I believe a dozen times last night and most of the halftime was about that game.  It better be an awesome game.  I will not be a happy camper Sunday morning if it turns out to be nothing more than a rehash of the FSU-Clemson debacle earlier this season.  Not…happy.

Update: How I could miss the Oklahoma State-Texas Tech game on FOX I don’t know.  But yeah it’s a pretty important game to see who stays in the Big XII race for the Fiesta Bowl.  Also it looks like Tennessee-Missouri was added to the Bell list at least.  I am getting really sick and tired of Bell being late.  Fucking lazy asses.

Update #2: The Bell Fibe guide for the U.S. College Sports Package is not working.  Nothing is shown for tomorrow’s games.  This is as of 9:10 pm EST.  So, not even 15 hours before the games are to begin tomorrow and nothing is up.  Not impressed at all.


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