College Football

Week 9 Recap-o-rama sponsored by rum and coke…..rum and coke, oh yes.

To start this post/rant/manifesto entry, I’d like to take time out to thank my PVR and my senses.  If it wasn’t for my PVR, and my sense that these games wouldn’t be entertaining to watch, I might have been stuck with Texas-TCU and tOSU-PSU instead of UCLA-Oregon, the last five minutes of regulation and OT of South Carolina-Mizzou and Fresno State-San Diego State.  So thank you!

And Slowly they start to fall…

Add Texas Tech and Missouri to the list of the unbeatens falling.  And remember, last year there were ten unbeatens at this point of the season.  At the end of the regular season?  Only one, Notre Dame.  So the chances of having more than two unbeatens at the end of the conference championship week are slim and none but oh, wouldn’t it be fan-fucking-tastic to see the BCS have controversy just one more time, for old time’s sake.

Weather Delays

You know, part of me, despite the fact that Sportsnet annoys the shit out of me with their horrible college football coverage, I do feel bad for that Texas-TCU debacle.  Well, a little bad.  Once they knew that this wasn’t going to be a short 30 or 45 minute weather delay, they should have went to alternate proramming.  Not hold on and then cut out later on when the game was actually on.  Who the hell makes these decisions there anyway?  And don’t get me started with programming my PVR.  I had Texas-TCU taping and was watching UCLA-Oregon.  If that game got out of hand I would have switched over.  Once I saw the weather delay notice, I immediately deleted it.  I went through the Texas-BYU game and I’ve learned my lesson.  By the way, is there something with the Horns and rain delays?

To be the best…WOOOOOOOO!

Did the top four ever lay beatings on their opponents this past weekend.  All four were playing like they would lose out on a BCS spot if they let up…at all.  In Bama’s case, I don’t think they wanted to let up on the Vols.  I wouldn’t blame them.

Conference Championship Projections

A little different spin this week.  Let’s take a look at how the current division (or conference) leaders can pave their way to the conference championship and if they will do it.

SEC East – Missouri is still in the lead, but have two games at the end waiting to derail their season.  They should win the next two over Tennessee and Kentucky.  Then they have Ole Miss and Texas A&M.  I think Mizzou’s bubble has burst.  Expect the Gamecocks to overtake them on the final day.

SEC West – Alabama has this locked.  Unless Auburn somehow runs the table, including an Iron Bowl victory, the Tide will be back in the SEC Championship.

Big Ten Leaders – Ohio State is a win against Michigan away from probably a perfect season and a date in the Big Ten Title tilt.

Big Ten Legends – Holy crap, now Michigan State is in the lead?  What a mess this division is. The Spartans could lose their four remaining conference games and most people would just shrug their shoulders.  I can’t see any team getting through with less than two conference losses.  Despite the Huskers’ loss in Minnesota, I still see them picking up the right to get annihilated (again) in the conference championship.

Big XII – No divisions here (for now).  Another conference in chaos.  I would love to say Baylor has the edge but I don’t know.  They still have Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Texas on the schedule.  I would be amazed if they went through that unscathed (and you would have to consider them serious contenders for the BCS Championship).  The Baylor-OU game is now the pivotal one I think.  Winner probably gets the Fiesta Bowl berth.

Pac-12 North – The Thursday night game between Oregon and Stanford will be massive.  MASSIVE!  And it is starting to look like the only possibility before the Pac-12 title game where Oregon’s national championship hopes could be derailed.  I still like Stanford to pull out the win here and win the north yet again.

Pac-12 South – Arizona State leads…for now.  They finish their year with UCLA and Arizona for the Territorial Cup.  Logic makes me think ASU loses at least one of those and I am leaning towards UCLA.  I see a UCLA-Stanford rematch for the Pac-12 title again this season but don’t count out ASU or Arizona and KaDeem Carey, the nation’s best running back.

ACC Atlantic – Florida State, meet the driver’s seat.  Even a loss to Miami probably wouldn’t cost them the division title at this point.  They just have to play steady ball and they should be in the ACC title game.

ACC Coastal – Can I pick Duke?  Miami has FSU next week and Virginia Tech the weekend after.  Win one of those and they probably have the division title locked.  Lose them both and it could be chaos as one of a group of VT, Duke, Georgia Tech, or even Pitt could pull this out.  And all to meet Florida State and get their asses handed to them.

American – Amazingly enough, the game two weeks from now between UCF and Houston will probably decide the American conference title, as sad as that is.  All this probably does is guarantee either Fresno State or Northern Illinois a spot in the BCS, which should go over like a lead balloon.  Speaking of Fresno State…

MWC West – Talk about giving the entire conference a heart attack.  They cut it WAY too close with San Diego State.  They shouldn’t have an issue the rest of the way and should be home for the title game against…

MWC Mountain – Boise State should be there.  They should be.  That’s the script right?  Boise-Fresno rematch?  Their game against Colorado State this weekend basically decides it since no one else is within sniffing distance of the Broncos except for Utah State who Boise already beat.

C-USA East – This will come down to the final regular season game between Marshall and East Carolina.  Problem is, I wouldn’t be surprised if either of these teams lose at least one more conference game before then and it still won’t matter since other than Middle Tennessee, no other East division team can throw a wrench into this.

C-USA West – Rice?  TULANE?  What the fuck?  If you had told me that the defacto West division title game would be the season-ender between Rice and Tulane I would have thought “Hey, you have a pretty good dealer there with the high-class shit you’re smoking.”  Seriously, Tulane, of all teams, controls their own destiny.  Win out, including against Rice (which won’t be easy) and they will go to the C-USA Championship.  Seriously.  No i’m not drunk.

Independents – Not technically a conference but Notre Dame is starting to look a bit dangerous.  Could they upset Stanford and get back to the BCS?  Don’t count them out.  Plus, BYU has been stepping up lately as well.  Cue the phone calls from half the conferences asking them if they want to join their club.  The answer will probably still be no, sorry guys.

MAC East – Alright let’s see who’s on top…wait a second.  Buffalo?  OK who’s been screwing with the website?  No seriously, Buffalo, of all teams, has gone to the top of the standings of the MAC East.  Now they still have three tough games left (Toledo, Ohio, Bowling Green) with a softy in Miami-OH in between.  I can’t see them winning all three but if they can beat both Ohio and Bowling Green they win the division.  I still would lay money on Bowling Green to pull it out here.

MAC West – This is Jordan Lynch and Northern Illinois’ division to lose.  Yes Ball State is making it interesting but I don’t see the Huskies losing to the Cardinals.  Now the question will be, if the Huskies win the division, then the MAC championship, are they going back to a BCS bowl?  I think they have to hope for a Fresno State loss or for the Bulldogs to squeak by in most of their games.

Sun Belt – When is someone going to hire Mark Hudspeth away from UL-Lafayette?  This guy is clearly made to coach at the next level.  He has made the Ragin’ Cajuns the next big thing in the Sun Belt and they are probably a win over Troy away from winning this conference (and running the table to boot).

So there you go.  Another week of college football in the books.  I will have a scheduling post coming up soon as the week starts Wednesday with Cincinnati at Memphis.


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