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Upcoming Week 9 College Football Schedule on TV…in this neck of the woods….meaning southern Ontario (for the most part)

Let’s play a game of “How long will it take for Bell to put their college football schedule up.”  I am going to say Friday morning, about 3:00am.  I think I will be close (without going over).  Cue the Price is Right music (no not the music where you lose)…

Week 9 in college football.  It’s very interesting how we go from a week with relatively high-profile hyped up games to a relatively low-profile slate.  I would say this is relatively low-profile for sure.  Nothing hyped to the rafters but still a decent schedule of games.  Now, let’s see how many we can see in our area.  Cable schedule first up!

Thursday Kentucky at Mississippi State 7:30 PM TSN2
Friday Boise State at BYU 8:00 PM TSN2
Saturday Vanderbilt at Texas A&M 12:00 PM Peachtree
Saturday Ball State at Akron 12:00 PM ABC
Saturday Northwestern at Iowa 12:00 PM BTN
Saturday Georgia Tech at Virginia 12:30 PM WSBK
Saturday Pittsburgh at Navy 1:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Tennessee at Alabama 3:30 PM CBS
Saturday Michigan State at Illinois 3:30 PM ABC
Saturday Texas Tech at Oklahoma 3:30 PM FOX
Saturday Notre Dame at Air Force 5:00 PM CBSSN
Saturday Texas at TCU 7:30 PM SN1
Saturday Penn State at Ohio State 8:00 PM ABC/TSN2

Yeah I guess you could say it’s a bit lacklustre.  However, what amazes me is how TSN has picked up the pace with their college football coverage.  Thursday night AND Friday night at this point.  Very good to see.  Their showing the PSU-tOSU game Saturday night is dumb but you can’t win em all.  And, for now, Sportsnet One has the Texas-TCU game.  It would not surprise me one iota to see that game removed from the schedule at some point with game 3 of the World Series on that night.  Sportsnet’s raging diamond cutter for baseball has been apparent duing the entire college football season to date, and I see it continuing, at least this weekend.  Sad but true for us college football fans.  Finally, the Ball State-Akron game will be on ABC only for people who get ABC Detroit.  It’s also on WNYO for people who get that station.  I think ABC Buffalo customers get a heaping helping of sweet fuck all at noon.  OK, now the sports pack games.  I flat-out refuse to put the channels down anymore, even though I can get an excellent, detailed schedule of the Rogers Super Sports Pack.  So I will just list the games and the times and denote whether a game isn’t on one of the lists.

Wake   Forest at Miami 12:00 PM
Vanderbilt at Texas A&M   (Bell only) 12:00 PM
Louisville at USF 12:00 PM
Ball State at Akron (Bell   only) 12:00 PM
Nebraska at Minnesota 12:00 PM
Clemson at Maryland 3:30 PM
Michigan State at Illinois 3:30 PM
Duke at Virginia Tech 3:30 PM
UCLA at Oregon 7:00 PM
South Carolina at Missouri 7:00 PM
Baylor at Kansas 7:00 PM
Fresno State at San Diego   State 10:30 PM
Stanford at Oregon State 10:30 PM

Quite a bit better than the cable schedule, especially with the SC-Mizzou and UCLA-Oregon games on there and…sweet baby Jesus the Bell schedule is up!  Hallelujah!!!  Although I am still confused to see three games that are on cable on the sports packages (in Bell’s case…only one for Rogers).  To me that seems like a waste of a station to use it for one of those games. Oh well, I’m just happy they’re up.  Maybe in the future, they can put some Fox network games on there.  Yeah I can’t see that happening either.

Time to fire up the PVR (unless you are one of the lucky stiffs who gets to watch them all live…in that case, I’m extremely jealous).  It’s amazing…you can have 58 episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants on the PVR (for the kids…seriously…although that Patrick Star is pretty funny), yet one day of PVR’ing football and the amount of space you have left on your system drops like a stone.  Crazy.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Week 9 College Football Schedule on TV…in this neck of the woods….meaning southern Ontario (for the most part)

  1. I’m pretty sure the games shown on the NCAA packs are as dictated by ESPN and the NCAA. That’s why you only see ABC/ESPN network games and no Fox or CBS games. I’m fully willing to pay extra for those options but unfortunately they aren’t available, so I am forced to stream them illegally. Here’s hoping SN1 shows the Texas-TCU game so I don’t have to resort to piracy!

    TSN always gets their shit together with respect to CFB once November rolls around – by then MLB and MLS have wrapped up and they don’t have any NHL rights on Saturdays. I just wish they wouldn’t simsub the ABC games and give us the major ESPN games instead, thereby freeing up the sports pack channels for the ESPN2, ESPNU and maybe even ESPN3 games (a guy can wish, right?).

    1. Yeah I know that we only get ESPN games on the specialty packs. It would be nice to have the FOX games available but I think it will be years before that happens.
      TSN has picked up the ball. Hopefully Sportsnet follows suit since they have 360 which used to show a lot of college football and SN1 which is supposed to be a beacon of live sports events. I’ll believe it when I see it.
      The simsub of games bugs me. With so many choices, they get lazy. I always watch the network and not TSN or SN for that reason. They shouldn’t be rewarded for lazy programming choices.

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